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  4. Curious... The father never showed up for the case management hearing
  5. Please Help... I have recently obtained an attorney to get primary of my son
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  7. Is it considered kidnapping in Arizona? How would we go about filing charges?
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  10. I need help (boys are in foster homes)
  11. Where's the justice? (I do not qualify for legal aid.)
  12. link1626 (i just lost my boys they are in foster homes)
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  14. Abusive Father who threatens son & Family wants visitation
  15. Moderators, Forum Administrators
  16. Controlling Ex-Husband/none of his business?
  17. Son needs answers to questions about going to court for the first time
  18. Destitute and behind on child support for ten years
  19. Non-Custodial Parent Claiming Child on Taxes
  20. Question on Mode of Transportation for Visitation
  21. Third part custody (Ohio) Please HELP!
  22. PHILIPPINES: Mother wants custody of her child
  23. sj (do aunties have any rights?)
  24. Child support: My bf was only left with $140 to live off of
  25. I am 11 but want to live with my dad
  26. I keep getting denied
  27. Can I Move Countries With My Child?
  28. Boyfriends mother uses their son as an excuse to constanly contact him
  29. giving up parental rights (bio father left me when i was pregnant)
  30. What do you think should happen?
  31. Help with being harassed by custodial parent!!
  32. Custody Changes & Decree
  33. How do I stop my ex from filing frivolous motions and ask for attorney fees
  34. My parents legally stole my children
  35. Was NOT personally served papers but still being held repsonsible
  36. Job corp college program (Missouri)
  37. Need legal advice... What does the law say? I am in Canada.
  38. Past Due Child Support $ = Jail Time?
  39. Help with where to start, multi state custody, paternal kidnapping
  40. Visitation and Common Law Marriage
  41. Temporary custody of my daughter
  42. Complicated question about child support
  43. Custody between parents: Would I influence where my sister and I live?
  44. NO contact info: Are we legally allowed to refuse her parenting time?
  45. Documents were written in French and I only speak and understand English
  46. documents pertaining to child custody were written in french
  47. How to get ex-husband to pay?
  48. Can my adult children collect arrears?
  49. support question - Husband's a cheater
  50. Need Help (my husband is cheating on me)
  51. Moving Back to France WITH my kids
  52. husband's license was suspended for non payment of child support
  53. In Camera Interview of Children -- My attorney is pushing the request for it
  54. Ex girlfriend is pregnant, denying me everything
  55. Need Help for Friend in Terrible Marriage
  56. Default judgement set aside
  57. Jurisdiction and Custody (dual citizenship)
  58. Unwed Father wants more than weekends for unborn baby
  59. Ex refuses to return child; They live in PEI, Canada.
  60. IRS refund: They said we have to wait 170 days to get the money
  61. Is it possbile to have an attorney represent a child's interest in a divorce?
  62. Age limit on school dropout - Nova Scotia, Canada
  63. Child Support and Access -- USA, Canada
  64. "No Fault" divorce 6 month with no children
  65. Visitation, Noncustodial Parent (NCP) - Alabama
  66. I wanna live with my mom!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. Mother wants her children back
  69. WA (now) - Custody / DV / Abandoned 2 years ago
  70. Don't know what I should do... ex is scamming, trying to get disabilty
  71. Child Custody for Brother
  72. Child resides in TX, need change of venue from CA
  73. Paying child support and is not on the birth certificate
  74. Counter-Petition to Modification to Time-Sharing Schedule
  75. teen pregnancy-emancipation
  76. Am I legally responsible? I have filed for divorce, my wife contested it.
  77. Can she just take my child and move to another state
  78. Change Custody, Support, and Visitation -- I live in Arizona
  79. Do I have full custody by default since I have been the sole caretaker?
  80. How much of my income tax return can child support take?
  81. CONFUSED. (Mother never showed up at the court hearing.)
  82. Can recordings / emails be used in child custody cases?
  83. Canadian Mom, American Dad w record, Canadian born child...Divorce
  84. I want to get custody of my daughter back from my sister
  85. Federal child support law not supporting jail time
  86. Do i as an aunt have any rights to my sisters kids as visiting rights?
  87. Concerned. Does a boy have to pay child support if he was molested?
  88. Difficult situation and asking for advice
  89. Family Law File Amended Petition?
  90. What are my rights? We have 50% custody.
  91. Court commissioner is making me pay $625 for 1/2 the house payment
  92. Paying less because he has a new baby? Can anyone help?
  93. help!!!! dad wants to get custody of daughter
  94. I need help as soon as possible
  95. Parent Visitation Questions - Washington
  96. I am struggling without childsupport and I am worried about a place to live
  97. Paid child support 14 years, but I am not the father
  98. Grandchildren adoption
  99. Child guardianship issue; I am a Canadian citizen.
  100. Who would likely get custody of our young child?