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  1. Business logo made for my truck... now someone else is using half of it.
  2. 16yr old Alabama girl wants to move to the UK
  3. Ex-Fiance refuses to return items
  4. Swingers taking over private beach -- Ontario, Canada.
  5. Is it legal for a baseball president to get my sons school records?
  6. How to avoid slander/libel? (information about roommate)
  7. Considering patent medical law (to become a patent lawyer)
  8. I am 16 yr old... Can I go (fly) to New York only with a school ID?
  9. Simple case of equal responsibility (city's property, Toronto)
  10. How can I get my roommate out of the trouble into which I unintentionally got him?
  11. Want to start my own law firm
  12. Blind Trusts and winning the lottery -- South Africa
  13. Should I talk to an attorney before I attend another class?
  14. Destruction of property? A vice principal, without consent, opened the truck bed.
  15. I filed for a name change with the district court
  16. Previous owner is STILL giving out our phone number as her own
  17. Penalties for giving false info on a State legal document (Illinois law)
  18. An ex-offender civil right? (Minnesota)
  19. Do I need written permission to use performer's images from 22 years ago for DVD?
  20. College and Religion -- I'm a foreigner studying in South Korea
  21. Are the Legal Profession Admission Board allowed to do this...?
  22. Google Adwords discriminating refusal to run ad about cure for herpes.
  23. Need advice... My husband is a compulsive gambler.
  24. Dog Breeder Refuses to Refund $ for 6 Month Dog with Hip Dysplasia
  25. Ex boyfriend owes me money and promised to pay back. What can I do?
  26. Recording telephone calls and video taping
  27. Falsified Document by Nephew and/or Niece
  28. Hosting Company Purged around 2 years of work.
  29. Losing home... What would bankruptcy attorney do for me?
  30. Do I have rights? Former client grab my breast and tried kissing me.
  31. Defamation: My daughter is trying to get a peace bond on her ex.
  32. Bullied at school and online -- Indiana law
  33. Find All US States a Lawyer is Licensed? -- US Lawyers Database
  34. Ex-wife divorced me while I was deployed to a combat zone
  35. Teacher-Student confidentiality
  36. Ex-girlfriend harassment: She is harassing me for money.
  37. How to cancel a so called "Lifetime Membership"
  38. Legal formats in Albanian (certified document, Albania)
  39. Am I obligated to refund them when they probably damaged the item?
  40. Can I move out at the age of 17 in South Carolina?
  41. Am I Responsible For Loan Cosigned To My Deceased Father In Kansas
  42. trimmed a neighbor's tree due to visibility causing problem
  43. Will my sister have to pay an inheritance tax to the French government?
  44. Ask ex-girlfriend to return money?
  45. The vehicle I bought turned out to be an ACCIDENT CAR
  46. City Issues: How can I get them to pay for damages to my property?
  47. Friend's dad refusing to give personal belongings back due to money owed
  48. Abolish liberal consumer protection laws???
  49. tow company prevented me from getting my personal stuff out of my car
  50. Trial in 2 days... I have no representation or council.
  51. Ex-friends Dad gave away 2000$ set of golf clubs + bag
  52. People read the post dates please
  53. Can a teacher prohibit a student from breastfeeding in the classroom?
  54. DNR was filed but not obeyed, is there anything I can do?
  55. Carport Woes -- dented and scraped car by a carport
  56. Fencing Laws -- Our neighbor would not allow us to connect to her fence.
  57. 4 to 5 yrs ago and still threaten me (being held liable for theft)
  58. My husband gave away my dog -- Florida
  59. Business Meeting Hidden Recording -- Canada Law
  60. TX, Underage Sex? -- What could be the consequences?
  61. [Questions] Teacher defaming Students.
  62. How do I get my down payment back? -- bike, motorcycle dealer
  63. Loans and ODSP (Ontario disability support program)
  64. Over 1 year long bullying issue, still not resolved.
  65. Unauthorized Opening of Mail -- Canadian Jurisdiction
  66. Workplace Investigation (by a Loss Prevention Representative)
  67. PA - Citation for 'baiting' someone to come over
  68. Possible Stalker (I don't want a relationship)
  69. Is this legal? I was convicted and no reparation was sought.
  70. Car dispute: My brother and his girlfriend have broken up.
  71. Can I sue a restaurant because I had an allergy reaction from the food I ate?
  72. Consumer protection laws in UK - Is there any online source?
  73. Trespass to person (regarding the tort of assault in Australia)
  74. Legal number of people to live in a two bedroom apartment? -- Florida
  75. Can I Sue for Defamation of Character? -- Ontario, Canada.
  76. What is the Engel or Angel Law is and how it works?
  77. Co-owned dog was surrendered by other owner without notice
  78. What is a Notice of Depositions?
  79. Entertainment law -- I'd like to know more about it and the job I could get.
  80. Buying and using fake ID in New York
  82. Processing fees: SMS from "mobile awards centre" claimed I won money
  83. Registered Guns Held Hostage
  84. Tattoo removal -- Can I sue the doctor for false practice?
  85. joint tenant claims never having signed the grant deed
  86. Ohio: Neighbors New Fence
  87. California - Discrimination at a night club
  88. Harrassment? Maybe? Court Order? Help Please!!
  89. Paid for 4 years of college. Now college says degree no longer offered!
  90. Can I sue and win? -- racial slurs & negative comments about interracial relationship
  91. Drug testing of infants in California
  93. Can your juvenile record once it is sealed, show up on a background check?
  94. Town Hall Overcharging Residents on Electricity Bills to Cover Debt
  95. Consumer debt relief: Why debt settlements are more prevalent than bankruptcy?
  96. cease & desist legally binding for online harassment?
  97. Accused of plagiarism. Did I use correct source citing?
  98. Torture and blackmailing by ex-boyfriend (porn video)
  99. Can you sue the family if a felon was given access to a hand gun to kill themselves?
  100. A-fender bender: Is it legal to add more charges to an original assessment?