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  1. My baby and I live in the Philippines; Father lives in the USA
  2. Kansas: New law helps 75-year-old Kansas judge stay on bench
  3. Does my custody order stay in affect or is it a void now?
  5. My military pay is not much, but I can't afford an attorney
  6. back pay on child support
  7. Visitation: I am very uneasy about leaving our son alone with his own father
  8. little girl: how do i get full coustdy of my baby?
  9. Order of protection against a 6 year old boy?
  10. What will happen if I do not show up to drop off my children
  11. "supervised visitation" how to get court ordered visitation?
  12. affidavit of voluntary relinquishment of parental rights
  13. Modification to Divorce Decree (tax exemption)
  14. can a judge hear my case if he is a life long friend of my ex
  15. what terminates a parents obligation of support
  16. Required to pay child support for a 10 yr old I didnt know was mine???
  17. I need help: I have a pending child support case
  18. moving out of the country: do i have the right to do that?
  19. When does my support stop? (Ontario, Canada)
  20. Attorney integrity when representing client interests
  21. child moved out of state
  22. disabled veteran, social security and child support
  23. Ex is asking to use worksheet C for child support calculations
  24. Mom need help: Domestic violence dispute case
  25. Ex husband was charged with child molestation: Do I need a lawyer?
  26. We don't want this to happen, what can we do.
  27. Ohio Mother needing advice! Shared Parenting but would like to relocate.
  28. need to no laws. my lawyer sucks.
  29. Paying too much child support for my income need help
  30. Unwed father in NC: My chances to primary custody
  31. California legal system regarding PAS
  32. Canadian citizen, American divorce, child custody?
  33. Any thoughts on little boy recently found living in basement with gram?
  34. Can he charge me with abandonment? - Virginia, USA
  35. Do I have a chance? Doctors are going to testify that my kids should see me.
  36. Child support - China, USA (US and Chinese citizens)
  37. Suing for child support: Can she sue for the arrearage as well as attorney fees?
  38. being force to take child support off
  39. Being forced to take child support off and I can't leave the country
  40. Unmarried 19 yr old deceased mother; Father seeks custody in SC
  41. Custody - Parenting Time - Transportation
  42. My children support: They may marry without my authorization
  43. Grandparents wants me to volunteer to sign joint custody
  44. taking child out of country with joint custody
  45. My father has custody, and denies me visitation rights
  46. Out of state and stuck: Can I take my kids home?
  47. Father is a felon: How good are chances for visitation?
  48. Unmarried father's rights after split - California
  49. Don't Know What to do
  50. no visitation penalty (parenting time, visitation violations)
  51. Can grandparent get standing to file for custody? - PA
  52. Felon trying to gain rights to be involved parent
  53. Across Borders: A US Father and Canadian Mother had a Child in the U.S.
  55. CA resident-currently living in Poland-seeks full custody
  56. Is the minor child considered self supporting?
  57. Child Support -- Intentional Overpayments
  58. Child Stuck in Manila, Phillipines
  59. Can this be baby theft? (constitutional rights, wage garnishment)
  60. Is there anything I can do...
  61. Ohio visitation-2 years and still no time with my daughter.
  62. HELP PLEASE: Children mother wants to take the 7 yr old and have full custody
  63. Pennsylvania Father going to court alone for custody.
  64. I am the child that is being fought for between my g-pa and my father.
  65. International child support and abuse case?
  66. Dual citizenship & international custody laws
  67. A true story... young man needs your help. If you are an attorney please read
  68. Filing for custody: Do I file before we move to another state?
  69. Angry Step-Mom: Why is the court system so unjust in the U.S.?
  70. confused... i am a filipina and had an american ex fiance
  71. what factors determine child support amounts?
  72. need to file for paternity, support, custody and have lack of funds
  73. Very confused: Are they going to switch judges over to hear my case?
  74. Changing of last name in Georgia
  75. HELP!! I find out that they are sharing a bed with some little boy!!
  76. Child Support Modification: NCP's current CO states as follows...
  77. Step-child question regarding child support
  78. My daughter is 15 and wants to live with her father
  79. Got pregnant by a cheating Married Man (unaware until after birth)
  80. father not supporting the child
  81. Child custody question in NC (ADD/ADHD ie mood altering drugs)
  82. the custody process in the UK. what happens?
  83. joint custody: baby's father don't live in the same town
  84. Petition for custody: Can the document be processed online?
  85. question in regards to leaving state with my minor child
  86. substitution of judge & being served.
  87. ID~What does court consider when ...What are legal elements of child support order?
  88. State of CA - Use of "Jackson Credits"
  89. Husband sleeps with his 15 daughter... How do I protect her?
  90. Petition to remove child from state of Illinois
  91. Modification? TX (I have Joint MC with my sons mother)
  92. Childs mother plans on moving. Help!
  93. Moving out of Province; Can I legally make the move?
  94. Grandson is being subpoenaed as a witness in a court case for harassment
  95. My grandson does not want his mother or father notified.
  97. Custody and visitation: My sons girl friend threating my son
  98. joint custody versus full custody
  99. California - domestic partners & parental rights ?
  100. Received court papers and don't quite understand a part