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  1. Dementia Care Plan
  2. (so far) permament side effects from medication and potential misdiagnosis
  3. How long will it take the Hospital to give my lawyer my medical records?
  4. I need to get my medical records urgently from N.Y. and I currently don't live there.
  5. Can I sue, do I have a winning chance? (reconstructive foot surgery)
  6. Surgical Procedure - Lack of Informed Consent for Insurance Coverage
  7. IUD - Doctor said it fell out but obviously it should not
  8. Can I sue the hospital/NHS? I had an emergency C-section.
  9. I had 4 premolars extracted as well as 2 molars extracted
  10. Catastrophic injury... who is held accountable?
  11. Do I have a case? When I saw the orthodontist no medical history was drawn up on
  12. Can this work? I currently claim JSA and get DLA mobility.
  13. What does the "Best Interests Decision" mean?
  14. Expert witnesses (I did not agree to remove my teeth)
  15. I think I can claim for failure to obtain valid consent, but what about damages?
  16. Consent was documented... What can you sue for?
  17. Dental injury: I developed bad headaches and facial tremors
  18. Which one gives me the best chance of winning?
  19. All my medical records or pertinent records?
  20. Should I go for Guinness World Record or not?
  21. Can you sue for Anxiety and Depression you developed
  22. How is dental nerve damage diagnoses?
  23. UK Law... I do not want it to be disclosed to the public
  24. What does Specific Disclosure mean?
  25. Does not being able to drive mean due to mental health
  26. Appointing Deputies!!
  27. Adjustment disorders... Would this help when filing a lawsuit?
  28. My baby lost two fingers
  29. Do you need a diagnosis before a lawsuit?
  30. Dermatologist malpractice (I was having severe acne)
  31. Guiness World Record for most damages awarded (dental work)
  32. Ubistesin gave me a permanent nerve damage
  33. What Causes Stillbirths?
  34. What Is Spina Bifida?
  35. What is a Group B Strep?
  36. Fetal Distress
  37. What is Erbís Palsy?
  38. What are the different type of Cerebral Palsy?
  39. What are the possible symptoms of Brachial Plexus Palsy?
  40. HIV Transmission from Mother to Child
  41. Nerve damage in chest. Due to malpractice?
  42. Nerve Damage Following Cesarean Section
  43. Sepsis... I went to the hospital for a hernia repair
  44. When to use medical malpractice?
  45. Allegations from the DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuits!
  46. Dental office out of control
  47. More doctors into private practice
  48. 4week old baby - meningitis (ER)
  49. Plastic surgery results uneven/breach of contract/lasting pain
  50. No results after extensive liposuction
  51. CT scan caused miscarraige ....
  52. Is it safe to buy the Viagra online?
  53. Do you have a defective hip implant?
  54. baby died due to wrong assumption by hosp staff
  55. Tubeluar pregency error
  56. Malpractice = Doctor has to pay Ä1000 per month for botching abortion
  57. Do I have a case of malpractice? (my grandfather was prescribed pradaxa)
  58. Has my time run out? I had surgery (microdisctomy) 12 years ago
  59. Everytime I close my eyes I see my baby
  60. tn mri read wrong tumor found on the second mri should i pay.
  61. Subcutaneous emphysema during extraction
  62. Stop Payments (a family member had a dental emergency)
  63. Former Athlete Awarded Settlement Of $4.4 Million
  64. I need to get rid of these tooth stains?
  65. I think I am dying - Urgently need serious help/suggestions/anything!
  66. Doctor Patient Confidentiality and ??? (treated for testosterone therapy)
  67. Medical Malpractice-Discovery Rule?
  68. Father died in hospital from sepsis and organ failure following surgery
  69. Information about ASR Hip Recall
  70. Can I sue the psychiatrist with negligence, malpractice?
  71. Lawsuit... Doctors certified my dad as an involuntary patient under adult protection
  72. Selecting professionals/ the best qualified lawyer
  73. Is it too late to take legal action? I have put out 3000 dollars in dentist bills
  74. Medical Malpractice in small claims court; I am thinking about filing a claim.
  75. diagnosis and steroid injection without x-rays
  76. fractured pinky; the problem started when the nurse place the new cast on her fingers
  77. MEDMAL CASE ASAP SANTA ANA CA (premature birth and c-section)
  78. Root Canal Wrong Side (periodontist, malpractice)
  79. Mother dx'd & treated for TB for over a yr tests positive again after 18 mo's on meds
  80. Tubal ligation performed at 14 y/o without consent.
  81. ER Negligence, ignored and left alone crying in pain
  82. IUD caused disabling pain disease, permanent & progressive
  83. Over-prescription of Prednisolone Steroids
  84. MY DAUGHTER DIED (babies with gastroschisis)
  85. Tooth Shards - I went to a dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed
  86. medical malpractice attorneys louisiana
  87. Told I have migraines when its an AVM
  88. ER doctor overdosed my 16 year old nephew with morphine
  89. I was put on paxil when I was 16 and the effects are devistating.
  90. Generic Viagra health related issues
  91. Can a Physicians Assistant be sued for malpractice in Florida?
  92. Was my Dad's doctor negligent? -- My Father was diagnosed with high blood pressure
  93. Can I sue the dentist if dust and particles came off the crown?
  94. Drug Screen Results Released to Wrongful Party
  95. This is a case from 2010. Do I have a suit of any kind?
  96. Problem with dentist (fixed dentures on implants)
  97. Delay in diagnosis (cardiac arrest, bronchitis)
  98. Surgical Instrument In My Body For 35+ Years. Do I Have A Case?
  99. Dental Damage, Trigeminal Nerve Damage
  100. My 33 days old daughter died last year -- Medical Negligence for Heart Failure