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  1. Florida - Question on Alcohol Rehab and Child Custody
  2. Child support order (I don't have money for a lawyer)
  3. i need a child support for my child to her american father
  4. separation of unwed parents (south carolina)
  5. jus soli birth, foreign mother on visa
  6. leaving state with son for surgery
  7. unwed mother living with father of child
  8. Do I need to serve him with papers or do I have sole custody?
  9. Paternity test after 8 years and living in another country.
  10. Should my children be taken away and I haven't abused or neglected them?
  11. Am I free to move with out permission from the court or my kids' father?
  12. HELP: My son is in state custody... and CPS is wrongfully treating case
  13. Trying to keep my husband from being around my child without my presence
  14. I took a paternity test 8 years ago and never heard back.
  15. My half-sister's evil BABYDADDY!!!
  16. difficult parent refusing to consent to christening
  17. child support and alimony -- will a judge look at these situations?
  18. fathers rights (no address or phone # to contact mom)
  19. Divorce and Child Behavior Study
  20. my daughters father threatened to stab me and the baby
  21. What can I do to get him to honor his promise to me?
  22. Am I in contempt? He's getting a lawyer...
  23. I received a child support program paper... I realize I owe money -- Oregon
  24. Secondary Health Insurance for Children
  25. Do I have a right to file child support for my son?
  26. ex didnt pay amt ordered in decree/hearing coming up
  27. Should I still be paying child-support; I join the US navy
  28. Ex Not following court ordered parenting plan
  29. Ex died - custody help (I am a great dad)
  30. help fast-please! she might be calling the cops to take my grandson
  31. Urgent child custody... Their family is irrational & violent
  32. help with visitation in ohio
  33. child support for other child
  34. Help with forms -- "Motion to Change"
  35. Child Custody/Divorce in Australia
  36. temporary guardianship/permant
  37. Bad Day in Court
  38. I need a support... He blocked all our emails and numbers
  39. Father of my child is getting married
  40. How do I protect my daughter?
  41. Going to court is so costly... how do I even protect myself from her ex?
  42. Is it possible to get full and solo custody of my son?
  43. concerned for kids' safety
  44. losing my baby girl
  45. Out of state custody, completely confused... (MN/NY)
  46. Can you take someone to child support if your child is 9 years old?
  47. Child support enforcement -- How do I collect the funds?
  48. Question About Support Payment Obligations
  49. private court ordered child support
  50. I really want to live with my mom!!
  51. child support terror!
  52. (Illinois) Do I have to pay BOTH college AND child support for my daughter at age 17?
  53. Grandmother will file a complain in POEA to oblige him for her demands
  54. Would this tragic event help me win custody?
  55. Rights as a SAHM
  56. Mom didnt pick up child.
  57. Ex boyfriend snatched baby out of my arms and refuses to give her back! Help!
  58. confusing child support mess
  59. How to get custody of my niece??
  60. Haven't seen my children in 10 months simply because I can't afford a lawyer.
  61. NJ - Legal Guardianship
  62. Mexican ex-girlfriend pregnant... What are her legal options?
  63. Help. Question about out of state EX
  64. Denied visitation and mother issued capias warrant.
  65. I was deported from the U.S., I have a three year old daughter
  66. Are fathers responsible for prenatal costs?
  67. communication issues with sons father
  68. Which form do I file to proceed?
  69. PA child support: will an increase be granted?
  70. mom needing advice (moving out of state/ single parent)
  71. Child support PA: Should I obtain an attorney?
  72. How can I move out of country with my child?
  73. Stepson failing (his highest mark is 45%)
  74. Many questions for child custody Michigan
  75. I can't afford to see my boys
  76. Worried Aunt, need advice about getting custody of brothers child
  77. Problems with ex husband wanting to pay child support for daughter until she graduate
  78. Inconsolable -- the hearings in 2 weeks and my solicitor is useless
  79. My wife is trying to move out of state with my son
  80. How does a judge work? 1.0
  81. Custody in CA: Can a random person come out of the blue and do this?
  82. Unsure in PA - I do not want either of them to have any rights
  83. Over payment of child support
  84. Help help my ex is stopping me from moving 45 min away !!!!
  85. Not sure if he's the father
  86. My son says he's leaving no matter what...
  87. Legally to late... Australia/ New Zealand
  88. Parenting time in Oregon
  89. Can I move away with my daughter if he has moved?
  90. Can I get into trouble for previous late maintenance payments?
  91. drug testing/custody california
  92. Minnesota - child lives with father, father still paying support to mother
  93. Where you can report a Deadbeat Dad
  94. Writ of habeas corpus has mistakes
  95. Any suggestions? -- I am an American and my ex is Mexican
  96. Temporary Primary Care
  97. Massachusetts - Missed Visitation & Contempt Charges
  98. Sole legal custody... Can the father keep me here in VA?
  99. Lawyer Needed?
  100. Child support to Australia