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  1. Permission Of Custody To Someone Not Related With Consent Of One Parent
  2. Can I give up all parental rights and still have to pay child support?
  3. Child registration in France -- My child was born in Thailand to a French mother
  4. Unborn child fight for custody, I am married to a Canadian citizen
  5. I am worried that my ex-fiance has a trick up his sleeve.
  6. Can I choose to live with a family NOT RELATED TO ME?
  7. My daughter was taken by the father in the Philippines
  8. child support stopped when baby use father last name
  9. How to make it legal when I ask him for support? -- Quezon City, Philippines
  10. Petition For Emergency Child Custody -- Tennessee Jurisdiction
  11. Visitation in Ohio -- Can a 13 year old decide to cut a parent out of her life?
  12. DNA TESTS - I'm working on a nationally syndicated TV show
  13. Custody transfer; Birth mother is deceased and we are the only parents
  14. How far can I go to save my children?
  15. Enough child support; I am married to a US citizen
  17. TN TPR involuntary -- DCS failed to acknowledge our previous substantial relationship
  18. Motion for Change of Custody without even knowing- Kansas
  19. non maintenance payment; my ex husband has moved to new zealand
  20. Colorado: Timing of filing in complicated process to get parenting plan schedule
  21. two different states there is no custody agreement just child support
  22. CSA payments: the Court Order states I must pay untill he leaves FULL TIME education
  23. Getting custody over my 4 siblings; My mom never pays attention to them
  24. Could I loose my professional license over this or my drivers license?
  25. Boyfriend and his ex have a shared parenting agreement; We live in Ohio.
  26. Ex-wife went to German court (Germany/ Texas, USA)
  27. Termination of Parental Rights: I want to know if I CAN - if legally it is possible
  28. Backed Child Support from Separation... Can I Get Reimbursed?
  29. Child Support and Daycare- Florida
  30. Filing income tax -- I reported the mother to the IRS
  31. preschool and fathers legal rights
  32. Child support claim from UK dad; Our daughter has a dual citizenship
  33. Dad was having sex with a new girlfriend in the same room as our 6yr old son
  34. I have hospitals report how much time is valid
  35. Paternity test if mother refuses... (per California law)
  36. Custody agreement between Canada and USA
  37. Petition to verify paternity... My question is what am I responding to?
  38. Adoption: Do we still have to find the biological father and have him agree?
  39. How to obtain my children's custody back?
  40. Father's rights in NC -- the father has not legally acknowledged paternity
  41. Being Forced to Live with Father. Doesn't Have Custody.
  42. Can all of this be done between lawyers? I dont want to go to the court.
  44. Emancipation... Does the state of CA have any maximum amount of time to process it?
  45. My ex is moving out of state. What are my options.
  46. Need help on when my child support ends; The child turns 18 and graduates in 7 months
  47. Modification of Alimony in Florida (permanent periodic)
  48. I have a bit of questions to ask! Please help me.
  49. Canadian wanting my kids back from Missouri
  50. getting my money back; the judge terminated my child support order
  51. False allegations by ex in child custody; What can I do legally?
  52. Can his ex wife get a portion of my medical insurance rebate?
  53. Grandparent trying to save Grandchild
  54. Can my fiance take her son out of our home state (Montana) to North Dakota?
  55. End of child support? (my legal financial responsibilities)
  56. Who has right to a child whose mother was killed by his/her father?
  57. Sole custody -- If I agree what would the consequences be?
  58. Still carrying ex husbands last name, want to give baby my maiden name ?
  59. NEED HELP AND ANSWERS. Can I move out at 17 in South Carolina?
  60. UCCJE Act...hoping it is what will give me justice; PA court has denied me
  61. Keeping custody of my nephew... What legal action can I use?
  62. I'm wanting custody over both my children- PLEASE HELP
  63. Father taking care of nonbiological child after maturnal mother passes
  64. Is my child my child? Does the real father have any rights?
  65. State issued IWO, Illinois - 750 ILCS 28/35(a)
  66. Leaving State with Twins ~ MA ~ Please Help
  67. Same amount in support being paid for 14yrs. Now child is 18-ex wants more support?
  68. Need to move out of NY immediately... How to secure my custody rights?
  69. Do I have the right to refuse girlfriend around son in his fathers care?
  70. Will your child support change after you get married?
  71. Child Support Doctoring
  72. Where to file child support if the father is Cuban but a green card holder in US?
  73. If I move closer and have the kids half the time, will my child support lower?
  74. How far can she travel with my child against my approval
  75. father is keeping custody of nonbiological daughter after natural mother died
  76. Son taken from Army Vet. Mom due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  77. 17 month old son never seen his father & my fiance wants to adopt him
  78. My ex does not want my wife around kids during school and sport events
  79. Where do I go? My Dad is French and my Mum Australian...
  80. Visitation trouble in Texas (filing a contempt of court motion, etc)
  81. Spouse (a Japanese National) is going back to Japan with our Daughter
  82. Child Support in reference to my Daughter and my Spouse (a Japanese National)
  83. being served with custody papers; son doesn't want to give his current address
  84. Stripped of my sole custody and given to father
  85. Mother falsely accused by child's father -- Georgia police department
  86. Want to bring my child back to my country.
  87. My husband refuses to sign for her passport; Does she have a case?
  88. California Child Support and Custody, international law.
  89. Joint legal custody father wants custody while mother deploys
  90. urgent child support question (uncovered medical and dental cost)
  91. Texas Dad ordered to pay attorney's fees within 30 days
  92. uneducated divorced daughter
  93. Legal Guardianship of a minor in another state
  94. Leaving the house at age 18 (in NY State)
  95. Moving out of province in Canada; My fiancÚ is statutory sole custodian
  96. US citizen living in UK - divorce w/ custody - forced to stay in UK?
  97. Ex-Wife filing false police report in CA
  98. Texas; Does the American court will recognize the decision made by the Turkish Court?
  99. form for objecting to wife moving with kids
  100. question about gaining rights; we know we have no legal right to the child anymore