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  1. Leaving the house at age 18 (in NY State)
  2. Moving out of province in Canada; My fiancÚ is statutory sole custodian
  3. US citizen living in UK - divorce w/ custody - forced to stay in UK?
  4. Ex-Wife filing false police report in CA
  5. Texas; Does the American court will recognize the decision made by the Turkish Court?
  6. form for objecting to wife moving with kids
  7. question about gaining rights; we know we have no legal right to the child anymore
  8. I just want to spend better quality time with my daughter
  9. Custody and child support of my daughter; I'm a single father
  10. Healthcare decisions and joint custody- Tennessee
  11. Scared for my child's safety; Husband was arrested for Felony 273.5 a.
  12. My Husband Wants to Volunteer to Terminate Parental rights in Michigan
  13. UK child support; My daughter is an American who lived in the UK
  15. living arrangement for child custody
  16. Fathers Rights White House Petition
  17. Child wants to come home but ex will not let her
  18. Can we take husband's ex wife to court and get our child support lifted?
  19. Child left out; My daughter is only 2 years old
  20. my daughter wants to be with me
  21. Custody of Children -- Do I need a lawyer present?
  22. Adding Father to Birth Certificate while in Jail
  23. Custody of our son; I am living in Minnesota
  24. Custody Issue in Ohio
  25. visitation/custody in maryland
  26. How do I convince the court to let me live with my mother?
  27. Arizona mom trying to move cities.
  28. Who's responsibility is it to cover the costs of his visitations?
  29. California overpayment by derivative benefits
  30. Can a 16 year old father file for custody of his child in Ohio?
  31. CPS involved with custody! What can I do to convince the judge?
  32. Half sibling rights -- Please help me find any law I can use
  33. this weekend sucked; i am grounded from everything
  34. Non-citizen custody rights
  35. Court Ordered Genetic Testing
  36. Adultery -- We are new comers in Canada. My wife committed adultery.
  37. grandmother wants visitation and threatening me with court
  38. USA court order child support/ Italy
  39. Biological father now wants visitation
  40. Need advice in Toronto, Canada... My ex is arrears of more than $4,000
  41. mother moved to another state (claiming she didn't know she was pregnant)
  42. I want to live with my dad and stepmom but my mom won't let me
  43. NY - German - US custody battle, visitation & child support rights
  44. HELP: I am getting 65% of my check garnished
  45. Florida -- False Financial Affidavit for Child Support
  46. Illinois pre-divorce custody; The father cannot afford a lawyer
  48. Children have asked me to sign away rights
  49. Georgia USA child support
  50. Child Custody -- I am an Australian Citizen
  51. GA and WA custody/visitation
  52. Should I be worried? I am 19 weeks pregnant...
  53. Proof of Paternity -- Is there a specific document I should be requesting?
  54. GA unwed father and parental rights
  55. Filing a claim in Cook County, IL against an estate
  56. Oregon, Canadian child support questions
  57. Ontario, Emmotional Harm
  58. Florida state - Husband not complying - Community Service or Contempt
  59. Should I file for contempt? How do the arrears get paid? -- NY case
  60. Child custody from foster/adoption process
  61. Toddler separated from mother
  62. Advice needed... Is there a non-adversarial way to obtain visitation order?
  63. Can you summons the father's exwife first wife for character
  64. WI grandparent seeking (extended) visitation
  65. Husband has Ex Parte Order request!
  66. Collecting past due child support from an estate
  67. Default court for divorce... Can I file paperwork with clerks officer?
  68. Texas law: If he signed the birth certificate is he considered the father?
  69. children do not want to be with their dad
  70. International Custody & Visitation -- France, USA
  71. Suing father on behalf of car/school expenses?
  72. CA child support help -- I am seriously looking into a lawyer!
  73. Custoday Issues... Do I legally have to provide him with these updates?
  74. marijuana affecting custody? -- possesion of paraphernalia
  75. step mom wants custody; the biological mother was absent for 7 years
  76. Young adult wanting visitation right to minor half siblings in KY
  77. mother trying to deny certain times
  78. Sticky NY/WA child support
  79. Child Custody order question in Tennessee
  80. Legal age to babysit in California
  81. Doctor Bills - Ex took my daughter to the doctor on my insurance
  82. Child Support -- Am I liable to pay her the money even though I was unemployed?
  83. Ex wife seriously injured, need temp custody
  84. Teenage Single Parent child support issue
  85. Idaho divorce and custody: What is my best course of action?
  87. Mother abandoned son, and now going against court order
  88. Child from previous marriage vs. child from actual marriage support
  89. Which state laws am I to abide by?
  90. Non-payment of Child Support for overseas child
  91. Mother relocated son out of residential home against court orders
  92. mother gave up custody, where does that leave me?
  93. Ex-husband is a very violent person... I didn't pursue the child support.
  94. visitation to joint custody: what is a good time to wait?
  95. Reporting to CPS -- Will I have to retain a lawyer or will CPS do all that?
  96. Will state pursue child support arrears after 18?
  97. Could filing for support cause me more harm then good? -- Iowa (IA)
  98. Help fighting a sociopath in court
  99. CPS lied in court; They never called us back
  100. If I won money at the casino is my ex entitled to some of that for child support?