This is a case from 2010. Do I have a suit of any kind?

This is a discussion on This is a case from 2010. Do I have a suit of any kind? within the Medical Malpractice forum, part of the HEALTHCARE LAW & MALPRACTICE category; Does this make sense? I was working on my home, when I fell off of my 27 foot ladder. As ...

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Confused This is a case from 2010. Do I have a suit of any kind?

Does this make sense?

I was working on my home, when I fell off of my 27 foot ladder. As I fell my foot got caught in the wrungs on the way down. I went to ER (I dont have insurance) they transported me to another hospital. The doctor there took X-Rays, told me my ankle and tibia were shattered. At that time he told me I would most likely need pins, as well as all the nurses telling me that, too. After I filled out my paperwork for being admitted, he then told me I would need an External Fixator put on, and then we will see what happens. I had the external fixator put on and was sent home. I had horrible pains the whole time. I was HIGH doses of hydrcodone, but he wouldnt prescibe me anything stronger. I was in constant pain. My first visit with him, he said I should be walking. I could not hardly even put pressure on it, w/out be in horrible pain. I expressed this. Well after 6 weeks I had another appointment with for the removal. He told me he would not get paid for performing at his office, and asked me to go to the ER of the hospital he originally put the fixator on me, and lie about being in pain, that way he would get payed when he did the removal. I did just that. Mind you I was still in constant pain and could hardly walk. He removed it, sent me home the next morning. I was not put on any antibiotic regimen, just more apin killers. 3 days later I woke up in the middle of the night in even worse pain than already and had my wife take me to the ER. As soon as the ER doctors looked at my tertiary(not sure how you spell it) wounds they had a look on their face you dont want to see on a doctors face. They did a swab. It came back positive for MRSA. They then told me I would have to back to the original doctor. I told them I was not comfortable with this. I told them I felt he does not "treat" me right. They said they couldnt because he put in specific orders to only be seen by him. I was not happy with this, but what could I do? I was transported once again to the ER where he was at. They put me on an IV of antibiotics for less than 2 days and sent home on a regimen of amoxycillin and cypro(something) At that time I was having legal issues, but I didnt want to turn myself in until I was all healed. A warrant was issued, I was picked up, and put in jail. I still had huge open terciary wounds. The doctor at the jail refused my pain meds and put me on a different antibiotic regimen. I was not getting any better. The jail put me in a hospital for 5 days. I was then released back to the jail. This was in February of 2010. After being put back in jsil, a sheriff came to my cell and told me I was being released on a PR bond. I was told to go to and ER right away. My wife took me to the ER, that by the way originall found that I had MRSA. I was put through ringer, my wife had to fight with them to keep me, they kept asking if I had family that would pay my medical bill, and what cars we drove, to me weird questions. I was kept in that hospital for almost 3 weeks to recover enough to go home and then have people come to my house to help me administer antibiotics through my pic line ( I forgot to mention that they put a pic line in me, while I was in jail) I am still not healed to this day. My ankle still looks the same as the first day this all happened. I can barely walk. I have saved all my medical papers and even got my medical transcripts from ALL the hospitals. The jail wouldnt give me theirs. My question is, now, after reading all of that, do I have a malpractice suit or any kind of suit? I am still facing my legal problems. This is a case from 2008, (my legal issues, which is intentionally using an expired credit card) they keep resetting it. I dont know, I need advice on what I can do. Please help. The injury was an ongoing thing from Oct-2009 through end of April 2010.

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Default Re: This is a case from 2010. Do I have a suit of any kind?

Hi-- I updated the thread title.

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