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mhc.jerusalem Jan 10th, 2011 05:59 PM

Interstate Raffle Rules
Our Massachusetts not-for-profit religious corporation, chartered Aug. 22, 1989, has both state and federal tax exemption certificates / ID numbers. We have acquired other state exemption numbers in the past when our projects took us into other states (all since expired). We are a monastery of the Old Roman Catholic Church, but the corporation is independent, and our charter is "to establish and maintain a monastery, hermitage and retreat house" and to form and maintain the monastic community to animate that facility. We are launching a fundraiser which is a raffle limited to 1000 tickets @ $10 each for each game, and are relying on our supporters in 4 or 5 U.S. states, to sell these tickets. We know we must register in Massachusetts with the local municipality where the raffle is drawn, within the county of our principal HQ or residence. What are the interstate rules we must observe? Besides the contiguous states of NY, NH, MA and PA, we also plan to sell tickets in CA!
. Is there any prohibition against this interstate raffle? Concerning using the US Postal Service for such a raffle, for mailing tickets to sellers, for sellers returning stubs and checks? Notification of winners is planned by notifiying both the winner and seller of the ticket by phone and mail and by posting on a special website listed on the donor portion of the ticket. We plan to run at least one (and up to as many as three) such 1000-ticket games every month of the calendar year, with as many chances to win variable amounts as there are days of the given month. We are anxious to comply with any and all laws in this regard. Please advise.

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