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  1. Workplace Investigation (by a Loss Prevention Representative)
  2. PA - Citation for 'baiting' someone to come over
  3. Possible Stalker (I don't want a relationship)
  4. Is this legal? I was convicted and no reparation was sought.
  5. Car dispute: My brother and his girlfriend have broken up.
  6. Can I sue a restaurant because I had an allergy reaction from the food I ate?
  7. Consumer protection laws in UK - Is there any online source?
  8. Trespass to person (regarding the tort of assault in Australia)
  9. Legal number of people to live in a two bedroom apartment? -- Florida
  10. Can I Sue for Defamation of Character? -- Ontario, Canada.
  11. What is the Engel or Angel Law is and how it works?
  12. Co-owned dog was surrendered by other owner without notice
  13. What is a Notice of Depositions?
  14. Entertainment law -- I'd like to know more about it and the job I could get.
  15. Buying and using fake ID in New York
  17. Processing fees: SMS from "mobile awards centre" claimed I won money
  18. Registered Guns Held Hostage
  19. Tattoo removal -- Can I sue the doctor for false practice?
  20. joint tenant claims never having signed the grant deed
  21. Ohio: Neighbors New Fence
  22. California - Discrimination at a night club
  23. Harrassment? Maybe? Court Order? Help Please!!
  24. Paid for 4 years of college. Now college says degree no longer offered!
  25. Can I sue and win? -- racial slurs & negative comments about interracial relationship
  26. Drug testing of infants in California
  28. Can your juvenile record once it is sealed, show up on a background check?
  29. Town Hall Overcharging Residents on Electricity Bills to Cover Debt
  30. Consumer debt relief: Why debt settlements are more prevalent than bankruptcy?
  31. cease & desist legally binding for online harassment?
  32. Accused of plagiarism. Did I use correct source citing?
  33. Torture and blackmailing by ex-boyfriend (porn video)
  34. Can you sue the family if a felon was given access to a hand gun to kill themselves?
  35. A-fender bender: Is it legal to add more charges to an original assessment?
  36. Can she kick him out and keep the house?
  37. car repossession for miss payment
  38. School Rules and Smoking
  39. locked facility and conservatorship
  40. Neighbors making false animal cruelty reports to harass
  41. Internet Marketing Laws - Canada, USA
  42. Individual rights? -- Mother tampered my boyfriend's mail, took out the passport.
  43. Iran supports Egypt protesters but not its own!!
  44. Broken gun: I lent my friend an airsoft gun
  45. Credit card debt paid by someone else
  46. Clarification of e-mail footer
  47. New Delhi will : My uncle is demanding 2 floors of the house now
  48. O'Reilly of Fox news thought that Qaddafi runs Afghanistan
  49. China suppresses news on Egypt revolution
  50. Does this constitute trespassing?
  51. car title -- it turn out there was a lien on car
  52. How to Research Appellate Cases: NTSB Administrative Law Online
  53. Self made e-mail account: Can a company demand I change my e-mail address?
  54. World Law Direct offers legal assistance to scam victims
  55. Pennsylvania - Ex said he paid an impoundment fee to get my car out
  56. Ascurion cell phone insurance legalities on stolen phones.
  57. Facebook bully -- A girl who is bullying my son at school
  58. Bad checks: I have to go to court for 2 of them
  59. Suing Ford re: Contest from Ford Automotive
  60. Ticket for not changing my address
  61. unpaid backed disability claim
  62. Tracking down a case history from 1980s -- court records, case history
  63. Barking guard dogs and neighbor harassment
  64. income not reported: my employer didnt report my income
  65. people telling lies about you/ intention of defaming you in public
  66. Wills-Heirs: Does a listed beneficiary on a bank account override a will?
  67. domain/website down (!) -- Yola.com not responding to any queries
  68. mixed pay -- the paycheck for cleaning the office vs house
  69. Being sued because my contract was sent my ex-employer
  70. I want him out, but I want my money! (Virginia)
  71. Roomate moved out without notice!!! -- Wisconsin law, legal action
  72. Parental fraud: My stepmother had put numerous bills in my name
  73. Downloading TV programs from the USA
  74. They want my personal goalie list to acquire all the phone numbers
  75. Do I have a case against my cousin? -- a police complaint for harassment
  76. Ontario Law - Contracts with private parties
  77. in need of assistance: people are getting ready to murder me
  78. Is it legal to read Wikileaks?
  79. Email Reply about 750,000 dollar winning
  80. Sick from a bad drink
  81. 5 of the same ticket for a single offense
  82. Is it wrongful termination? -- I took my daughter to the Emergency Room (ER)
  83. Homeowner abandonment - Laws in effect in Tennessee
  84. Small business closing -- Closed and dissolved a LLC
  85. Presumption of Undue Influence
  86. Dropping out of School age
  87. Which school district if I own 2 homes?
  88. Can an inmate apply for clemency in Ohio?
  89. Snowstorm in New England, all flights canceled -- Can I get a refund?
  90. 911 coin scam national collectors mint
  91. Domestic situation: Do I have any right to privacy?
  92. Arkansas State Unviersity Lies Abolut Accreditation
  93. Being abducted to the UK from Australia
  94. Wyoming laws on moving out on 17
  95. Disturbing The Peace Ticket - Bar in Quebec
  96. legal right to google web history, slander, libel
  97. Where does the case go? -- The State Fire Marshal closed the case.
  98. Laws and regulations on the contests and competitions
  99. Sexual Harassment at School -- Sue for Defamation of Character
  100. Texas dog contract. Please advice needed.