Work Exchange Problem (our employers are also our landlords)

This is a discussion on Work Exchange Problem (our employers are also our landlords) within the Other Labor Law Matters forum, part of the LABOR & EMPLOYMENT LAW category; My husband and I do a work exchange at a landscaping nursery; we work for rent and are paid for ...

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Default Work Exchange Problem (our employers are also our landlords)

My husband and I do a work exchange at a landscaping nursery; we work for rent and are paid for extra hours. Therefor, our employers are also our landlords. In the 4 years we've been here, we've found significant evidence that our landlords enter the house when we're not at home, apparently searching for something. They've even tried to ask us what days we leave the house, and where we keep our money. Additionally, they are nudists; when we were first hired on, they told us about this, that we would be seeing naked people around the work place. We told them we were fine with it as long as we didn't have to participate. Later, they began pressuring us to "join in". It's gotten worse over the years, to the point where one of the bosses (they are a husband-wife team) told me a story about a friend she had whom she cut ties with after it was apparent she would never get naked, effectively letting me know that, should I continue to refuse to join in the nakedness, they might fire us and evict us. These two issues have been very upsetting and have made us feel very uncomfortable, but our economic situation has been such that we have had no choice but to stay on until now (we are leaving in a few months). Also, we know that the rental property we currently occupy is not to code. The property should be a single residence, but they have split it into three (splitting a double-wide trailer into a duplex, and adding a small cabin toward the back of the property), while maintaining that it is a single address (no Apt. A, B, etc). We are unable to receive mail because of this. So my question is, what sort of legal action might I take against these people, and how likely is it that I would succeed in a suit? They are very wealthy, owning over 20 rental properties and a successful landscaping business, and I know that they retain a lawyer. Thank you for any information.
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Default re: Work Exchange Problem (our employers are also our landlords)

I wish to inform you that your state laws will govern your rights. In this regard if you are being forced to go nude against your will then this will violate work laws including sexual harassment at work place which is not allowed. You may file a complaint in this regard with Department of Labor that your employer is forcing you to go nude. You may not be evicted unless court orders eviction. In this as you are renting property therefore if you are not paying rent then your landlord will first give you eviction notice and if you still do not leave then will file an eviction notice. You may self represent yourself in the Court. You may also seek guidance from Legal Aid.

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Default re: Work Exchange Problem (our employers are also our landlords)

First of all let me remind you that both LL and Tenants have some rights and obligations each other. Here you can be treated as Tenant. So your LL cannot evict you illegally. If you wish to evict you he has to comply with all legal formalities and to get court order for eviction. You cannot be compelled to join in their ‘nudist’ without your will/consent. If they do so, they are harassing you for which you can complaint to the department of labor. If you feel that your LL is renting buildings in violation to property codes then you can make a complaint to the concerned municipal authorities for code violations. It is better advised that you may contact with legal aid clinics or bar association in your county they will provide an Attorney to help you. Good Luck!
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