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  1. Where to start... How is it the courts can't see this?
  2. child support issues with the father of 3 kids
  3. MD Law Question: Sharing legal custody of a child with 3adults.
  4. AR State Child Custody (custodial parent got children taken away)
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  6. Want my child back... She is almost 16 and she knows what she wants
  7. New Jersey child support hearing? ... I live in Kuwait
  8. a filipino mother battles for child support from a us citizen father
  9. Ex gets re-married, quits working full time- now wants child support
  10. Do I need father's permission to have full legal custody?
  11. Never Married Mother Wanting To Get Sole Custody Papers
  12. Divorce ongoing for three years !!!!
  13. When does child support obligations stop?
  14. Life Insurance = Spousal Support?
  15. Ex wants to claim son as dependant
  16. support termination because of not attending school
  17. Child Support / Unemployed Spouse
  18. Child's name on birth certificate; I want my daughter to have the same last name
  19. Foreign child custody order help; Connecticut has primary jurisdiction
  20. I am international student in the USA. I had sex with american girl.
  21. Need legal advice for gaining custody for 16 yr old daughter.
  22. School decision... I would like some legal advice on how to present this to a judge
  24. Biological father... I want to work overseas on a contract basis
  25. Mother of my child is taking advantage of court orders, please help!
  26. Question about Guardian Ad Litem
  27. Father needs help asap... I have a 50/50 court order for my daughter
  28. non-married mom worried about unborn child & visitation rights of father
  29. News help ASAP father right
  30. will he get placement (advice on a family law matter)
  31. DURESS and ARREARS -- Never ending ex wife!
  32. Crazy situation... I don't know if I can press charges against my wife.
  33. Can we get retroactive child support? -- California
  34. Ethical question (our witnesses and their addresses)
  35. "You must give a statement to the other parent within 30 days." What does that mean?
  36. Can mother still collect without guardianship?
  37. Moving out of Bermuda with children-Advice Please.
  38. I'm 17 and I need to get out of my house but my father won't let me.
  39. Access rights... Will the courts just accept my ex-partner's word?
  40. Wow... Do I need to go to court if so for what?
  41. How do I get legal custody of my younger sibling since my mother has passed?
  42. Decree Enforcement -- Can some one tell me what form I need to fill out?
  43. I pay mortgage, car, everything. He doesn't give me not even a dime.
  44. Can NCP do this? ...I can't afford the UN-Insured medical alone.
  45. Assulted by kids father
  46. Braces... Is what the DCSS said sound correct?
  47. Child support to daughter if she is receiving child support for her son?
  48. denied for scientific paternity test
  49. Overwhelmed by "transportation costs"
  50. My 16 yr.old son wants to change his last name...
  51. Quebec Young dad looking for the doorway to his child
  52. Sick of jumping through hoops to be apart of my childs life NY
  53. My boyfriends rights as a father -- Legal Aid, Australia
  54. Florida Custody Vs. Visitation
  55. Is it okay to move to Texas as a minor ?
  56. How to change/revoke guardianship
  57. Scotland: Would I be liable to pay some aliment to my son through Scottish Law?
  58. Ex hasn't seen our daughter in two months because his new girlfriend
  59. What are my rights? ... I have learned that my son's grades are falling.
  60. Canadian mother, American father, can I still file for child support?
  61. father has custody... he has some paranoid thought of her taking kids away
  62. Is there any way I could make my mom pay either me or my grandmother?
  63. immediate physical custody/guardianship of infant
  64. Is an unemployed / in school father excused from paying child support?
  65. Increase in C/S -- Does anyone have a clue why there isn't an order?
  66. Custody... I'm a US citizen with a 7 month old baby born in Mexico.
  67. Very complicated case already in the works, but need serious legal help!!!
  68. Information... Am I within my rights to refuse my address to this woman?
  69. Child support adjustment after having more kids
  70. Travelling abroad with the child with no restrictions
  71. My ex was fired from railroad but has not went through arbitration
  72. I need advice urgently on child law, I am at breaking point.
  73. Back child support... Where to look for any court cases which may help in court?
  74. I am an illegitimate child of my father but he did signed my birth certificate
  75. Collecting back child support; My ex-wife owes me about 20k
  76. Please HELP! I'm a man w/ sole custody, not sure what to do!
  77. What rights does my childs father have... He did not participate in my pregnancy
  78. wronged in south carolina; what kind of legal action i can take against my mom?
  79. Bio father being left out... Is there any legal action I can take against them?
  80. Are you required to update the courts with changes in placement/custody?
  81. Our Daughter is 13 and is in need of Braces
  82. NO MONEY FOR SUPPORT -- I have appealed the temp support twice
  83. Ex trying to appeal termination of support
  84. Do I have to pay attorney fees if I got my court fees waived?
  85. Child Support Review -- I am based in California
  86. child support for abandones adult children
  87. Favoritism (to talk with the judge privately)
  88. Child Support Liens/Currently paying child support
  89. I want to get divorced with 100% child custody. I am ok if I dont get child support.
  90. Enforcement of Child Support Order -- Canada
  91. Was just served a summons, what to do next?
  92. Child Support Judge sending unemployed mom who raised her kids most years to jail.
  93. Child Support for Adult 18 y.o.
  94. Do you think I will get custody and placement?
  95. DNA test never took place; I am listed as a father
  96. Husband does not want to provide any assistance to our child anymore
  97. Texas - Child fathered child at age 15 - any affect on child support?
  98. Can godparent's ex-wife claim custody of my child?
  99. How can I obtain legal guardianship records?
  100. Am I able to sign my rights over without her mother knowing?