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  16. she tried to sell me drugs
  17. Young father but not by choice! - Idaho
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  19. IN KIND Benefits
  20. My X is an attorney in FLORIDA, are there records that log HIS court appearances?
  21. Abortion or relationship
  22. Help! -- an unemployed, student, father of a three year old
  23. US/Irish dual citizen mother and child
  24. I love my fiance and I don't want my ex to ruin our relationship
  25. Representing myself, how can I get HIS financial affidavit
  26. His not the real father
  27. ex collecting ss on deceased husband and cs from me, adoptive parent
  28. I need help please... I am so close to losing my home
  29. International Child Custody, Brazil/USA
  30. The court don't want to hear about it. How do I get them to listen?
  31. Child support from Canada to Texas?
  32. both parents owe child support
  33. Aunt needs help in KY
  34. Trying to establish paternity in CT
  35. What can I do?... Dad put my daughter in a mental hospital
  36. Want to obtain custody of my half siblings
  37. Relinquishing rights & adoption.
  38. Grandparental visitations -- How do I go about appeal?
  39. freeze assets order
  40. x not playing fair
  41. Distant father... both my daughter and I are Canadian
  43. Child Custody unmarried Indiana
  44. What is my next action... do I get a lawyer?
  45. Do I need a lawyer... He wants to take me to court
  46. Gaining Sole Custody of Child Florida
  47. USA - NJ / French child
  48. Searching for Answers
  49. denying visitation for safety reasons
  50. "Voluntarily unemployed" definition in California
  51. Non Custodial Parent has Dependent Tax Exemption
  52. Terminating paternal rights... I recently became pregnant
  53. Can lies about paternity be sued for in civil court
  54. New Zealand - Can child born in NZ be taken to USA
  55. the child support office has not even opened my case
  56. Does loss of income due to misconduct minimize child support?
  57. What options do I have... Son's father is locked up for rape
  58. Establishment of paternity for foreign father
  59. Child support arrears and prison
  60. Civil Rights / Please Help w/Options
  61. What could be my options?
  62. Visitation rights... Can they legally do that?
  63. Worried... (German court order, International lawyer)
  64. Confused at what is about to happen...
  65. Veteran seeks child support info.
  66. Getting married and husband lives in another state?
  67. michigan child support laws
  68. ex husband keeping kids away from me
  69. She is trying to take my kids away... help??
  70. She wont let me see my son... What do I need to know or say in court?
  71. 16 Year Old In Need Of URGENT Help.
  72. Indiana, child support laws.
  73. Mother giving children to someone else
  74. What can she do now? The judge told me I had 3 months to change the order
  75. Do I need a lawyer?
  76. Objection to termination of Child support
  77. I live in Florida- Ex Spouse/Children live in Connecticut
  78. American wanting Custoday or Visitation with my child in the Philippines with Mother
  79. Getting custody back of child from my parents
  80. Sibling rights... I was common law married
  81. Custody rights... My sister passed away
  82. what are my chances... im getting threats from his parents
  83. German vs American Custody Battle
  84. Paternal grandmother trying to get me in contempt of parenting guidelines
  85. Can he do this after all these years?
  86. Moving out of state... I am the custodial parent
  87. MA -at 16.. is my son allowed a say in visit rights? son wants 2c me/ex bitter
  88. I don't know what to do... Also his family has a lawyer
  89. Pregnant and unsure what to do... Please help.
  90. Temporary guardianship, need advise fast
  91. Custodial parent may be deployed to Afghanistan, can he make his sister legal guard?
  92. We have final order, but he wants to go back to court
  93. Cali: Ex wife remarries, has baby, quits job, & buys new car. Adjust child support?
  94. I am an aunt... Can I get their permission to see my niece?
  95. NJ Emancipation Questions
  96. Child Support/Visitation/Custody HELP!!
  97. signing over rights... if I agree will I have to continue to pay?
  98. Terminating a Parent's Rights without Consent
  99. Trying to get away with his responsibilities...
  100. How likely is it that he might get what he's asking for?