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  1. Do I have full custody by default since I have been the sole caretaker?
  2. How much of my income tax return can child support take?
  3. CONFUSED. (Mother never showed up at the court hearing.)
  4. Can recordings / emails be used in child custody cases?
  5. Canadian Mom, American Dad w record, Canadian born child...Divorce
  6. I want to get custody of my daughter back from my sister
  7. Federal child support law not supporting jail time
  8. Do i as an aunt have any rights to my sisters kids as visiting rights?
  9. Concerned. Does a boy have to pay child support if he was molested?
  10. Difficult situation and asking for advice
  11. Family Law File Amended Petition?
  12. What are my rights? We have 50% custody.
  13. Court commissioner is making me pay $625 for 1/2 the house payment
  14. Paying less because he has a new baby? Can anyone help?
  15. help!!!! dad wants to get custody of daughter
  16. I need help as soon as possible
  17. Parent Visitation Questions - Washington
  18. I am struggling without childsupport and I am worried about a place to live
  19. Paid child support 14 years, but I am not the father
  20. Grandchildren adoption
  21. Child guardianship issue; I am a Canadian citizen.
  22. Who would likely get custody of our young child?
  23. child visitation (texas family law)
  24. Serving Papers -- Verified Petition to Relocate Minor Child
  25. dirty drug test for my sons father do i still let him take my son?
  26. CPS Advocates - Should I get a lawyer involved?
  27. Help please. Boyfriend wanted me to have an abortion.
  28. Illegal Custody in Saskatchewan
  29. Establishing Full Custody -- Your Expertise Is Needed !!!
  30. Do i still pay child support when my name isnt on birth certificate
  31. move out of the usa with children
  32. base child support
  33. Ukrainian husband talking about taking my baby son to ukraine, need HELP FAST!
  34. Iowa: Jane has a friend who is on the sex offender list
  35. child support and ssi
  36. what to do when drugs are involved???
  37. 16 yr old daughter refuses visitations
  38. visitation (houston, texas)
  39. What can we do?
  40. New Florida Parenting Plans / Time Sharing
  41. International Child Support (UK, USA - North Carolina)
  42. Making a complaint against a CPS investigator (New York)
  43. Infant Child Custody Agreement
  44. Do grandparents have visitation rights in Utah?
  45. Child support in British Columbia
  46. Back Child Support and Taxes
  47. Custody papers served incorrectly? Do they keep copies?
  48. Modify judgement in California: Can I file an order to show cause?
  49. Request o modify parent plan and Child Support
  50. Custody confusion... I don't know who has custody
  51. Can a mutual agreement be enforced?
  52. father needs help (mother wont let me have my girl on my weekend visits)
  53. Can a power of attorney go to court while a person is incarcerated on their behalf?
  55. Who do the Baby's gifts/belongings belong to, the Mother, the Father or the Baby?
  56. Wife wants baby left out of divorce
  57. Wife's mother obtained guardianship in Ohio
  58. picking up when planned
  59. Indiana Post-Secondary Education
  60. Son in foster care - child custody help
  61. Custody Battle Pits Gay Couple Against Surrogate
  62. Can you sign over your rights to a child before court
  63. child support mother doesnt want it
  64. Can you sign your rights of a child over to the other parent to avoid further payment
  65. taking child out of state with no orders
  66. Can the mother keep me from seeing my children
  67. International child support issue: Can they revoke my passport?
  68. Please read. Need help for child custody
  69. Do I need a lawyer for child support hearing
  70. Ms. Evans
  71. unwed father wants custody, mother leaving state
  72. please help me.....drug related
  73. Unlawful signing of birth certificate?
  74. Grandparent visitation rights (New Mexico)
  75. Brothers wife stopping me from seeing my niece
  76. Supplemental Modification Parent Plan & Other Relief
  77. I'm 18-now what. Please help.
  78. New Jersey woman sentenced in Spanish child custody case (AP)
  79. child mother wont allow me to see my child
  80. Ex's Lawyer, ridiculous request
  81. Fathers rights when he dont sign them away?
  82. Child having surgery / i have no contact order
  83. son is 18 - can i go in to the courts and stop the c/s
  84. physical abuse and refusal to allow family contact - florida
  85. If she keeps the baby against my will, am I responsible to pay 1/2 of the bills?
  86. not adopted and now they want back childsupport PLS HELP!!
  87. Wife moving out of state with children; no custody agreement
  88. Child Custody in Philippines -- I Want to Have a Sole Custody
  89. How to stop wife from abducting kids abroad
  90. Questions about discovery; Husband's lawyer is serving my family with subpoenas
  91. Will I go to jail or will the doctors note be good enough?
  92. ex filing to get extra cash for addictions HELP
  93. Grandparents will never inform us of any issues in regards to kids
  94. my daughter is giving me lots of trouble
  95. Get Amended child support Vacated
  96. Aunt in desperate need of answers (North Carolina, Ohio)
  97. paternity/child support please HELP :[
  98. I told the judge that the boys are afraid and he ordered a parent conference
  99. noncustodial dad moves (runs) away/cries PAS
  100. Spousal support... I can't afford a lawyer and don't qualify for legal aide.