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  2. Child support across Canada US border.
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  5. Please help... my mother is worrying her to death.
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  10. Is the biological mother unfit to care for the children?
  11. YONRON: the mother is refusing to allow the father any visitation
  12. The right to force me to get a DNA test
  13. Paying support for purposely failing a semeter
  14. Mother wont let son come home
  15. Question about North Carolina (NC) child custody laws
  16. Getting a Lawyer in Los Angeles
  17. Ex receives welfare knowing that I'm the biological dad
  18. Legally obliged to report an adult's childhood of abuse?
  19. Cousin trying to take my child... What legal actions can be taken?
  20. What are the disadvantages of following my married bf's surname?
  21. Please help again... The mother fabricated a story about me.
  22. HELP: How can I stop my ex wife from moving my children to Louisiana?
  23. School and daycare are aware of the situation... What can I do in court?
  24. My previous post
  25. In CA, currently pregnant...biological father non-existent
  26. Abandonment question... What is the law about abandenment?
  27. Florida child support extension after 18 yrs
  28. My girlfriend and I are breaking up and i want to take my son back to cali?
  29. Access parent won't allow my son to come home
  30. HELP: the kid showed up with bruises on his back and genitals
  31. Minor name change 14 years old; We reside in Texas
  32. Quebec- Father took 19 month old son away without my consent!
  33. Deadbeat dad now looking for visitation
  34. HELP: I received gov assistance, have case with CSDSS
  35. Dad: Is part-time employment enough to determine child support?
  36. Contempt for not allowing parenting time
  37. Need to know my rights/ Grandmother wanting to see her baby from Quebec
  38. Help-must relocate for work, ex threatens to contest it!!!
  39. Single Dad Needing Advice On Custody
  40. Do professional basketball teams have rules regarding child support owed?
  41. Court judgement stating there are no child support arreages
  42. out of state visitation / bringing my son to where I live
  43. Support payments reduction; my son missed the date to set childcare support
  44. Need advice on custody/support in Ohio
  45. My ex-husband has custody of my 2 children and won't let them come to my wedding
  46. What are the steps I need to do to request a change of last name?
  47. Child support still? -- Paying support for a "minor child" in NY
  48. A mess: I have had custody with supervised visits for mother since 1999
  49. Husband gave baby's mother permission to go out of country, now she won't come back
  50. welfare fraud claiming parent is absentee
  51. Am I able to or is it wise to move out of the county during custody hearings?
  52. Sisters boyfriend keeping her son from her, any way legally to get him back? SA TX
  53. single father having a new baby, on child support for another, can it be lowered?
  54. single parent/order of protection in NYS
  55. Relocate to different county? I need to start fresh in Sacramento.
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  57. Military Spouse/ Domestic Violence/ Custody
  58. Served Petition for Modification of Child Support to Zero
  59. Lethbridge, Alberta. Help to get rights to see my niece.
  60. IV-D case in Minnesota
  61. Can my wife lose Primary Placement?!!
  62. I think I am being taken for a fool
  63. Child support in TX -- How can I lower my payments? My X lied to the judge.
  64. statute of limitations for child support in the state of Texas
  65. child custody: father got sick and couldnt handle the stress of the kids
  66. Ex-wife trying for more child support -- Vote now!
  67. Mom moving from Florida to Panama
  68. Indiana parenting time vs childs wishes?
  69. MO exsisting spousal maintenance order vs child support order
  70. Not working, single and wants child support - Pretoria, South Africa
  72. child support: me and my girlfriend are in a relationship but do not live together
  73. Ex has 100% custody of our kids but they live with me and I pay child support? HELP!
  74. Is it possible for me to guarantee father does not get Rights?
  76. Visitation has been with held/ modification increase in child support
  79. getting credit for payments not made through the court
  80. Calculating child support -- Virginia, VA law
  81. Please Grant My Motion for a Continuance
  82. Should I get a maternity test to prove that these kids are mine?
  83. Georgia - Should I have child support re-evaluated to get more money
  84. son lives with me and wife doesn't pay me anything
  85. Extremely Convoluted Custody Situation
  86. Child support across borders -- USA, BC Canada
  87. Does providing free child care mean child support can be reduced?
  88. International Child Support & Alimony Issue
  89. im a father trying to do right - visitation rights in mass/ florida
  90. Help, I am a stay at home mom... he is coming after me for CS
  91. Absentee Fathers and their Rights
  92. Sole custody parent moving out of country
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  94. Custody in the Philippines; I am working in Canada
  95. Grandparents as parents/ social work major
  96. Medical bills and other drama
  97. help with visitation: ex wife won't allow my girlfriend to pick up my boys
  98. Help stopping my mothers visiting my daughter
  99. Child Support Enforcement in North Carolina from a German Court Order
  100. Mother moving in with Boyfriend after 1 month.