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  1. Child Custody order question in Tennessee
  2. Legal age to babysit in California
  3. Doctor Bills - Ex took my daughter to the doctor on my insurance
  4. Child Support -- Am I liable to pay her the money even though I was unemployed?
  5. Ex wife seriously injured, need temp custody
  6. Teenage Single Parent child support issue
  7. Idaho divorce and custody: What is my best course of action?
  9. Mother abandoned son, and now going against court order
  10. Child from previous marriage vs. child from actual marriage support
  11. Which state laws am I to abide by?
  12. Non-payment of Child Support for overseas child
  13. Mother relocated son out of residential home against court orders
  14. mother gave up custody, where does that leave me?
  15. Ex-husband is a very violent person... I didn't pursue the child support.
  16. visitation to joint custody: what is a good time to wait?
  17. Reporting to CPS -- Will I have to retain a lawyer or will CPS do all that?
  18. Will state pursue child support arrears after 18?
  19. Could filing for support cause me more harm then good? -- Iowa (IA)
  20. Help fighting a sociopath in court
  21. CPS lied in court; They never called us back
  22. If I won money at the casino is my ex entitled to some of that for child support?
  23. How can I get visitation in Los Angeles
  24. Want to live with my dad but mom wont let me
  25. Sex offender and child protection (South Dakota)
  26. New Mexico - Limited Funds Limited Law Knowhow
  27. Not following court-ordered visitation
  28. Having full custody in CA -- Can I take my child out of state for vacation?
  29. Fighting for my son... Can my ex use 'hear-say' in court against me?
  30. Can grandparents get temporary custody? (Georgia, and Virginia)
  31. Frustrated: My ex husband has been a huge cause of stress in my life
  32. Birthdays Legal Holiday?
  33. Washington State - Child Support Obligation For College Child
  34. DCF -- how to check guidelines (restrictions) for visits
  35. pick up drop off
  36. Father who terminated his parental rights, now fighting for custody
  37. Conslidation of Spousal Support and Child Support Tax Question
  38. HELP!!! There are bills to pay; his ex is making it impossible for him to find a job
  39. First Right of Refusal
  40. Do I owe? They threatened me with a felony if I didn't pay.
  41. Extra Curricular Activities & Custody
  42. I am requesting "MOTION TO CHANGE" termination of support
  43. Single mother, moved out of state. What are fathers rights?
  44. full custody wanting to move out of province
  45. Daughter has returned to school full-time at 21
  46. Biological father doesn't know; Only legal advice please
  47. Guardianship... I am 22 and still stressing over an implementation
  48. Delinquent support after 18 TX
  49. Can I hire someone to take care of my children?
  50. Trapped. I have no idea what to do. Do I go to the police? A lawyer?
  51. Can I go to the courthouse and not get laughed out of the building?
  53. PLEASE HELP: I do not want to be emotionally manipulated
  54. Mother claims child is mine 33 years later, is child support due?
  55. Do I have to do the divorce over? -- Canada, Jamaica
  56. How Do I Serve Custody Papers in Canada
  57. Does the system track/pursue child support evaders after the child is 18?
  58. Can this be misconstrued as physical custody later on?
  59. 2 different countries: How can I get him to pay maintenance?
  60. Visitation motion (was filed in the wrong format)
  61. Autistic Child Nova Scotia
  62. Unmarried father's rights in Michigan
  63. No custody agreement = vacation?
  64. Wishing to move out of the Country; My boyfriend is in the Air Force
  65. Child support... I don't understand how we would calculate the amount.
  66. Welfare fraud and no proof of place to live...
  67. Moving out of state with daughter, no custody agreement, can he stop me?
  68. Temp Custody to father while going overseas
  69. Food Stamps - Joint Custody, Florida
  70. My life is a mess, I need advise on the first step with no extra money :(
  71. Daughter from US and visits mother, mother refuses to return daughter
  72. Want joint custody of my children (their 'habitual place of residence' is Israel)
  73. Ex is hiding income; I have a child support hearing in California.
  74. Custody of my second cousin
  75. Joint Custody. Can he badger the nanny?
  76. what happens right after a paternity test with visitation issues ny
  77. CPS Case -- I went to the hospital because I was concerned
  78. Lawyer ignoring me for Child Support case
  79. Michigan - help for caring for nieces
  80. Deadbeat Dad -- The father lives as a caretaker and does not receive a check
  81. Support court coming soon - NY
  82. Protection from ex husband's new girlfriend for children
  83. Negative declaration (Negativbescheinigung) sole guardianship
  84. Daddy Time vs Preschool
  85. Child Support Order (Outside of the USA)
  86. HELP! Friend due in court tomorrow a.m. (FL)
  87. Child support: We are in the Philippines, the father is in the navy
  88. International child custody -- USA, Colombia
  89. International custody -- USA, Chile
  90. HELP!! My 15 yr old daughter wants to live with me but her father is being difficult
  91. Spanish/English complication -- Can I leave Spain to seek a better life?
  92. Relocating from Ontario to Alberta... Absent Parent holding me back
  93. Relocation Request - Florida
  94. Child's Right to a Voice -- Nova Scotia, Canada
  95. need help fast: ex is moving to another state and refuses to give contact info
  96. Africa to America -- dual citizenship, parental rights
  97. US Air Force Airman
  98. Divorce/Modify Texas CS Order Question
  99. Moving to another Province... Do I need some sort of written agreement?
  100. Help to stop CS when custody has changed