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  1. Procedure done without consent -- gynecological exam, unnecessary testing
  2. Indiana Doctor Delay In Contacting With Test Results
  3. Can I sue dentist... My nerves were damaged after recieving local anesthesia.
  4. Is this grounds for a case? I felt the doctor's course of action was very hasty.
  5. Dr. Arthur Copes was arrested on 117 accounts of insurance fraud
  6. Pneumothorax, Injured kid with mental health problems.
  8. Medical Malpractice, Pregnancy -- The specialist said that I have a crushed nerve.
  9. Dental xrays misread by dentist for two consecutive years
  10. Indiana, Mal-Practice? Surgeon denied cutting SAN in Neck Dissection
  11. Antibiotic c diff colitis-3 years old/ childrens hospital
  12. Delayed diagnosis of genital warts
  13. Misdiagnoses: Spinal disc herniation after insurance doctors denied MRI years ago.
  14. gallbladder surgery -- do we have a case?
  15. Was my doctor negligent? -- I was diagnosed with kidney cancer.
  16. Dental Issue -- I am missing a tooth and was not presented with more options
  17. Possible brain damage due to EPS reaction, no tests done after EPS
  18. Do I have a case? -- The gynecologist had diagnosed me with a cyst
  19. Fentanyl Pain Patch
  20. Is this malpractice? My sister-in-law was put in hospice; her liver was almost OK
  21. Lack of Attention and Test Results
  22. Doctor afraid of being turned into the medical board
  23. Dental RCTs and crowns botched; worth pursuing?
  24. negligence: my doctor wants me to fake being mentally ill
  25. Malpractice versus Negligence
  26. Steven Johnson Syndrome
  27. Failure to order Venous and Renal doppler causing PE
  28. What to do when a medical liability company denies your claim?
  30. writing controlled substances prescriptions for family members
  31. Raped in psych ward with no protection
  33. Dentist and her pharmacy: Two companies negligence?
  34. Med Mal for injury caused by surgery
  35. Neurologists negligence caused permanent disabilities
  36. Can I sue my late father's doctor for malpractice?
  37. Denied Medical Services
  38. Pathology lab reports missing
  39. Do I have a case of medical malpractice?
  40. Hospital/ Nursing Home Fall
  41. Claims against American Laser Center
  42. Botched sex change in Thailand
  43. Illegal Kidnapping of Canadian Citizen in Hospital Without Court Order
  44. can i sue my gyn doctor for suffering?
  45. Husband misdiagnosed: Crohn's Disease.
  46. WANTED: Good Medical Malpractice Attorney for Wrongful Death
  47. Is this medical malpractice? (emergency room, conflicting medications)
  48. Medical Malpractice or Pesonal Injury?
  49. Wrongful Birth AZ
  50. Passing the Medical Buck
  51. Arizona, Biopsy Not Done
  52. Can I sue the naval hospital
  53. Hospital staff not doing their job (hospitalized in a CCU room)
  54. My Daughter's Cerebral Palsy
  55. no tests done for testosterone therapy
  56. wrong prescription mg. (taking the wrong doze of blood pressure medicine)
  57. Is FORMALDEHYDE the active ingredient in your root canal?
  58. Sexual dysfunction caused by Anti Pychotic medication
  59. Burned - Something went wrong during the procedure
  60. Dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure caused an ongoing problem
  61. Wrong Lasik Prescription
  62. Birth Injury... Can he still press a lawsuit?
  63. A Bad Day for Tort Reform, Georgia High Court Strikes Med-Mal Caps
  64. Dentists do not guarantee results
  65. Administration of a Contraindicated Drug
  66. Can the malpractice case be reopen by me, his loving niece?
  67. Spleen not completely removed
  68. Drilled too deep (went to a dentist to fill two cavities)
  69. didn't receive meds for 3 months
  70. told she would live but died 30 days later
  71. Brazilian medical law suit
  72. Administered wrong medication in hospital - KY
  73. root canal on the wrong tooth
  74. medical malpractice (case in florida)
  75. Florida hospitals must warn of malpractice lawsuit limits
  76. Limiting Medical-Malpractice in Missouri
  77. Thicken liquids with no training to home care providers
  78. spinal stenosis caused by epidural
  79. Cromwell hospital in London killed my best frind
  80. dental (new dentist told me that my teeth were a mess)
  81. More Medical Mistakes Hidden After Connecticut Law Changed
  82. Is this a type of malpractice, and do I have a case?
  83. C-Section gone wrong. Do I have a case?
  84. I filed a Malpractice Suit - Cut BILE Duct
  85. small piece is left after surgery (a port-a-cath inserted for chemotherapy)
  86. Failed Dianosis
  87. do i have a case?
  88. procedure to file a complaint against hospital?
  89. California medical malpractice law in spotlight
  90. Washington court throws out medical malpractice law
  91. Death after surgery failed diagnosis
  92. The release I have is 9 pages. Is that normal for settlement?
  93. Texas medical malpractice lawyer
  94. Revising malpractice law: Hospitals encourages employees to report mistakes
  95. Post operation: I was operated from uterine tumor.
  96. nursing home bed rail fall
  97. I settled but now have new injuries from the malpractice
  98. Is this malpractice? Is there any action I can take against the hospital?
  99. How long do you have in Illinois to sue for dental malpractice?
  100. wrongful death heir wants to opt out