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  1. Changing the Custodial Situation
  3. I was falsely accused of abandoning my child! What do I do?
  4. Wanting custody of my nephew. I live in Arkansas.
  5. US citizen living in UK; I need custody or my spouse's permission
  6. Can I have him sign to the court for his monthly responsibility?
  7. My child was taken away from me...
  8. My 16 year old son wants to change his last name
  9. Living in Germany & paying child support to the States
  10. Child support to end (on her grautaion day or her birthday)
  11. Change in NYC court visitation for 15 mile move?
  12. Transfer custody of children to my brother in the USA
  13. This one stupid mistake will cost me a family!!!
  14. Sex offender Father is requesting visitation
  15. Temporary Custody in Florida -- I am a counselor and I have an 18 year old client
  16. How to file for sole custody in Mexico.
  17. Need legal advice! Married mothers death custody issue.
  18. Move away order; I am in Los Angeles
  19. Custody over a child not born yet
  20. Child support In Maryland; Daughter's father is $4000 behind
  21. At what age can my son be heard by a judge?
  22. Child support from U.S. citizen father; We already had a legal agreement
  23. Child's future at risk, needs immediate help....
  24. If I Have Primary Custody Can I....
  25. My Ex Is Behind On Child Support Can He.....
  26. I want to live with my dad but my mom is not willing to let me.
  27. My 2yr old daughter I didn't know about.
  28. Child Support Confusion
  29. visitation/custody us father canadien mother
  30. Paperwork says no corporal punishment except by the mother
  31. My ex wants to move out with state with our kid...
  32. Unable to pay support... We are tired of fighting.
  33. What wording I should use as to why I want this agreement?
  34. Ex husband is an Australian permanent resident; I am a Malaysian woman
  35. Help me keep my daughter! ...I had a prior drug problem.
  36. Advice on modifying custody that is 50-50 for a 9 yr old
  37. DNA for Paternity and Child Support (San Francisco, CA)
  38. Amending a divorce decree (WASHINGTON)
  39. Would going to the police station be helpful to me?
  40. Can my ex wife's parents travel with my daughters during my time?
  41. Do I have the right to know where and who my children are staying with?
  42. Visitation: I reside in NY and my ex in NJ
  43. Advice-Post DNA Testing
  44. DNA Testing and Custody
  45. Canada child support enforcement experience
  46. International custody involving social services
  47. Stipulation and order for modification in Los Angeles
  48. Fathers rights, unwed mother living with married man
  49. united kingdom dad wont let me see my children
  50. Father making False allegations to get custody to not pay support.
  51. visitation to joint custody in ohio
  52. Is this legal? This is taking place in Maryland
  53. International child support; I got deported back to the Philippines
  54. Colorado and Utah -- Would an attorney suggest a store bought test?
  55. Placement issues and court orders (Minnesota)
  56. Do you think we have a chance to get it reduced?
  57. Is it best to leave my little girl with my sister?
  58. Help... what will happen? The father of the baby is from the UK.
  59. How can I put my ex-boyfriend's name into the birth certificate?
  60. Changing Jurisdiction of Child Custody from the State of Texas to Georgia
  61. Primary parent paying child support with 51% time with my kids.
  62. Suing for not seeing
  63. Unborn child, US dad Canadian mom, mom is cutting off access
  64. No college this semester in MO
  65. family of 6, father abuses drugs mother is an alcoholic
  66. I don't understand how the whole child support works.
  67. I can't take it anymore, financially, emotionally... and to hear my daughter cry
  68. Australia child removed two years ago
  69. Help, I now pay $597. At the time, I was getting long term disability.
  70. LOUISIANA. single mom, father not in the picture and not sure what to do!
  71. Family... how do we do that without a huge cost for adoption?
  72. children have decided they want to try and live with their mom
  73. Can Daycare be garnished through wages?
  74. Child support for non US Citizen in Georgia
  75. Change in verbal custody agreement
  76. Seperation Lawyer Issues
  77. PLEASE respond soon. Court date is in 2 days in Pennsylvania.
  78. Getting Custody Due to Abandonment?
  79. child support: the father of my son is a naturalized american and im a filipina
  80. I need child support (Uganda/ Sweden)
  81. Which party can get the custody of the child?
  82. 17-year old, changing residences/schools
  83. Alabama---Help or advice on getting my son back from DHR's grasp!
  85. man from usa (has not obtained citizenship in canada) who is married to canadian
  86. The problem being that he tells his family that my son is not his.
  87. Big problem... The divorce was uncontested because I didn't know.
  88. Which Court System for Custody Battle
  89. Forms needed to Move-Out-Of-State with daughter...
  90. Lowering my Child Support; I was divorced in the State of New Hampshire
  91. Gaining first-time custody of a child taken into care.
  92. My sons father won't bring my son home!!
  93. Nc-Sc child custody dispute
  94. Canadian woman stuck in US with new baby
  95. Overturning custody ruling
  96. (Ohio law) - I contacted Wayne County Child Support Services
  97. Can Dads win custody? -- New York State
  98. German vs American
  99. Can default be throw out on a custody cases?
  100. Interstate custody, domestic violence, please help!