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  1. Canadian citizen who married a US citizen: Was the marriage legit?
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  16. Local lawyers want at least $1500
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  20. Is it common practice for a lawyer to bill you for a free consultation?
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  28. Do you pay before you ask a question or after?
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  30. Winnipeg Manitoba How to Self Represent?
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  41. Re: Affidavit of Law for UAE
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  44. Seek Divorce from Hell's Angel & Mafia Friend
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  47. petition attorney general to grant forgiveness of back child support
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  51. I want divorce, she doesn't - USA
  52. together again, 9 months later headed for divorce
  53. Can a Divorce be Changed to an Annulment?
  54. Conflict of interest - Deputy prosecutor attorney
  55. How do I get my house and my dog?
  56. Hindu marriage - Husband is not ready to get divorced due to dowry
  57. Wife responsibility for husband health insurance.....
  58. On Divorce Pt: Can someone really change for better?
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  60. Spain Messy Divorce
  61. i just got divorce papers after 4 yrs of not knowing where my husband is
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  68. Rights of the husband
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  71. Can he use it against me in court?
  72. Out of money for attorney
  73. relinquishing rights to home
  74. can a future ex force you to sell your property
  75. Divorce in Nevada - I want to stay legally in the U.S.
  76. Can I get a divorce prior to division of community property?
  77. Grandmother signed my marriage license - Is my marriage legal?
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  79. New husband turns to alchololic... annulment or divorce?!?
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  82. Husband sexting/ texting another female
  83. UK - Legal Consent?
  84. Emancipation in Illinois? Strict mom. Stepdad sexually abused me.
  85. division of property michigan
  86. Give up for plea bargain?
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  88. Divorce please help! I have working visa but right now I'm out of status
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