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  1. Birth record say one name but other ID says different name
  2. Custody Agreement for Expat returning to US with Child
  3. Motion of Temporary Custody -- Michigan, Ohio
  4. Son Wants To Move Into Dad's Home... Will Child Support Become Nullified?
  5. Niece wants to legally request for monthly child support
  6. Harassment? Ex wife finding out past girlfriends numbers and harassing them.
  7. Eliminating parental rights: My ex-husband is being release from prison
  8. Age that teenager can choose who to live with?
  9. Kept ex away from 15 yr. old -- Can I be charged with contempt?
  10. Wife wants ACTA sent to her in OAXACA (Mexico)
  11. Had a child out of wedlock 9 years ago
  12. Husband's ex wants to file child support -- Australian and Filipino citizens
  13. Biological Parental Rights
  14. Will my 75% custody automatically transfer over to my new wife?
  15. Texas Summer Extended Custody
  16. social services stopping all attempts at custody virginia
  17. Pregnant girl leaves without a trace
  18. Spousal income in CS modification
  19. HELP: I'm sick of supporting an ex whom don't care what the kids do.
  20. Philippines/USA (another) support question
  21. Visitation question... I am terrified of him disappearing with my kids.
  22. Moving away and cutting off all communication
  23. Ex-husband trying to reduce child support: What can my argument be?
  24. Is blood thicker than water?
  25. 18 and not graduating (willingly missing classes)
  26. FL - Getting non court ordered agreement recognized
  27. Harassing In Law trying to take our daughter
  28. Unwed, Pregnant, Mother trying to trap me?
  29. After 21 yrs old can Child petition to drop rears?
  30. Help in Florida -- My attorney hasn't returned my phonecalls for 5 days
  31. Falsely accused of crime to help Ex husband gain custody
  32. Possible divorce, foreign wife, child involved -- Costa Rica, USA
  33. Is Florida child support deparment connected to Puerto Rico?
  35. Can ex get child support from my husband?
  36. how monthly income is determined (hourly pay, overtime)
  37. U.S. navy husband: I have concerns about the "adequate support"
  38. Is child custody possible if exhusband live in USA, but the mother in another country
  39. Guardianship Transfer -- Signatures to Transfer Custody
  40. Child Out Of Infidelity -- Legal Advice
  41. Tax and Child Custody -- We E-filed and the IRS denied it.
  42. Written Response: I recieved a notice to appear by respondents attorney.
  43. URGENT: I just got out of the army and was served with divorce papers.
  44. Can I legally adopt my niece? I would need financial assistance to take care of her.
  45. Unmarried, international couple with 1 year old -- USA, Germany
  46. Child Support in MI -- Will my income be calculated as wife is homemaker?
  47. California Custody Change + past child support owed
  48. Sole Custody Options, Boston, MA
  49. Ex threatens to take full custody because of past (dom vio case)
  50. Child support over borders -- Vancouver BC, Minnesota USA
  51. Child support across Canada US border.
  52. Reimbursement of Medical Expenses - Texas
  53. FL--Do teenagers have a voice in where they want to live?
  54. Please help... my mother is worrying her to death.
  55. Wife does not work but wants more
  56. Bedridden Child Visitation Question
  57. Relationship ending/who gets custody and how to stop it.
  58. Abuser who wants sole custody!
  59. Is the biological mother unfit to care for the children?
  60. YONRON: the mother is refusing to allow the father any visitation
  61. The right to force me to get a DNA test
  62. Paying support for purposely failing a semeter
  63. Mother wont let son come home
  64. Question about North Carolina (NC) child custody laws
  65. Getting a Lawyer in Los Angeles
  66. Ex receives welfare knowing that I'm the biological dad
  67. Legally obliged to report an adult's childhood of abuse?
  68. Cousin trying to take my child... What legal actions can be taken?
  69. What are the disadvantages of following my married bf's surname?
  70. Please help again... The mother fabricated a story about me.
  71. HELP: How can I stop my ex wife from moving my children to Louisiana?
  72. School and daycare are aware of the situation... What can I do in court?
  73. My previous post
  74. In CA, currently pregnant...biological father non-existent
  75. Abandonment question... What is the law about abandenment?
  76. Florida child support extension after 18 yrs
  77. My girlfriend and I are breaking up and i want to take my son back to cali?
  78. Access parent won't allow my son to come home
  79. HELP: the kid showed up with bruises on his back and genitals
  80. Minor name change 14 years old; We reside in Texas
  81. Quebec- Father took 19 month old son away without my consent!
  82. Deadbeat dad now looking for visitation
  83. HELP: I received gov assistance, have case with CSDSS
  84. Dad: Is part-time employment enough to determine child support?
  85. Contempt for not allowing parenting time
  86. Need to know my rights/ Grandmother wanting to see her baby from Quebec
  87. Help-must relocate for work, ex threatens to contest it!!!
  88. Single Dad Needing Advice On Custody
  89. Do professional basketball teams have rules regarding child support owed?
  90. Court judgement stating there are no child support arreages
  91. out of state visitation / bringing my son to where I live
  92. Support payments reduction; my son missed the date to set childcare support
  93. Need advice on custody/support in Ohio
  94. My ex-husband has custody of my 2 children and won't let them come to my wedding
  95. What are the steps I need to do to request a change of last name?
  96. Child support still? -- Paying support for a "minor child" in NY
  97. A mess: I have had custody with supervised visits for mother since 1999
  98. Husband gave baby's mother permission to go out of country, now she won't come back
  99. welfare fraud claiming parent is absentee
  100. Am I able to or is it wise to move out of the county during custody hearings?