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  1. Custody 50/50 court ordered reduced to minimal access by the Breaching X...
  2. Oregon - Residential Time Changes & Serving of Papers?
  3. PA non-pymt of child support & getting away with it for 14yrs-paying when HE WANTS!
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  6. Daughter terrified to visit father in PA
  7. Child support: I'm going vacation to Philippines, I don't want any drama.
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  9. Father not being supportive enough
  10. child custody: please help me with some kind of information, suggestions or guidance
  11. Child support: My husband had an affair with a girl (32 years younger)
  12. Custody Case -- I am trying to get statements from landlords and schools
  13. Dual citizenship of a minor traveling from USA to Brazil
  14. Drug Test - Tomorrow Morning
  15. Child wages owned by parents?
  16. NA - Yet... Child Support Enforcement queston from Mexico
  17. Oregon custody change... there was adultery committed.
  18. Father Not On Birth Certificate Child Been Taken Into Care SCOTLAND
  19. Married concern... would she get majority because she filed first?
  20. Can Ex-Wife claim back child support
  21. my ex's vouchers got cut; now all of my money i pay her will be used for daycare
  22. american dad wants custody of canadian child married to canadian woman
  23. Pennsylvania: Mother wants to move to Ohio in 6 days
  24. Scared if I let my children go to their dads he wont bring them back.
  25. husband refusing to bring daughter to my home
  26. Mentally Unstable Father
  27. my married baby momma is kicking me out of her life and keeping my baby from me
  28. Fathers legal rights; His current wife has found me on Facebook
  29. Type of Dr? (age determination by a judge)
  30. Can I find a case law that would assist me in getting arrears?
  31. Taxes, Ohio: Me and my Ex get to claim our daughter every other year
  32. Motion of Contempt Missouri
  33. UK single mother moving to the US; the father is a UK citizen
  34. Florida: Will probate deny a never ordered child support?
  35. Dead beat dad... I am 32 weeks pregnant at the moment
  36. Can my ex- husband petition for custody from outside the US ?
  37. Do we have a chance? The father, illegal immigrant, decided he wanted custody.
  38. Child has turn 18... Does support stop at 18 SEPT 2011 or do I have to go to court?
  39. Terminating rights of a father?! We live in the state of Michigan.
  40. need help; my mum is accusing me of things and im getting stressed
  41. ex illegally keeping my kids theyre now in care of step mom hes in another state now
  42. Custody & Support Dispute -- What do you think his chances of winning are?
  43. Modifying a Custody Order in Texas
  44. Questionable practices by TX AG office
  45. Does my so have to send the baby for the visitation while she is still wanted?
  46. Single mother in UK; Father is getting married to an American girl
  47. Does he have to see his child if he pays child support?
  48. New Developments in my custody case
  49. Want my childs "fathers" rights to be released
  50. Changing divorce decree after moving out of country
  51. I want custody of my son; We have no court order
  52. Custodial Parent Arrest
  53. I want to live with my dad; There were no custody papers filed
  54. Custody of my nieces; My brother was never married to the girls mother
  55. Child Support and College -- Am I Still Liable to Pay Support?
  56. Mother needing help with Interjurisdictional custody case
  57. want newborn back in the state of florida
  58. Mexico/Child visitation denied; My common law partner is living in Canada
  59. Do you think because of these reasons I could lose custody?
  60. Non-Biological "Father" - Voluntary Paternity & Child Support Question
  61. I want to live with my dad; We argue all the time with my mom
  63. Intricate Situation Needs Immediate Advice
  64. Child support in Hong Kong
  65. We have joint custody but mom is hiding him
  66. New York visitation; At the time I had a drinking problem
  67. Slave to MA Child Support in GA - begging for help!
  68. Grandma needs reassurance; Mariah doesn't like the interference of me
  69. A deduction? (amount figured according to the Canadian Department of Justice)
  70. Tax exemptions for child support purposes.
  71. Lowering for daycare in Ohio... Do I need to schedule a court date?
  72. Wife requested annulment of the marriage -- Indiana law
  73. Unborn child fight for custody; Filipina married to Canadian
  74. Order of protection for children; My husband was served on Nov 4, 2011
  75. The ex -- I can't get the court system, police or DHR to help me
  76. Reguarding Child Support (my ex-wife lost her job)
  77. Child Support Adjustment (of lowered childcare expenses)
  78. Husband unemployed with felony background and can't find job or pay support
  79. Will I need a lawyer to get my child support lowered?
  80. Unmarried Parent active in Childs life
  81. How to proceed... I would like amend the visitation to supervised visits
  82. Is there anything I can do? We do not have a parenting order in place.
  83. Status hearing for the Guardianship of my kids -- HELP ASAP
  84. visitation and the guidelines for non-family members
  85. She is threatening to take him back to court for modification
  86. Tax deduction... I have shared parenting with my ex
  87. Grandparent Visitation -- Will I need to hire a lawyer?
  88. Ohio - Is past income adjustment possible?
  89. Thank you all who post answers to our questions...
  90. Grand parents rights... my Ex and her family do not like me
  91. Court Tips... I will represent myself in court, I cannot afford a lawyer
  92. Are my rights going to be denied under the Hague Convention?
  94. Hope and prayer that I get my rights back to my kids.
  95. Ohio partial child support payment question
  96. Texas OAG Child Supt Div Will Not Respond and Fix Their Error
  97. Looking for Specific Florida Laws about custody...
  98. Joint legal custody & mother refuses to follow court order
  99. custody from her mom... she won't let me to put my name in the birth certificate
  100. Would I get the same judge?