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  1. Child support case by health n human ser.
  2. I want to get guardianship of my little sister pa and fl
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  4. International Child Support (Kansas Court/ Germany)
  5. Paternity of my baby... Can I still fight for paternity in court?
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  7. Does original divorce court order supportstill stand? Florida
  8. modify an existing child visitaion order, california
  9. International Child Custody - Mother Ordered to Return Child to Father in Ireland
  10. can i get custody of my 2 sons and she keep custody of our 2 daughters
  11. battleling to keep custody and need legal knowledge
  12. Child support help Texas... also my husband is in the Marines
  13. Can I buy my child (12) a cell phone to call me?
  14. Child Support Calculation (my new husband is currently in school)
  15. ileally have kids wants to stop support
  16. Living in New York, but filing for custody in Florida
  17. Undetermined paternity
  18. Father rights to child but we are not married. (Hawaii, Florida)
  19. Grounds for child support termination in NY state
  20. Child Custody issue- Texas Joint Custody order
  21. Child support: Is this reasonable? Or should I deserved to get more...?
  22. Stay at home dad going through divorce
  23. Petition of custody for an active duty military member.
  24. Permission for international travel
  25. Depression, can my husband use text to get custody?
  26. Getting custody of my child outside the US
  27. In foster care but worker lying and uneccesary restrictions.
  28. Dad wanting sole custody; Her parents fight & drink all the time
  29. Single mother in VA wanting sole custody and to move FAR away.
  30. Need advice re: supervised visitation; there is NO legitimate reason
  31. im a mother fighting to keep my custody and child support that the dad is modifying
  32. Extended Summer Possesion Order issue
  33. retroactive support when child was taken care of by both parents and g-parent
  34. Can I apply for child custody and child support without filling for divorce?
  35. Father of 4 needing advice; I gross $58,000 a year and live in Florida
  36. Child support divorce mess (Wisconsin, Colorado)
  37. Custody... Im so scared of his father not bringing him back on July 29th
  38. Probation/child support (is 5 years in jail possible?)
  39. miss my daughter so badly... her birthday is comming up
  40. Candian mother, Candian baby, American father
  41. Still really interactive with ex's family-good or bad?
  42. Canada, Ontario: Going For Full Custody,, What are my chances..
  43. Ex moved without permission; Divorce granted in Oregon
  44. Deadbeat trying to get citizenship
  45. Summer visitation (divorced finalized in Texas, had SPO visitation)
  46. US citizen child and father, US/Mexico Mother - won't let father see child
  47. Stepparent Adoption and termination of parental rights
  48. child support modification; i am currently active military
  49. He wants full custody and plans to bring up the past in court
  50. College child support (Massachusetts)
  51. IDK what to do!!!! (divorce was finalized in harris county texas)
  52. Father's consent -- Australia, Greece
  53. Need help filing order; The judge told me that I needed to prepare a final order
  54. I dont want my step daughter living with me anymore (UK law issue)
  55. Requiring grades, attendance, etc in modification of child support.
  56. Sole Custodial Parent Dies. What Rights Does the Father Have in Canada?
  57. Canadian child custody from USA; My husband is working in Texas
  58. Paternity rules... why are they allowing the dna test?
  59. Do I have to contact lawyers in Kentucky or Arizona?
  60. Visitation and child maintenance; The father said he'll report me for benefit fraud
  61. Washington - Child Support Calculator questions
  62. Help! What to do? I'm not a citizen and we are not married.
  63. He's telling everyone that I'm a deadbeat mother and won't let me talk to her
  64. The mother of my child whats to change the legal jurisdiction after it was establish
  65. Hawaii, What is? Case Disposition: Granted & Case Termination: Unsatisfactory
  66. Child support in Missouri -- My son overpaid $1,600.00 for the period they refer to
  67. I want my kids... My husband is not even legal here
  68. No idea what to do... I live in Kansas, him in Missouri... Is this kosher?
  69. Time sharing in Florida... I tried getting legal aide no one could help me
  70. The father of my newborn is not on the birth certificate, his rights??
  71. My daughter's mother is keeping our child from me - Ohio.
  72. Adoption rights -- My daughter in-law dilemma
  73. Nebraska Medicaid and Child Support Question
  74. Will I get back our 2 grandchildren from foster care?
  75. Seeking Court-less or Close-to-it Solution
  76. Insurance... Does anyone know of a lawyer that could help me with this issue?
  77. I do not want my kids traveling abroad with my ex, do I have to consent?
  78. Child Custody, Abandonment, and Visitation in Georgia
  79. Late discovery of infidelity during marriage and conception of child
  80. Child Custody/Harassment -- we arenít sure where to start, what we should file for
  81. Child custody: My hubby studied in Canada & has Canadian citizenship
  82. Relocation and aggressive non custodial parent
  83. What are my chances of winning Sole Custody?
  84. Is this right? Mom is still getting child support even though I dont live with her
  85. Father of child is a sex offender- Florida
  86. Harassed by sons father of child through email
  87. Ex shows no income how do I get support?
  88. mother of 2 father what rights do fathers have?
  89. Parental Right - I am a single mother in Maryland
  90. ex not meeting terms of custody agreement
  91. Served request for modification - help with response
  92. Can my ex wife win child support because she chooses not to work?
  93. Custody of my 2yr old son... Is it abandenment when i left?
  94. Child Visitation -- my boyfriends ex is now upset
  95. I haven't seen son in 7 years; The family has never liked me
  96. Domestic Partner Child Custody Please Help
  97. Temporary Sole Custody - New York
  98. exhubby's girlfriend's interference
  99. When does supervised visitation become necessary?
  100. Out-of-State Support Amount / Visitations