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Illegal Kidnapping of Canadian Citizen in Hospital Without Court Order

This is a discussion on Illegal Kidnapping of Canadian Citizen in Hospital Without Court Order within the Medical Malpractice forum, part of the HEALTHCARE LAW & MALPRACTICE category; My question involves medical malpractice in the state of ILLEGAL CONFINEMENT of canadian citizen without court order and impersonation of ...

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Default Illegal Kidnapping of Canadian Citizen in Hospital Without Court Order

My question involves medical malpractice in the state of ILLEGAL CONFINEMENT of canadian citizen without court order and impersonation of jurisdictional authority by hospital staff and doctor over false accusations of illegal substance abuse ON unsubstantiated alleged claims and confinement grounds of non-existent assault felonies.

my name is john manderley and i'm a canadian with full citizenship and permanent residentship status in canada.

i moved to a city in asia

the city was formerly a british colony in asia prior to 1997.

i was framed for possessing marijuana in my own home by a crazy relative in the apartment after i had told her i would be returning back to canada, the police came and searched my room without a search warrent, they NO found such illegal substance, and the majority of them left

nonetheless one of them escorted me to a hospital along with my relative, and left after i was place in the "custody" of the ER doctor.

my relative started to make accusation about having visually confirmed of my consuming of said illegal substance, and this time she threw in cocaine as a bonus.

the ER doctor, a local, said that i should sign myself into the hospital ward and have my blood and urine tested

i refused, then he makes a point about my relative being mentally unstable, and asks that i give her a few days to "cool down".

he handed me a hospitalization agreement paper. some of the terms are in english, but as i did not have my glasses with me, i couldn't see very well, and my head got really dizzy when i was looking at the fine print

i asked the doctor to explain to me the ward i'll be heading to, and expressed that i will not go to a terminal illness or psychiatric ward.

"it's a normal accidents ward, you'll be in there for a few days"

i confirmed with him a few times, and i signed it.

next thing i know, he shipped me straight to the psychiatric ward.

it was a nightmare, it was endless hell for 21 days straight, had i not threatened (and bluffed) the doctor with legal action and consequences of intervention by the canadian embassy, he would have kept me there for, as directly quoted from the doctor "be staying for ateast two months"

the most terrorifying part was being treated as a mental patient.

my attempts to leave the ward have been met with swift needles of supressant and sedative, being choke-holded and shackled to a bed, and i have witnessed such when other crazy wackcos tried to leave. it aint pretty

upon arrival i requested to see the hospitalization paper, they refused.

i was told that i signed myself in as a voluntary patient, so i asked to be immediately discharged, they all laughed. "you shouldn't have signed it if you don't want to come hahaha"

over the next few days i told them that on grounds of medical dishonesty by the ER doc for the patient agreement paper that i now withdraw the decision and request to be discharged, they all laughed at me and saids that they know the law you "crazy canadian, you're not getting out". and that they cannot do anything about the requests because "we're just nurses"

the days were tormenting, full of scrutinization, racial discrimination by all members of staff, and worst of all, patronization to no end.

i asked them when i will be discharged, they all said that "you took drugs, i can see it on your face, you look like a druggie to me"

i requested to see a court order, and informed them that their actions are not endorsed by court and not legalized unless they have a court order for illegal substance abuse, and i would have to go through a district court and proven guilty first.

"are you done yet?" the doc in charge of my case yelled. "we cannot let you out, you've taken drugs"

"maybe tomorrow" was all i hear, even by the doctor in charge of my case but i was never discharge.

i was not given a case worker, i asked to open a medical tribunal for case of medical misconduct, all efforts ignored and made a mockery of.

the psychiatric ward is effectively an isolation ward, patients are locked up inside for years without ever venturing outside the vicinity of the tiny ward itself.

not even to the hospital lobby, not anywhere outside the hospital.

we lose all our possessions, we are all forced to strip infront of them, to make sure we're not carrying razors and whatnot.

the psy ward was somewhat like a county prison, and runs on a orderly penal system, the numerous nurses keeps track of even the bathroom frequencies patients and made sure we ate, slept and ****ted (one patient refused, they gave him some medicine and forced him to)

the ppl inside are all wackcos and nutjobs, there are pedophiles in there and alcoholics, there is always screaming crying yelling fighting and dellionsional folks who see things running all over the godam place. they've been in there for years and eyars, it was hell on earth.

