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  1. Husband trying to keep our son; I have no rights until I go to court
  2. Child Abandoned in France nearly Six Years
  3. Supervised Visitation -- What the rules are on a supervised visits?
  4. mother wants custody of her kids; they are in need of psychological help
  5. Child custody USA-Germany
  6. Child custody between Australia and USA
  7. Parental rights in Michigan
  8. Int'l Child Support Recovery -- Nigeria, USA, Canada
  9. NC: Maternal/newborn drug testing/reporting law by hospital or physician to CPS
  10. Serving the other party with time constraints
  11. Army vet not getting to see his daughter
  12. Visitation question in Kansas (my boyfriend suffered with PTSD)
  13. My Son and I Need Urgent help!! (drug test for marijuana, FL)
  14. Moving out of country with child (from the USA to Canada)
  15. Child calling his step mom, mama.
  16. SENATE BILL 2690 (support case, California)
  17. Deadbeat Dad in Oaklahoma
  18. Emergency Abroad: Passport revoked because I "owed" back child support.
  19. child visitation: the mother is mad about us
  20. Relocation... the best way to do it simply and quickly.
  21. Power Trip (negotiating custody for holidays/ weekends)
  22. Grand Aunt and Uncle with grand nephew 6yrs old
  23. CPS business card on my door!! Help
  24. Living in UK, father in US demanding access
  25. Can abusive NCP in Texas get unsupervised visitation?
  26. Grande Prairie, Alberta- Father is hiding the children, won't let the mother see them
  27. Residential Parent and Legal Custodian
  28. Step parenting in Wisconsin (WI)
  29. Pennsylvania: Need to file child support right before I file stepparent adoption
  30. A Father's custody rights; I am a non-resident Canadian
  31. Child Support Collected /IRS Audit
  32. In serious need of HELP: I'm from Indiana, I have court in the morning.
  33. Child support: US citizen (dual citizenship) living with children in Slovakia
  34. Stressed Mom in PA: Daughter's father is very irresponsible
  35. Can my dad do this? -- He will get custody of me when I turn 18
  36. Moving out of state: What I legally need to do through the courts?
  37. Emergency Hearing: Ex's company isn't complying with the Order of withholding
  38. Big Mess, Please help me sort this out
  39. Just found out I have a 13 yr old son, through DNA test.
  40. Lost custody, Judge seems to have over stepped her boundaries.
  41. Denied access to child -- I was served with a custody claim and vacated our home.
  42. There are no legal custody arrangements button is being kept from me
  43. Custody: the country he wants to move is not in Hague convention list
  44. Custody in Illinois: My son was attacked by his mother whom he lives with
  45. My daughter is only 19 months; I have only seen her 2 full months
  46. Ex-husband not allowing me visitation; I live in Florida.
  47. Help... Court order violation in Virginia (VA)
  48. Moving out of state. Seeking primary custody. Abusive Ex.
  49. Father of Son (my ex) arrested on Friday, need custody advice
  50. I am 17 and a ward of the state; I live in Australia.
  51. What should I do?... I have to be in court next week
  52. Are there any pro bono lawyers anymore...?
  53. Being charged child support whole time ive had my son. IN CALIFORNIA
  54. Daughters Father is an alcoholic, threatens me, wants to take me to court
  55. child support: last year my army pay was calculated but my schedule has changed
  56. I have to give up half of my 401K retirement fund to my wife
  57. Can the mother decide on the baby's last name in California?
  58. Custody rights to minor half-sister?
  59. Complicated custody issue in Missouri (MO)
  60. Custody: I am a female minor under the age of 13
  61. plans to bring fiance and kids to US but the father of children wont sign release
  62. Can I buy my own ticket and stay at my uncles house in Hawaii?
  63. Judge refuses to hear/look at evidence, IL
  64. Does Power of Attorney = Custodial Parent Rights?
  65. Jamaican Mother - Father in USA
  66. Confused about what to do... I attended a conciliation hearing...
  67. Custody Help MN: I am trying to get custody of my two twin neices.
  68. Support Issues: My husband & I live in Missouri, and he pays for 2 kids in Virginia.
  69. Can I leave with my 5 year old son? His father and him are Cypriot, I am British.
  70. Want to live with mother father will not let me... I live in New Jersey
  71. Ex wife moving the kids out of state (to Delaware)
  72. Ex husband making harassment about a child that is not his
  73. Financial support for my daughter... Should I go to PAO?
  74. Canadian born child, American father
  75. Child Custody/Abandonment -- Los Angeles, CA
  76. What are my chances of winning custody? I am the dad.
  77. Need visitations with children... something behind the scene is going on.
  78. Obtaining temporary custody (guardianship) of our neice...
  80. pick up drop off at different location
  81. Child Visitation Problems -- State of California
  82. Ex holding child from me -- Ohio law, court
  83. Help children kidnapping by Germany
  84. Changing visitation rules after divorce
  85. Out-of-State Child Custody Question
  86. Chid support: what is my next step; should I file another appeal?
  87. Abusive Ex Husband has physical custody and control of minor son
  88. Sole custody and name change; The father is an alcoholic
  89. Ex homeless, wants me to "keep" my son
  90. Do I have rights to see my half-siblings?
  91. Parental Kidnapping- A Father's Plea for HELP!
  93. Married father of ex girlfriends child seeks custody (South Carolina)
  94. Court date on June 28 -- New Jersey
  95. Mother took daughter out of state... what forms do I need to file with the courts?
  96. Dad wants to lower support outside of the courts
  98. Relocation and Child Custody in Georgia
  99. child support: potential father just now showed up to court with a lawyer
  100. Kentucky custody law, court system