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  1. Can the court deny what the parents want?
  2. father involving whole family after dna and months of arguments
  3. RE: How much emphasis does a judge put on the father living with his girlfriend?
  4. How do I get my file from exsisting attorney if I hire a new one?
  5. Lowering Child Support Amount (North Carolina)
  6. Rights of a Stressed out Dad
  7. Who will get the child custody if case is filed in India?
  8. Please help; Father was arrested when our son was visiting him.
  9. I need answers... Dad has primary and I have liberal visitation.
  10. Child custody in Tennessee -- we have a parenting plan in place
  11. Child support for my pregnant daughter?
  12. Child custody involving young couple
  13. Grandparent Custody in Utah
  14. Spousal support and property settlement payments (Michigan)
  15. Do I need to obtain full custody before I can locate to another city in Ontario?
  16. Custody decided by court: Desperate for help!!!
  17. Father was arrested on felony charges (Florida)
  18. My fiance has a criminal past: Can my sons father get custody?
  19. Child support: I have a divorce agreement from Israel.
  20. family law concerning both parents consent for travel abroad
  21. Do I need consent from biological father?
  22. Visitation - Louisiana
  23. Are medical/dental co-pays considered "uncovered medical expenses"?
  24. I dont want to lose my job due to the contempt for support charge
  25. Child Visitation Question (Drug Charges in Texas)
  26. Difference in legal fees
  27. I dont want to live at home anymore can I be emancipated?
  29. taking another job...... does my CS order stay the same
  30. Will the husband be able to obtain sole custody?
  31. Help Me Please!! Do I take him to court?
  32. I want to return to US with my child without being accused of child abduction
  33. Wife is now a prostitute, will that end visitation?
  34. How to get proper documentation to stop CS
  35. Do I need an attorney and can my ex get custody get full custody of my son?
  36. Lying in Court: Father lied to the mediator and to the judge
  37. Can my ex use my good friend against me?
  38. What should I know about hiring a paralegal? I'm worried that the one I hired.
  39. Girlfriend has fled the state with my daughters (TEXAS)
  40. This is for AFFA
  41. How do I find out what my rights are concerning what I can submit in court in custody
  43. Change in circumstances (Summons to appear in court in NY)
  44. Indiana joint custody & preschool
  45. Contempt of court: How do I keep father from getting no unsupervised visitation?
  46. My ex is trying to discredit me (modification of timesharing)
  47. Temporary Placement (of a child until the court date)
  48. Servered with a Emergency Temporary Child Custody
  49. Giving sole custody to mother
  50. Bias in International Custody Disputes
  51. New Jersey - County Negligence in Child Support?
  52. What really is the best interest of the child in a judges eyes?
  53. How should I proceed if my sons father filed for a modification of custody?
  54. Grandparents and custody (the childs father is in jail)
  55. Just learned I am not the biological father of my 10 year old son
  56. Can I do this? Will this be a factor for the judge to see him unstable?
  57. Close Visitation problems
  58. Negative DNA test questioned due to 2 cases of lost or unidentified ID
  59. NC parental can't make up his mind...
  60. Legal chat rooms?
  61. Is a parent reponsible for their child till age 21?
  62. shared parenting, claiming child alt. years.
  63. RE: "FINAL" trial today... Yea right
  64. Dallas, Tx Visitation rules, do they have to go if they don't want to?
  65. Moving out of the country. (I live in Greece but I'm a U.S. citizen)
  66. HELP: My wife ran off with another man and was pregnant
  67. Adopted a child when he was 4 he receives survivor benefits
  68. Can my ex-wife get child support from Poland?
  69. International child support (USA - Florida, UK)
  70. Can this be or not? (knowing about the child's therapy)
  71. My ex has my daughter kidnapped, what should I do? -- CA, FL
  72. child out of wedlock/ father sueing for joint custody
  74. back child support (we live in NC, his bio dad is in AK)
  75. Custody issue: Do I need to get a lawyer to represent me?
  76. Parenting Plan (State of Washington)
  77. Child Support - more questions
  78. Child Support Question (The mother wants more money.)
  79. I need advice... My ex and I have an active case of custody
  80. infant visitation for an unwed father
  81. mothers right for unborn baby (alabama)
  82. Child custody and parent alienation.
  83. Visitation - Invasion of Privacy - Right to Privacy
  84. Grandparent rights and paternity (Wyoming)
  85. Physical placement (Sharing joint custody, NY)
  86. Can I cross border without permission?
  87. Pictures on Facebook (permission to have children's pictures on Facebook)
  88. Can my wife adopt my kids w/out ex consent
  89. Does Vacation require Make up Time??
  90. Vacation Rights (We adopted the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines)
  91. Granting guardianship to a grandparent?
  92. Case management Question on timesharing in Florida
  93. Spousal Support Injustice (California)
  94. is dss in the right
  95. Letter to the judge: Should I write a letter to the judge?
  96. Not dead beat - I lose drivers license so now I lost job
  97. Child support adjustment (help to fill the documents)
  98. RE: the father didnt show up for case management
  99. My nephew needs to file for custody
  100. Uncovered Medical Expenses (Alabama)