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  1. cyberstalking on a public blog
  2. Online Dating Safety for Women
  3. What can I do about harassment/ defamation?
  4. Prescription drugs: Can I legally buy pain medications?
  5. volunteer fireman and drug charge
  6. Pet Ownership Problem -- The dog has anxiety and behavioral problems
  7. How to handle customer complaint.
  8. Driving with a Learners Permit & Insurance @ 21
  9. Garage repair: I brought my vehicle for repairs and agreed on the sum
  10. Guy gets incarcerated... Who owns these puppies?
  11. Oregon - Complications with School Financial Aid
  12. Chaparone was shot in the eye... Am I responsible?
  13. Canada - human rights - homophobia at a nightclub
  14. sexting and knowing the law
  15. I want rights to feed my family -- State of Texas
  16. Car Accident: Why the law is set up in a way that the victim gets punished?
  17. Federal Estate Tax -- Allowable Gift Limit
  18. Who's Dog is it anyways? Who has ownership here?
  19. Doctor missed injury (hospital in Texas)
  20. Recovery of property being held as evidence -Texas
  21. How to manage the customer's complaint effectively.
  22. Breach of Warranty - I purchased a car from a private owner
  23. Caregiver related query -- Powers of Attorney, POA
  24. Alabama - Advice with signing documents (the estate is to be liquidated)
  25. Contract with a pain management facility -- Pain relief medication
  26. MA-Mortgage info illegally accessed.
  27. by laws changes (club website)
  28. Non- disclosure agreement (about idea for an Iphone App)
  29. General information regarding Lemon Laws.
  30. Is it defamation or slander tell people the name of my abuser?
  31. supervisor called me to his office to complain and tell me her dress was too short
  32. Can we seek compensation for loss of pictures and memories?
  33. breach of confidentiality/slander? -- catholic charities program
  34. Can we use (download) free Internet videos and sell them?
  35. Can I legally carry a sword without a licence?
  36. Found State Money -- Annuity, Statue of Limitation
  37. Is it legal to download discontinued games?
  38. Where to file land contract?
  39. harassment: cars and trucks with lights on pointing in our windows
  40. Illegal burial? -- Permission to bury my mothers ashes
  41. Married to a felon -- I would like to buy a hand gun
  42. Appliance Repair Company: Am I Obligated to Pay the Service Fee?
  43. What do you do if you find a decent amount of money?
  44. How can I get my money on a car sale
  45. reversing a car: please advise me on who was wrong here
  46. Is there a way to amend a death certificate?
  47. Cell Phone Texting My Location at Random. Privacy Issues?
  48. Mad at hospital care or lack thereof
  49. Filming inside a store? (like Supersize Me)
  50. Sold Alcohol to a minor at work
  51. instructer not giving me the chance to correct paper that i did not get feedback
  52. Under 18 travel with one divorced parent
  53. Minor Consumption Immunity -- Consumption Ticket in Minnesota
  54. Charged with misdemeanor larceny... what's the minimum punishment?
  55. Friend is in prison: How can he verify the contents of the will?
  57. Problem with a business: We purchased a travel trailer from a local company
  58. Internet scam: I met a girl on Facebook
  59. Definition of law of contract
  60. Can town law supersede state law?
  61. I am under ACS under a PINS warrant but I want to live with my boyfriend
  62. Frustrated... financial records for the family ranch
  63. Dealership Title Issue: The vehicle was stolen and insurance won't pay
  64. Greeting from Sen Hens (New Member)
  65. criminal matter or civil re: auto sale
  66. Sequestering student's cell phones
  67. Libel or illegal at all? (article published by a UW student newspaper)
  68. Smoking outside of a private business in Montgomery County, MD
  69. civil rights: where can I go to get assistance?
  70. Township Obligations For Snow Removal
  71. Constitutional Rights vs. Defamation on Facebook
  72. Legally posting video of illegal act
  73. Statute of Limitation- Auto Collision Claim
  74. Court Ordered Supervisor Injures Child
  75. Can a Recused Judge sign Orders
  76. Fast Food false advertising?
  77. Corporation with minors in Florida
  78. Neighbor issues: I would like to take legal action in regards to harassment
  79. Filming a business location like in documentaries?
  80. Parents stealing: They took my laptop without permission
  81. I found a work-from-home job, its a possible scam
  82. Township obligations to pay a private individual for plowing snow
  83. Misled by Judge Suggesting Options-Legal position and remedy
  84. ANGRY: My ex boyfriend is trying to embarrass me
  85. Client wants money back for delivered wedding cakes
  86. Plagiarism, Misconduct or Fraud?
  87. Deposit not paid, what should I do? (purchase of a puppy)
  88. I wrote a check for the purchase of a dog. I did not sign any type of contract.
  89. SIL is paying for a storage unit full of furniture he does not own. He wants to stop.
  90. unfair sentencing: grandson was charged for conspiracy to sell meth
  91. Gambling on-line issue: I asked the Casino to refund me my money
  92. Gambling Laws, Xbox or PS3 (gaming tournaments online)
  93. township board and conflict of interest
  94. What are my rights concerning a used car with warranty that has died in under 30 days
  95. Public forums: I want the website shut down or at least the culprit banned
  96. Limitation Law -- What legal remedy is available to recover my property?
  97. Spain: Practising Law with a conviction and disqualification order.‏
  98. Right of Survivorship (parties rights, vacation home, co-owners)
  99. Is recording in a restaurant legal? (United States, USA)
  100. Accused of Animal Abuse !!! (charged with animal cruelty)