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  1. Order of protection expiring July 2011
  2. Becomes civil case at 18? ...Will my wages still be garnished?
  3. Biological has not done any stipulations but still might get visitation, drug addict.
  4. Child support going to the wrong parent, difficult situation, please help
  5. My husband is ordered to split medical bills 50/50 with the ex
  6. I have documented everything... Am I on the right track?
  7. Years of unpaid child support -- USA, Philippines
  8. All Rights taken away so easily?
  9. Half-Sibling Rights and Visitation?
  10. Mother says child isn't mine, do I keep paying support?
  11. A mother's Nightmare... I am truly afraid for our lives.
  12. Florida decides custody based on the color of my skin?
  13. Visitation -- Overnight visits with my daughter in Ohio
  14. relocated my son without my consent have custody order what are my rights
  15. Mother told me daughter is not mine and to stop paying child support
  16. NCP going to jail - What happens with visitation?
  17. My ex has moved out of the county where child support was ordered?
  18. Custody/ Relocation - I have no idea what my rights are.
  19. Name change (to make his current last name a hyphened middle name)
  20. Moving back to Ontario from Nova Scotia with my 3yrs old
  21. children passports... father wouldn't sign for our daughter to get it
  22. Child has court ordered attorney who doesn't seem interested...
  23. Can the mother be successful under US law to deport me to the US ?
  24. Should I get an attorney I can't afford and try to prove he makes more?
  25. custody protective order... what can I do to get legal help?
  26. residence order/ hair strand drug test results -- United Kingdom
  27. Please help, Filing contempt/custody papers in about a week
  28. my ex regularly refuses to comply with support orders
  29. I want my children: I can't live without them, and am miserable without them.
  30. Help with custody case; We called the cop after getting the papers
  31. The father to my child wants to give his rights -- I am turning 17
  32. Custody modification -- I live in the UK but I am an American Military citizen.
  33. non family member seeking custody of best friends 15 month old
  34. Vacation visitation to China (travel safety issues)
  35. Needs help with case against father.
  36. Arizona-mother gave up custody, now wants baby back
  37. Extra Curricular Activities, Texas
  38. Need a quick answer to child support money
  39. Guardianship from Washington to Wisconsin
  40. Is age pension considered earned income for child support?
  41. Custody/Guardian of Nephew
  42. Can a misdemeanor warrant alone be cause for the father to be granted custody?
  43. What time limit does temporary guardianship have on it?
  44. Birth record say one name but other ID says different name
  45. Custody Agreement for Expat returning to US with Child
  46. Motion of Temporary Custody -- Michigan, Ohio
  47. Son Wants To Move Into Dad's Home... Will Child Support Become Nullified?
  48. Niece wants to legally request for monthly child support
  49. Harassment? Ex wife finding out past girlfriends numbers and harassing them.
  50. Eliminating parental rights: My ex-husband is being release from prison
  51. Age that teenager can choose who to live with?
  52. Kept ex away from 15 yr. old -- Can I be charged with contempt?
  53. Wife wants ACTA sent to her in OAXACA (Mexico)
  54. Had a child out of wedlock 9 years ago
  55. Husband's ex wants to file child support -- Australian and Filipino citizens
  56. Biological Parental Rights
  57. Will my 75% custody automatically transfer over to my new wife?
  58. Texas Summer Extended Custody
  59. social services stopping all attempts at custody virginia
  60. Pregnant girl leaves without a trace
  61. Spousal income in CS modification
  62. HELP: I'm sick of supporting an ex whom don't care what the kids do.
  63. Philippines/USA (another) support question
  64. Visitation question... I am terrified of him disappearing with my kids.
  65. Moving away and cutting off all communication
  66. Ex-husband trying to reduce child support: What can my argument be?
  67. Is blood thicker than water?
  68. 18 and not graduating (willingly missing classes)
  69. FL - Getting non court ordered agreement recognized
  70. Harassing In Law trying to take our daughter
  71. Unwed, Pregnant, Mother trying to trap me?
  72. After 21 yrs old can Child petition to drop rears?
  73. Help in Florida -- My attorney hasn't returned my phonecalls for 5 days
  74. Falsely accused of crime to help Ex husband gain custody
  75. Possible divorce, foreign wife, child involved -- Costa Rica, USA
  76. Is Florida child support deparment connected to Puerto Rico?
  78. Can ex get child support from my husband?
  79. how monthly income is determined (hourly pay, overtime)
  80. U.S. navy husband: I have concerns about the "adequate support"
  81. Is child custody possible if exhusband live in USA, but the mother in another country
  82. Guardianship Transfer -- Signatures to Transfer Custody
  83. Child Out Of Infidelity -- Legal Advice
  84. Tax and Child Custody -- We E-filed and the IRS denied it.
  85. Written Response: I recieved a notice to appear by respondents attorney.
  86. URGENT: I just got out of the army and was served with divorce papers.
  87. Can I legally adopt my niece? I would need financial assistance to take care of her.
  88. Unmarried, international couple with 1 year old -- USA, Germany
  89. Child Support in MI -- Will my income be calculated as wife is homemaker?
  90. California Custody Change + past child support owed
  91. Sole Custody Options, Boston, MA
  92. Ex threatens to take full custody because of past (dom vio case)
  93. Child support over borders -- Vancouver BC, Minnesota USA
  94. Child support across Canada US border.
  95. Reimbursement of Medical Expenses - Texas
  96. FL--Do teenagers have a voice in where they want to live?
  97. Please help... my mother is worrying her to death.
  98. Wife does not work but wants more
  99. Bedridden Child Visitation Question
  100. Relationship ending/who gets custody and how to stop it.