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  7. I trust my lawyer but he does not want to go forward with any proceedings.
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  9. Maryland - Help removing Visitation of Father Due to Negligence
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  11. How far can I move from the other parent that has these charges?
  12. NYS child support, retirement, self employed "custodial"
  13. Lost, Confused, and In Need of Advice/ Contingency Lawyer
  14. I want my kids back!!! I live in Pennsylvania and we go to Court in NY
  15. Where to obtain legal representation? (UK or US)
  16. Obliger lies and no means of forcing support
  17. Settling an International Child Custody Battle
  18. Professional Supervised Visits -- California Law
  19. Biological father not on birth certificate, he is a citizen of England
  20. Ex kept kids from me but I was awarded Sole Legal & Physical custody!!!
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  22. She is feeling trapped in this woman's home
  23. Child Custody with Domestic Violence (personal advice, legal issues)
  24. child support for a working "child"
  25. Ex kept kids from me for a Welfare check but I had SOLE Legal & Physical Custody!!
  26. Can we collect child support for 4 years ago? (past due support)
  27. Ex commits Welfare Fraud while they make me pay...
  29. Temporary custody: Would a letter from the boys mother be legal?
  30. Contact Order -- I don't have a VISA to UK, I live in Russia
  31. Mother is trying to disrupt Thanksgiving travel plans
  32. I needed a break and now he says I can't come back
  33. Absent bio-dad wants back his daughter... Should I get a lawyer involved?
  34. Mass. Paternity fraud -I am not the father
  35. Having children in Australia... I am from Denmark.
  37. What child custody agreement fits the story better?
  38. Is it considered visitation/custodial interference
  39. boy at 16.... he wants to emancipate both parents!
  40. Please Help!! Can an attorney hold back her services and hurt the child?
  41. About Social Services: Can They Override the Document?
  42. Paternity test: Should I obtain legal counsel before the testing?
  43. Scotland Child Services - Re: Custody
  44. Interstate custody issues: What are my chances with a good attorney?
  45. California: Can the court grant visitation rights to my exhusband in Mexico?
  46. Child custody when not married: What can I do to get equal time?
  47. California--father in Mexico asking for custody, mother lives in the U.S.
  48. mother moving out of state: can she legally do that without his consent?
  49. Brutal custody battle: My son's father found out I have PTSD
  50. Missouri - Husband charged with child molestation
  51. Dual nationality- Child born in US ...mom wants to return to home country
  52. Can someone be convicted of child abandonment if he is falsely accused
  53. what to do about baby mom: she posted half naked pics of herself online
  54. Revoking Rights: Father signed a volutary recognition of parentage
  55. Unmarried Parents Custody - West Virginia
  56. Worst case scenario? I am foreigner and need some help with USA laws
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  58. Biological father signed over parental rights
  59. Abandoned family: Ex-parent moved from the USA to Thailand
  60. PLEASE, I need advice ASAP: I hired a lawyer for child support.
  61. help with "real" dad: his name is not on my birth certificate
  62. signing rights over: what would be the next step?
  63. California: How do I get my child support stopped and get hers started?
  64. Minnesota Help!! I dont want my ex to see my daughter!!
  65. Will a judge grant a father full custody just because he is able to stay home?
  66. Who has Jurisdiction? - Arizona, Oregon
  67. Child custody if mother expires (India, USA)
  68. step child covered by step parents insurance
  69. Father in prison for deadly conduct towards mother. Indian grandparents want custody.
  70. My husband's health is really bad and his one wish is to see his son.
  71. Parents Unmarried in WI... How Does Custody Work?
  72. Are the grandparents liable to pay their minor son's child support? Help.
  73. Could I collect support for my daughter who was the result of an sexual assault?
  74. Modify Custody - Georgia (GA)
  75. URGENT, HELP! What can I do in order to be free from my dad?
  76. Support issue when child has possibly been adopted
  77. Ex is not paying: Can I make it a reason to prohibit him from seeing our child?
  78. Custody of the kid or Visitation rights?
  79. child support of a kid not yours
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  81. Arizona forces women to remain in abusive situations !
  82. Custody of my son, NOT MARRIED -- I live in Spain but I am English
  83. Vacate Attorney Lien
  84. Does the mother have to tell me when she's due?
  85. Ex husb coming into a lot of money! Child support modification??
  86. Texas child support unconstitutional
  87. Payment with Money Orders
  88. Noncustodial parent with child in custody of the state
  89. CA-Single father in being wrongly accused of domestic abuse in custody case
  90. Legal Last name: I reside in Texas and had a child.
  91. OK 1/2 sibling visitation rights?
  92. my sons father is setting me up
  93. moving out of state from father of my children
  94. child custody: does he have rights to him if he did not sign the birth cert?
  95. Child Support Obligations -- Divorce Decree from Lexington SC
  96. Plz help me to understand the child support
  97. terminating fathers rights: biological father is in prison for deadly conduct
  98. When to file for a military divorce
  99. Split up with kids, but she wants common-law support when not common law
  100. Visitation: Will the judge throw the case out?