patients can only make outside calls by asking the nurses to dial the number for them directly.

i asked them to call the canadian embassy, they said they won't do it.

eventually i got hold of the number by lying about being bored and wanting to read ads on yellowpages, i told them the number, and they paused and immediately hung up and refused to call, and threatened to ban my phone privileges for 2 weeks.

on the first day they took my blood and urine to test drugs, before the test results return they had assigned me 5 kinds of sedetives and anti-depressants and will transfer me to narcotics rehab, i told them that i will not take any because they don't have substantial evidences and court order for drug abuse.

as usual i requested to see a doc, and its usually denied. when he came, i asked to be discharged, he claims i took drugs, i told him that he's trying on juristical impersonation and he's going to be in trouble. he ignored me.

the test results came back, tested negative for marijuana and cocaine.

i requested to be dischared again

i told the doc that he violated all my patient rights and played judge, he said that my relative said that i hitted a member of her family.

i then brought out the the point that the police have never taken me into custody, nor were there any charges pressed against me.

again i requested to see a court order.

"we can get a court order"

"for an assault felony?"

"yes and i will tell the judge that i think you're unfit to be discharge due to your mental condition, we can keep you here for as long as nesseary"

"you can't do that"

"yes we can"

"then extradite me back to canada for treatment"

"we can't do that"

"why not?"

"you need to have an escort, you're unfit to ride on a plane on your own"

then i asked him to officially declare me on file as mentally insane and a threat to others and myself.

he refused.

i then threatened legal action against the ER, the psy ward and everyone in charge of my case for their illegal kidnapping and confinement, the doc then said that i will be discharged in a few days.

few days passed, i was not discharged. the nurses said i got nutty and that "you're imagining things the doc never said" that i should calm down and think of this as a holiday.

i managed to get hold of a fella of mine over and we sat there with a phone and demanded to see a doc or the embassy will be contacted (the embassy was infact, happened to be closed on sunday)

the doc came, and i stated to him that his actions are illegal and asks if he knows it, he continued to be smug whist feigning ignorance about what they did to me, before throwing out charges of marijuana and cocaine and hitting someone and BULL**** out, and i just told him to declare all of that officially on my medical file or else this confinement will be illegal.

he gave in and dischared me a few days later, but threatened me that if i do not come back for regular check-up, i will be placed back in the psy ward again. i rebutted by asking if he'll have law enforcement intervene if i attempt to leave the country and don't show up, he said he won't.

afterwards, i request my out-patient status, and a medical report with confinement grounds and prescribed medicine.

he saids he did not declare me a mental patient, and repeated what i asked by saying "as you said, you're an out-patient"

he refused to give me a medical report.

i went to the hospital authority and formally requested in form for medical report. they replied that it was denied later on.

so what can i do, the humiliation, the suffering, my record is stained for no reason, i just can't let this go, please help me!
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Default Re: Illegal Kidnapping of Canadian Citizen in Hospital Without Court Order

I wish to inform you that laws of the Asian country where doctor has treated you wrongly will govern your lawsuit. Generally it is not allowed to inform you wrongly that you will be in accident center and then keep you in psychiatric ward. In this regard, you may file a suit for medical malpractice for wrongly informing you about your treatment and also for keeping you without your permission. You may not be kept in hospital without your permission and that also when you do not require psychiatric treatment. If doctor thought that you had illegal substance then he should have informed law enforcement agency and not keep you in confinement. You can also seek the assistance of the citizen services department of the Canadian embassy.

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Default Re: Illegal Kidnapping of Canadian Citizen in Hospital Without Court Order

thank you kind sir, thank you so much for informing me about hong kong's law and encouraging me to voice my concern and problem to the embassy directly, actually i've been waiting and to this day they still haven't replied me on phone but now i know it wasn't because of the deficiencies and unfairness of the law and justice system here but because of the irresponsible person who was placed by the govt of canada to safeguard the welfare and safety of its citizen have not committed to his duty nor sworned oath to uphold his profession's standard and morals as a civil servant that he/she is. i will head over to the embassy directly and seek immediate help in person, which i had initially feared that would made me look like an idiot, now i worry no more, i'm going to get my justice and i'll do everything i can to get it.

thank you so much for the help, thank you so very much!
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