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  1. Father not on birth certificate... Do I have the right to deny it?
  2. Fraud? The money that she receives is not being reported to D.O.R.
  3. Twice charged for bigamy (Philippines/ USA)
  4. My ex's boyfriend spanking my child, is this allowed?
  5. I was divorced in Spain and now need to leave with my daughter, I have full custody
  6. Grandma refuses to give my 13 year old back in AZ and I'm in TX
  7. He didn't get back daughter. Im from Philippines, I got married in Canada.
  8. Sole vs. Joint custody moving notification... Indiana
  9. US to Europe Relocation with minor child
  10. Paternity and Support: Can I request a paternity test since I am his wife?
  11. Have not seen my child in two years; his father desided to move out of state
  12. abusive ex getting out of jail wants visitation to kids
  13. Out of state father wants time with children
  14. American getting divorced in UK; my husband is Italian and a EU national
  15. Custody across borders (Italy, Canada, USA)
  16. Child Support Georgia (my ex and I had an agreement - verbal but also text messages)
  17. Child Custody Alcoholic Abusive NCP Georgia
  18. child support changes due to divorce/job change
  19. Mom moved out of state -- Can I get visitation and how is it enforced?
  20. Getting Back Custody -- I do not have a lot of money for lawyers, etc.
  21. Mom needs to move child out of state from Dad; We divorced in Oregon
  22. Paternity/child support Ny/Nj
  23. Is my child entitled to a child support and to be a US citizen?
  24. Long wait for approved court orders; ex still receiving child support
  25. Temporary Guardianship: Who would win this case if it was brought to court?
  26. Dad wants to pay support out of court
  27. Child being stalked by ex-husband
  28. 16, 14 12 yr old, Dad has convinced JUDGE decided where they live
  29. Dual military mother and father custody
  30. How to get sole custody for US born child from overseas
  31. Visitation Modification (we are both residents of different states)
  32. UK V's US -- I live in England, my ex is a US citizen
  33. In NJ, does the NC parent have to change the court order if he moves? See details
  34. Where can I search for child custody cases (whoever has custody)?
  35. Can I move my 16 year old from Michigan to Texas?
  36. Biodad filed for custody when rights are terminated; judge temporarily granted; PA
  37. My 13 year old wants to change the visitation -- Michigan/ California
  38. Can I get an abandonment order for absentee father of 9 years?
  39. Domestic dispute; The father of my child lied to the police
  40. Modification of support... I was thinking it would be a common question question
  41. Not exercising visitation... how will the court ever give him more time?
  42. Do you think the cops would let her take my son?
  43. Trying to move from California back to Canada
  44. Changing custody after 3 years?
  45. since to date my wife owes $ 25,000 + in back child support
  46. Frustrated father, impossible mother, hoping to get fullcustody of my 9 yr old son
  47. My ex won't allow me contact with my 6 yr old son.
  48. mental illness and custody; my daughters mother is bipolar
  49. Paying more support than owed
  50. My brother was murdered over custody battle
  51. Unemployed - CS/Alimony Relief or options
  52. Do I have to move? Can he force me to move?
  53. NJ Child Support Calculation Help
  54. Please help; I haven't done anything illegal or as he says "immoral"
  55. Grandparent joint custody or Gaurdianship
  56. Serve papers in a default case?
  57. Texas child support question; I'm going through an uncontested divorce
  58. custody in mexico (im in mexico and my ex wife in texas)
  59. Trying to do the right thing but mom won't let me -- California
  60. Which state's age of majority takes precedence?
  61. International custody issues? I am a Canadian living in America
  62. How to get child support if father is deployed to South Korea
  63. Mothers Right -- I am engaged and am trying to start my life
  64. Question about Colorado Child Support Calculation
  65. He IS the father we both know, no doubt...
  66. Custody judgement question... when does it go into effect?
  67. 1st child gets bare minimum, 2nd on the way
  68. unfair to my kid and myself
  69. Underemployed... How can I get the next Judge to understand my situation?
  70. My husbands adoptive parents adopted my child and ....
  71. I would like to live with my father but my mother will not let me
  72. New Mexico to Arizona (a request for change of venue)
  73. Absent Father Now Seeking Visitation- Ohio
  74. Child tax dependent claim
  75. Where to start... How is it the courts can't see this?
  76. child support issues with the father of 3 kids
  77. MD Law Question: Sharing legal custody of a child with 3adults.
  78. AR State Child Custody (custodial parent got children taken away)
  79. Texas Child Support Issue: Drawn out Modification, Awaiting Court Hearing
  80. Want my child back... She is almost 16 and she knows what she wants
  81. New Jersey child support hearing? ... I live in Kuwait
  82. a filipino mother battles for child support from a us citizen father
  83. Ex gets re-married, quits working full time- now wants child support
  84. Do I need father's permission to have full legal custody?
  85. Never Married Mother Wanting To Get Sole Custody Papers
  86. Divorce ongoing for three years !!!!
  87. When does child support obligations stop?
  88. Life Insurance = Spousal Support?
  89. Ex wants to claim son as dependant
  90. support termination because of not attending school
  91. Child Support / Unemployed Spouse
  92. Child's name on birth certificate; I want my daughter to have the same last name
  93. Foreign child custody order help; Connecticut has primary jurisdiction
  94. I am international student in the USA. I had sex with american girl.
  95. Need legal advice for gaining custody for 16 yr old daughter.
  96. School decision... I would like some legal advice on how to present this to a judge
  98. Biological father... I want to work overseas on a contract basis
  99. Mother of my child is taking advantage of court orders, please help!
  100. Question about Guardian Ad Litem