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  1. Custody in Texas: Are the courts at liberty to force me to move back?
  2. Joint Legal Custody (legal and physical aspects of child custody)
  3. my right as his mom (child kidnapped by the father, legal aid)
  4. Emergency custody for not signing divorce papers?
  5. file in illinois or take chances in georgia
  6. child support in uncontested divorce
  7. Who gets custody? (mother of the child is not yet an adult)
  8. Buffalo, NY - mother violating fathers rights to medical information
  9. Visitation/Custody Help: Do I need to get a lawyer in Colorado or Georgia?
  10. Trouble getting child support stopped after relinquishing rights in Texas.
  11. Can I get temporary guardianship of the baby?
  12. Parental Services agreement
  13. Desperate to get my daughter back!!
  14. Child support: The father of my child know how to work the system
  16. Wishing to move out of province with 12 yr old
  17. protective order and paternity
  18. Disclosure of accusation before visitation hearing
  19. Mothers rights vs Fathers rights
  20. incarcerated mom is pregnant
  21. Social Security Disability and Child Support
  22. use of bank account info
  23. Tribal Adoption claimed without a proceeding
  24. Taking child (Canadian citizen) back to Canada when dad US citizen?
  25. south dakota protection order but cant visit in visitation?
  26. custody question.... "father" doesnt want anything to do with our children
  27. need answers: i was never married to the father
  28. Runaway teen wants Emancipation
  29. In a Mess (husband is upset that he lost all control over me)
  30. UK DNA paternity rights? Can father request official test?
  31. Legal guardianship of a minor in Illinois
  32. When is it harassment? (submitting paperwork to court)
  33. Florida: Signing Rights Over. Child Support. Child's best Intrest.
  34. can i denie the father visitation, if he wont get the kids when he suppose to...
  35. Does vacation visitation take precedence over normal schedule
  36. My Ex-Wife Turned on me when the money ran out.
  37. Mothers' Parental Custody Rights
  38. Move out country with my daugther!! Not divorce yet.
  39. My Son lives in another state (visitation rights, paternity test)
  40. How can I move in with my dad? Drug test was dirty at the time...
  41. I have joint custody with my ex partner who lives in Italy.
  42. Thread was accidentally deleted during a software upgrade
  43. daughters mother in jail wont joint custody when she gets out
  44. difference between having custody and having permanent discharge
  45. Can someone claim two other children to lower his child support payments to me?
  46. Parents UK citizens with green cards, can children be taken to UK after separation
  47. Daughter living in Italy with x but making all decisions regarding visitation.
  48. Same-Sex Partners In New York Can Be Liable for Child Support
  49. Wisconsin - Going thru Divorce w/ Child
  50. Washington state Presumed father
  51. Alaska Custody involving ICWA
  52. Oregon, HELP! My Son ran away when he turned 16
  53. Child support in Washington state with new baby on the way
  54. Mom of 2, dad only wants to see kids when convenient and prefers older kid only
  55. 2 kids, 1 support amt, oldest turned 18, how do I lower support payments?
  56. Child custody if father has not shown up for visitation in almost one year
  57. Can my ex stop visitation because my wife and I fight?
  58. Custody of a girl that is sixteen if she fears living at home
  59. Montana/Canada Child Custody Issue!!!
  60. Tired of "co-creator" of daughter.
  61. Back Pay Child Support/Custody MN
  62. Using an affidavit of nonpaternity not to pay child support
  63. NC Child support guidelines
  64. Mother's Ex Harrasing Me
  65. Biological mother is trying to get grandparents rights
  66. my child's father won't provide health insurance
  67. What rights the custodial parent has?
  68. Arizona child custody: The kids are begging to come live with me
  69. Custody Fight and Feeling Hopeless
  70. Child quit school, now what with child support?
  71. Moving children of divorce out of state -- California
  72. Does Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit release parents of legal responsibility?
  73. Advise re custody matters and Geneva Convention
  74. Child Support for Unwanted Baby
  75. Temporary Guardianship
  76. I want to move in with my dad *crisis*
  77. Child Support Amount / Court Jurisdiction
  78. Custody Issue: Did my two stipulations on the record help me?
  79. Legitimate question about moving out
  80. Custodial parent Wont let me see my child!
  81. Support for College in California
  82. noncustodial parents gets braces without primary custodian's knowledge
  83. How will custody work with an out of state move?
  84. I gave a friend notarized guardianship
  85. child support modification (non custodial parent both live in different states)
  86. Time period for completion of parenting class
  87. non-custodial parent not returning child from visit
  88. Ex won't let me have any contact with my child
  89. Am I being harassed? -- Orange County, California
  90. Parenting Plan overturned on appeal, what about modification?
  91. ex gf wont allow me to see my daughter just because we are not together
  92. Visitation and a conflict of interest at the courthouse
  93. Getting separated: What to do to prevent him from taking the child?
  94. Marriage with an Italian and Guardianship
  95. child custody- texas/oklahoma
  96. Is step parent required to provide medical insurance?
  97. Opening and Closing Statement
  98. Office of Child Support wrongfully misapplied payments
  99. How to Gain temporary custody (in Florida)
  100. In a jam: My wife asked me to voluntarily relinquish all custodial rights