College Transcript Nightmare (Rescue Me!!!!)

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Default College Transcript Nightmare (Rescue Me!!!!)


I recently requested two copies of my undergraduate college transcripts. When I received the documents, I immediately noticed there were some errors. First, the address that was listed as the place I lived during the four years I attended college was incorrect. Second, the GPA was wrong. I contacted the Registrar's office with my concerns (and questions) and was told that I would have to contact the professors who taught the classes that had the wrong grades. I responded to this by stating that some of the professors were dead et cetera, and would it not be easier for the Registrar's office to simply check their records? I thought this would solve the problem--surely it was a clerical error? The Registrar's office told me they could check the microfilm that contained the gradesheets. I waited with excitement to hear from the Registrar's personnel about the microfilm, only to be told that the microfilm containing my records was nowhere to be found. In fact, it seemed that out of 133+ hours of undergraduate coursework, only one gradesheet that represented a 3-hour Sociology class was in the records.

I listened to this and was further told that if I wanted to determine the grades, I would have to fill out a "Grade Appeal" form. Initially, no one in the Registrar's office seemed to think it was strange that my undergraduate record was missing. I persisted a bit more, and I was directed to an Associate Registrar. This person took down my information, and said that she would "research" it further and get back with me. Today I received an email from that Associate Registrar wherein she stated she had "researched" and could find no errors in my transcript. She further stated that she had spoken to one of the professors, and the professor "verified" the lower grade that inexplicably had appeared on my transcript. I sent back a pithy reply asking for an audit of my undergraduate academic record, and I also inquired about the missing microfilm--had it suddenly appeared?--and as to the "professor" she spoke to--did he havethe original gradesheet in his possession and did he provide it to the Registrar's office?

I know that perhaps to some this sounds like some collegiate conspiracy theory, but I assure you, the records were altered. Why? By whom? I have no idea. Perhaps my status as a divergent, visionary thinker has something to do with it. Maybe I offended someone by certain questions I asked back then--1991-1996--and this is some sort of administrative form of retribution. Yeah, she earned a degree, but we can change her GPA.

And, to answer your questions about my own records--all of my semester grade mailers are packed up somewhere and if I could actually put my hands on the boxes they're in, I wouldn't even know where to begin to look for them.

Please help. Surely there is something that can be done to resolve this situation wherein accountability falls on the Registrar's office, and I do not have to produce my semester grade mailers (reprot cards).

What should I do next? Thank you for any help you are able to provide with this dilemma.
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International Law Issues?
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Default Re: College Transcript Nightmare (Rescue Me!!!!)

You will need some kind of proof of the former GPA and records but if you can back up these claims they will settle and if need be you could even seek costs and damages in court. But you will have to have some proof.

Administrative retribution seems a bit far-fetched. The court may think you just do not recall correctly...get that proof--witnesses, records etc.
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Default Re: College Transcript Nightmare (Rescue Me!!!!)

Thank you. I am working on it. And just for the record, I am only interested in getting the errors fixed; really, I do not care about anything else. An apology would be nice...or even, if someone would just step up and say, "Hey, we messed up and we're going to fix this!"--that would be nice. Thank you again.

Eirene Hermione
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Default Re: College Transcript Nightmare (Rescue Me!!!!)

my suggestion, not a legal one, would be to try to get a copy from another source that may have the correct information. I mean, if your employer requested a copy when you were hired or if you applied to another school. They may have a copy and you can present that to school for correction. If that doesnt work try contacting the school's accrediting body. You find out who the accrediting agency is by looking in the school's catalog or on their web page. Once you know the agency, contact them and find out what your next step should be. Schools are required to keep records for a certain amount of time (not indefinately) to keep in compliance with the accrediting agency.
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Default Re: College Transcript Nightmare (Rescue Me!!!!)

In November of 2006, I was a 50 year old student attempting to complete my degree at Baker College in Jackson, MI. I heard an enticing commercial on WKHM, Jackson, MI about entering "an Adult Studies Bachelor of Arts degree program at Spring Arbor University, and earn your degree in as little as eighteen months!" I was 50 years old and wanted a quick education. So I bit....

The key words I overlooked were...."in as little as eighteen months." In most cases, it was MUCH LONGER. Why? Because they used a technique called "course modules". The student had to complete a subject "module" before going on to the next module. (For instance, you had to complete a business module before moving on to a math module....)

One young lady in my "module" classroom had repeated our particular "module" over ONE DOZEN TIMES! This technique is ripe for abuse, especially if you get an instructor who dislikes you and fails you accordingly. This feeds more tuition into their already expensive system.

Secondly, the financial aid office sets up a scenario so that you are totally unaware of what your financial aid package is until you were well past the point of no return. That is, the point at which you would start to owe SAU money if you withdrew from your module (or this program) early. They give you an "estimate" of aid to which you are suppose to sign a promissory note.

The third issue was the class withdraw schedule. They lay out the schedule so that the night of orientation counts as the first class. Your last assignment/class also overlaps into the next module on the schedule, which they will not count as a class! This is a form of trickery used to make students fall into a trap of being misled on where the "safe period to withdraw without penalty" date actually occurs.

It seems that Spring Arbor University has set up a system of signing up as many students as possible, to get as many "delinquencies" as possible. Sure, they have "success" stories. However, they have been quite deviant in coming up with a way to make money off of those who see through their elaborate scam and want to back out before they have to sell off all of their assets to pay for this so-called education.

Mind you, I've fought and disputed them at every term....from their so-called "Christian based" education system to their cheating and deception of students.

I wish I could reveal my "Ace in the Hole", but just in case we do go to litigation....I want this to be my little secret. However, they have one hideous, deceptive trick that FORCES YOU into a point of no return into their BA program. It goes well beyond ethics and equates to "the hard sell"....only on steroids! It's somewhat hard to prove, but I was able to go back and print copies of my records from my previous college. I'm sure it raises potential legal issues and I KNOW it is unethical, immoral and probably against the rules and regs set down by SAU's accreditation organization.

Just a warning! Stay away from SAU and other schools that promise you the moon for a quick BA! Not all schools are like Spring Arbor University. I have three classes to go before receiving my BA at Davenport University, Grand Rapids, MI and they are a class act....every step of the way. No trickery, up front conformation of transfers, financial aid and an Academic Advisor that sticks with you until you graduate. Yes, you can accelerate. However, acceleration is done with hard work and with you "wheels to the grind stone". Not with false promises, "career related credits", term paper "test outs" and "bait and switch" techniques.

Buyer Beware applies to college, too! (Especially in this bad economy when people are trying to make themselves a little more "marketable"....)
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