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  1. Can my ex stop visitation because my wife and I fight?
  2. Custody of a girl that is sixteen if she fears living at home
  3. Montana/Canada Child Custody Issue!!!
  4. Tired of "co-creator" of daughter.
  5. Back Pay Child Support/Custody MN
  6. Using an affidavit of nonpaternity not to pay child support
  7. NC Child support guidelines
  8. Mother's Ex Harrasing Me
  9. Biological mother is trying to get grandparents rights
  10. my child's father won't provide health insurance
  11. What rights the custodial parent has?
  12. Arizona child custody: The kids are begging to come live with me
  13. Custody Fight and Feeling Hopeless
  14. Child quit school, now what with child support?
  15. Moving children of divorce out of state -- California
  16. Does Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit release parents of legal responsibility?
  17. Advise re custody matters and Geneva Convention
  18. Child Support for Unwanted Baby
  19. Temporary Guardianship
  20. I want to move in with my dad *crisis*
  21. Child Support Amount / Court Jurisdiction
  22. Custody Issue: Did my two stipulations on the record help me?
  23. Legitimate question about moving out
  24. Custodial parent Wont let me see my child!
  25. Support for College in California
  26. noncustodial parents gets braces without primary custodian's knowledge
  27. How will custody work with an out of state move?
  28. I gave a friend notarized guardianship
  29. child support modification (non custodial parent both live in different states)
  30. Time period for completion of parenting class
  31. non-custodial parent not returning child from visit
  32. Ex won't let me have any contact with my child
  33. Am I being harassed? -- Orange County, California
  34. Parenting Plan overturned on appeal, what about modification?
  35. ex gf wont allow me to see my daughter just because we are not together
  36. Visitation and a conflict of interest at the courthouse
  37. Getting separated: What to do to prevent him from taking the child?
  38. Marriage with an Italian and Guardianship
  39. child custody- texas/oklahoma
  40. Is step parent required to provide medical insurance?
  41. Opening and Closing Statement
  42. Office of Child Support wrongfully misapplied payments
  43. How to Gain temporary custody (in Florida)
  44. In a jam: My wife asked me to voluntarily relinquish all custodial rights
  45. What can I do if I have a job offer in another state but my wife refuses to move?
  46. Ex-wife restricted the ability to contact the children: What are his options!?
  47. Custody problem or more then that? PA
  48. Where & what to file? (modification of child support, change of venue)
  49. Cancelling child support for first son
  50. Is it possible to file a case for Child Support while in I'm in Philippines?
  51. Slander and Defamation of Character
  52. 17yr old runaway: Can I force her to come home?
  53. TN child seat laws
  54. 15 yr old that wants to live with brother
  55. Dad claims "Find me and I'll pay"
  56. stepmom bathes with small stepsons
  57. Custody and divorce question (state of Texas)
  58. Who has more say in custody? (custodial v. non custodial parent)
  59. NC, Number of Days I have my daughter
  60. where's my daughters money?
  61. Wisconsin law - I have moved out of state
  62. Can I put my kid as dependent
  63. I wanna live with my father, but my mom says no.
  64. Is this legal? Novel idea a "family agreement" not co-parenting. Know contract law?
  65. Florida: Homeless father/child needs legal help
  66. child custody: i am planning on switching the child to my insurence
  67. Kept child support low (State and Federal forms)
  68. Non support problems (state of Kentucky)
  69. Child abroad- Dominican Republic
  70. visitation: who determines when i can speak to him or see him on video?
  71. Child support in Austria if I put my name as father, im not Austrian nor living there
  72. Dad disregard our court orders: Should I report to police?
  73. State of Residence Texas - Looking for some legal advice
  74. living conditions of the entire household are horrible, please help
  75. Extortion? - Spouse now on F1 visa and wants to put daughter on F2 without my consent
  76. Parental rights: Judge has taken away my rights to be the father?
  77. im in trouble: my girlfriend i had after i split is pregnant with twins
  78. support payment stopped (i never recieved papers to attend the hearing)
  79. Child support: I am a non-US citizen living in Ghana.
  80. Texas: Do I have visitation rights as an aunt?
  81. Ohio Abusive Father
  82. FL-Is sole custody parent still required to be paid child support?
  83. Child support paid by grandfather while father in prison - now mother sueing father
  84. Georgia: Can a father get custody to keep ex girlfriend from taking son to New York
  85. what to expect with custody hearing... will she go to foster care?
  86. Permission for minor child to live with another family
  87. my ex left me and has not seen or spoken to me or his son
  88. Collecting child support from father in Canada (from US)
  89. Mediation for proposed parenting plan change
  90. I allowed my ex to reduce the child support: How can I get it raised?
  91. Please Help - Father wrongfully accused of child molestation
  92. California: My ex does freelance work and will not take a consistant job
  93. Residential Parent - Virginia
  94. Not married. Forced to do joint custody?
  95. need advice: i have never been to court and do not pay child support
  96. Contempt of court? I am very concerned about my son safety.
  97. Emotional Stability and Custody Issues
  98. Child endangerment: I filed the restraining order, the judge threw it out
  100. Please help: Would it count as kidnapping if the sister picked up her brother?