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  1. Chid support: what is my next step; should I file another appeal?
  2. Abusive Ex Husband has physical custody and control of minor son
  3. Sole custody and name change; The father is an alcoholic
  4. Ex homeless, wants me to "keep" my son
  5. Do I have rights to see my half-siblings?
  6. Parental Kidnapping- A Father's Plea for HELP!
  8. Married father of ex girlfriends child seeks custody (South Carolina)
  9. Court date on June 28 -- New Jersey
  10. Mother took daughter out of state... what forms do I need to file with the courts?
  11. Dad wants to lower support outside of the courts
  13. Relocation and Child Custody in Georgia
  14. child support: potential father just now showed up to court with a lawyer
  15. Kentucky custody law, court system
  16. What Custody Rights does a Father on Parole have out of wedlock, 1yr to go
  17. What could a lawyer do to help me? (child support hearing)
  18. What I can do to see my daughter? (breaching court order)
  19. How do International custody agreements work?
  20. Non-blood fathers rights to a child
  21. Daughter in Israel -- Is there Legal Aid for someone in my situation?
  22. Can adulterous trysts give rise to custody rights?
  23. I need to lower my child support, and attempt at custody.
  24. Is Absent Parent Custody Possible?
  25. 17 Year Old -- I Dont Want To Be Homeless
  26. Can I be reported as a runaway?
  27. I'm 17. I want to live with my dad. But my mom has custody.
  28. My court ordered right are being violated. What can I do about this?
  29. Father that is not married and a child on the way -- Need Help NY
  30. VISITATION: My problem is that he is living with her "part time".
  31. Can I lose custody of my minor children because of my adult children?
  32. Ex wife trying to move to another state... Would the judge allow this?
  33. Please Help: My girlfriend and I are struggling with her ex 24/7
  34. Petitioner and Respondent niether want to pay child support
  35. Divorce decree and parental rights question -- West Virginia
  36. 2 children, 2 states, custodial interference?
  37. Who will get child custody after divorce -- United Kingdom
  38. British Columbia, Canada - Where to start after a separation
  39. Exhusband was ordered to pay half of medical/dental that insurance does not pay
  40. False allegations - Mississippi law
  41. Mother refuses to let father have visitation; We live in West Virginia
  42. Child Custody when leaving the country -- New Zealand, Australia
  43. Joint Custody Visitation Denied -- What Should I Do?
  44. Ex husband decreased child support
  45. Getting parental rights signed away from non custodial parent
  46. How old is too old for custody? -- Canada law
  47. Hawaii child custody -- My rights
  48. Ohio -- Does leaving the state void custody agreement?
  49. Utah law, Child custody... Is this either a criminal or a civil violation?
  50. Child Support Help in Delaware -- Shared Residential Custody
  51. Help with Wording of Decree
  52. Child Support Enforcement Hearing
  53. Harassing ex husband, I do not have the resources for a lawyer.
  54. Can't make it for the weekend visitation! Don't want to loose visitation %
  55. Joint custody unmarried couple according to Chinese law
  56. Child custody modification: I need the right direction to help my case - IL
  57. A father who wants to pay support - even without order or agreement!
  58. Short Cause Trial - Imperial County, CA
  59. After rendering $2,400 in support, does dad need to contribute to other $ expenses?
  60. International custody? My ex is hinting at a custody battle...
  61. I'm a 20 year old single mother... Can I get sole legal & physical custody?
  62. Non Child Support Payment / Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act
  64. Child support in two states -- Puerto Rico, New York
  65. Oklahoma- I'm about to go to Court for child custody on May 23rd
  66. MIRROR INTERNATIONAL ORDER -- USA courts, Brazilian order
  67. My daughter would like to change her last name
  68. NC, USA Father might lose son oversees
  69. Dual citizenship: How does that affect where custody is filed
  71. Frozen account unjustified -- Tallahassee office, Florida
  72. Can Ontario Court force me to be involved with my boyfriends kids
  73. Violation of sponsorship agreement (spousal support, Canada)
  74. Legal advice regarding my case -- Philippines, Australia
  75. My baby father live in America but I returned back to England
  76. custody over me between guardian and father with no rights to me
  77. Seems like a raw deal Colorado
  78. Bankrupcy not a good idea before finalized divorse
  79. Last name removal for a minor in North Carolina (NC)
  80. Nevada child custody and visitation -- What's my next step?
  81. Child Support Modification -- I just want to get it automated to my account
  82. Child Support - UK Father, Vietnam Mother
  83. Just got out of court... didnt even get to see the judge.
  84. Visitation thru lawyer... Is this allowed or is that contempt?
  85. How to get a custody of a child if I am a legal alien?
  86. Find missing children... How do we legally get the children back to their family?
  87. Can they legally get support... I thought this was presumptive in the law.
  88. X wife not being best mom need some advise.
  89. Deadbeat Moms -- There should be equal consequences for women.
  90. Dead Beat Mother -- Child Support/ Tax Returns
  91. Taking my children abroad; I had a non molestation order
  92. Unable to visit children due to money issues -- Nevada, Texas
  93. What are my chances of sole custody with a dead beat dad?
  94. Parental Rights Name Change Non Custodial Parent
  95. Unmarried, international couple 5 months pregnant -- USA, Germany
  96. signing over rights/ child support -- just factual answers please
  97. Visitation/ restraining order... How easy is it to get one of these?
  98. Domesticating US (GA) child support court order in Ontario Canada
  99. Children do not live with there mother but she is getting the support money
  100. garnishment when showing zero balance