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  1. Wife requested annulment of the marriage -- Indiana law
  2. Unborn child fight for custody; Filipina married to Canadian
  3. Order of protection for children; My husband was served on Nov 4, 2011
  4. The ex -- I can't get the court system, police or DHR to help me
  5. Reguarding Child Support (my ex-wife lost her job)
  6. Child Support Adjustment (of lowered childcare expenses)
  7. Husband unemployed with felony background and can't find job or pay support
  8. Will I need a lawyer to get my child support lowered?
  9. Unmarried Parent active in Childs life
  10. How to proceed... I would like amend the visitation to supervised visits
  11. Is there anything I can do? We do not have a parenting order in place.
  12. Status hearing for the Guardianship of my kids -- HELP ASAP
  13. visitation and the guidelines for non-family members
  14. She is threatening to take him back to court for modification
  15. Tax deduction... I have shared parenting with my ex
  16. Grandparent Visitation -- Will I need to hire a lawyer?
  17. Ohio - Is past income adjustment possible?
  18. Thank you all who post answers to our questions...
  19. Grand parents rights... my Ex and her family do not like me
  20. Court Tips... I will represent myself in court, I cannot afford a lawyer
  21. Are my rights going to be denied under the Hague Convention?
  23. Hope and prayer that I get my rights back to my kids.
  24. Ohio partial child support payment question
  25. Texas OAG Child Supt Div Will Not Respond and Fix Their Error
  26. Looking for Specific Florida Laws about custody...
  27. Joint legal custody & mother refuses to follow court order
  28. custody from her mom... she won't let me to put my name in the birth certificate
  29. Would I get the same judge?
  30. Arizona info on how to sue someone in a family court
  31. Ex-Wife... Would I need a lawyer to try and have the decree more fair?
  32. Why is child support used to play these bills?
  33. Need to move... I lost my job while pregnant and I stay with family friends
  34. Refuse grandparent visitation; My girlfriends mother has a terrible influence
  35. U.S. Citizen Divorce -- I Married a Colombian National
  36. Does the father have to pay daycare while child is with him? NY
  37. How is babysitting handled during the weekend? NY
  38. Child Custody and DCS -- They want me to do an A&D assessment
  39. IDAHO CUSTODY -- I plan on moving to Wyoming with my current boyfriend
  40. Worried grandma... his wife is unfit and a sociopath (think Casey Anthony)
  41. Do Travel Expenses To and From Medical Treatment Fall Under Medical Expenses?
  42. I am married to an American man in Tennessee, I live in the Philippines
  43. I said "no, he doesn't know you, you can't see him".
  44. About warrants... Will the court just hold the bond for the duration?
  45. Modify Child Support? -- Last time I got a CS order was in 2008.
  46. Ex has custody and is filing bankruptcy - raising my child support
  47. MI, Problems with custodial parent moving
  48. Parent Left State And Has Grandmother Exercising Visitation
  49. Custody Orders that are not being inforced
  50. temporary custody... her lawyer changes the court date without consulting me
  51. What are my rights as a father? I can't afford an attorney.
  52. "Modify Childsupport" -- the order was put into place October 1, 2011
  53. Child custody issues in Ohio... Can we sue the agency?
  54. Single mother of dual citizenship joining the Army
  56. Our son needed surgery a year ago... What else can I do?
  57. Is it a Kidnapping charge suitable in this case? -- Canada
  58. Holidays vs. Regularly scheduled visitation
  59. Common law wife cheated on me, left with our child...
  60. Who pays? WE both know the kid is not mine.
  61. Another Support/Passport Question
  62. Mother took child from state -- TX and AZ
  64. I am trying to get a divorce; I serve in the United States Army
  65. Not certified letter, do I have to go? NEED ANSWER BY MONDAY!!
  66. Father wants full custody; Does the State of Oregon require a DNA test?
  67. Husband got a DUI in the middle of a custody evaluation
  68. Need receipts and proof of child care days
  69. Reimbursement for summer fees even though I offered to take my son all summer
  70. German family and property law - separation
  71. Parents are separated but not divorced... who has legal custody?
  72. Getting full custody; I had applied for a protection order
  73. Non-Custodial Parent Refused to Follow Court Ordered Winter Break
  74. If I drop the order because I only want my daughter will the custody agreement stick?
  75. Husband's Ex trying to cut a foul deal
  76. Joint Custody in Germany (German Family Court)
  77. Unique situation between mother and father regarding 15 mo old son. Good advice?
  78. Sex in front of a child
  79. Passport, and name change in Alberta?
  80. Father accused me of child abduction... Will I have problems to get back?
  82. Applying for child support in different states
  83. Can my husband refuse to undergo DNA test?
  84. How to move from Canada without father consent?
  85. Moving away... The father is still in school, his fiance is unemployed
  86. my boys -- ex put me in jail over child support
  87. Sole custody -- Husband is emotionally abusive, porn-addicted, alcoholic
  88. How does NY handle daycare expenses?
  89. NY: Should CPS and court be involved?
  90. I never see my baby because I live in Europe; my wife lives in America
  92. Who pays who? Multiple questions... We live in Louisiana
  93. Permission Of Custody To Someone Not Related With Consent Of One Parent
  94. Can I give up all parental rights and still have to pay child support?
  95. Child registration in France -- My child was born in Thailand to a French mother
  96. Unborn child fight for custody, I am married to a Canadian citizen
  97. I am worried that my ex-fiance has a trick up his sleeve.
  98. Can I choose to live with a family NOT RELATED TO ME?
  99. My daughter was taken by the father in the Philippines
  100. child support stopped when baby use father last name