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  1. my ex partner - change in custody order
  2. out of state visitation with no court order
  3. re adjust custody - alaska, oregon
  4. Divorced parents both working overseas
  5. Mediation and rights of older child
  6. International Child Custody/Visitations (England, USA)
  7. parental rights in new jersey
  8. I need help - Child Support office made an error in the amount due
  9. Husband with a history of drug use wants kids this summer!
  10. Wanting to Change My Stepson's last name
  11. Ex husband wants to change the school
  12. Injunction against father (he is a heroin and crack addict)
  13. Psychological wellbeing of the children (NZ)
  14. Transfer of custody without court interference
  15. Is it possible for us to get custody of him because of education?
  16. family matter - getting visa through the child (england, germany)
  17. right of kids maintance when father resides out of country!!
  18. child support nonparent spouse
  19. Non-profit organization, can they pay child support from that income?
  20. Saving my little sister - Father takes a special interest in her
  21. child support arrears and relinquishing parental rights
  22. Father's rights during shared custody
  23. Separation rights in Texas
  24. Question about rights... I have separated from my husband
  25. My Ex underpaid Child support last year, Can I collect the deficit?
  26. how to get a judge taken off a case
  27. Will I be responsible for paying child support in Georgia?
  28. NJ -Calculating support using Sole Parenting Worksheet/Other Legal dependants
  29. Wife is a drug user. I'm trying to keep kids in Alabama
  30. Ontario: Child below age of majority but may be getting married
  31. OCY deemed his family's household unfit in the past... What to do?
  32. What type of proof is acceptable in proving emancipation
  33. Father denying me of seeing child- Indiana
  34. Father denies mother from seeing daughter
  35. rights of single mother - ex partner is a drug user
  36. circuit court - 180 protective order and temporary custody
  37. relocation - can my ex stop me from moving out of state w/ our child?
  38. child visitation - how to guarantee that I will get my son back
  39. Help with Custody Agreement - equally shared parenting
  40. Children with different Mother
  41. Custody battle in two states - Washington, California
  42. Tired of the Court System (false accusations, temporary placement order)
  43. Canadian son, American mom, Chinese dad...
  44. Can father reduce the child support for visits?
  45. Ex-girlfriend got pregnant, married another, child support
  46. Mexico/Canada custody questions
  47. dead beat dad help (convicted felon, drug addictions, Louisiana)
  48. Does a single father-to-be have any rights once the baby is born to a married woman?
  49. Custodial Parent in drug rehab (Illinois, Iowa)
  50. 7 weeks of not seeing my baby - Oregon state
  51. my ex took my baby - getting a parenting plan
  52. Need Advice: My boyfriend (US citizen) and me (Filipino) filed for K1 visa
  53. termination of father rights when he isn't there...
  54. GA - 18 yr old girl has baby with 16 yr old boy. Who's responsible?
  55. Canada/US custody What do you think?
  56. Can custodial parent agree to Decrease support Arrears?
  57. Illinois -- International -- Pregnancy and Divorce
  58. Can a mother that gave up custody willingly get custoday again?
  59. drug adddict father wants visitations
  60. reverse an adoption due to wife's infidelity
  61. visitation rights prior to divorce
  62. Daycare cost (FLORIDA)
  63. Wife has taken children to America - now wants custody
  64. NC Child Support Agency Wants Money Back
  65. Custody and Visitation in Oregon (drinking problem, careless behavior)
  66. Father seeking custody. Case in disarray. (MHMRA, Texas)
  67. My work salary is falling: Is this right?
  68. My ex trapped me into having a baby now i want custody. Please help!
  69. Trying to take child internationally on vacation
  70. Can I represent my husband in a child maintenance application hearing in South Africa
  71. Desperate soul. Help us survive.
  72. SC-Custody, *horrible* mother
  73. Temporary Guardianship In Georgia
  74. I want to know if i can move to a different province
  75. Family law (Colorado, New York)
  76. Military family seeking custody of 17 year old niece
  77. what i need to do to transfer my husband's surname to my daughters
  78. Can state order child support without establishing paternity?
  79. Can I cancel CS? (Florida)
  80. non-custodial Florida mom being denied visitation and ex wont stop playing games
  81. Confused!!! Lawyer and ex husband are liers and I dont know who to believe!
  82. CPS services (drug/rehab treatment)
  83. supervised visits (i got a dwi with my kids in the car)
  84. Two other people have the father of my child on child support
  85. My sons mother moved to TX, now she is moving back and wants custody
  86. Divorce Child Custody - Texas (disrupting phone calls)
  87. Wondering what I can do to protect my son... single mother in Missouri
  88. Confused and want to do whats right for me and my child
  89. Non Custodial parent trying to terminate obligation
  90. Locating absent dad out of state to astablish paternity.
  91. What to do after arrears is paid off and children are over 20 yrs old
  92. 3 state support mess (NC, TX, CA)
  93. Heres my scenario... (unmarried parents in Canada)
  94. Child Custody - Discovery Process
  95. Response to Civil Summons for Custody
  96. sole custody vs. joint custody
  97. WA - CPS and the Law Enforcement have both closed their cases
  98. Can the court deny what the parents want?
  99. father involving whole family after dna and months of arguments
  100. RE: How much emphasis does a judge put on the father living with his girlfriend?