I-192 run around (denied entry at the US border)

This is a discussion on I-192 run around (denied entry at the US border) within the Other Immigration Law & Visas forum, part of the IMMIGRATION LAW category; Before I begin, I'd like to say that everyone I've spoken to has seemingly ignored the specifics in my situation ...

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Default I-192 run around (denied entry at the US border)

Before I begin, I'd like to say that everyone I've spoken to has seemingly ignored the specifics in my situation and have ALL given me different answers, as listed.

I am a Canadian citizen.
I was denied entry at the US border in Vancouver YVR on charges

212(a) (6) ( c) (i) Fraud and Misrepresentation
212 (a) (7) (A) (i) (I) Intent to immigrate without an immigrant visa

I was given the application for admission withdrawal because my misrepresentation was deemed as innocent, ignorant or taken from bad advisory. I was given an I-192 packet and told I was inadmissible and I would need to file it in order to regain entry to the US and sent on my way.

Later on I was told that this packet shouldn’t apply to me because I have no criminal record and I was not trying to immigrate.

I was travelling with my USC girlfriend to visit friends, as she was returning to visit family from her visit to see me. I have no strong ties to Canada and had no return ticket at the time. We had decided, based off of information and experiences relayed to us by friends, that it would be wise to tell customs I was travelling alone. I was sent to secondary inspection where my checked bag and carry on were searched. The woman at the front had checked my girlfriends bag under my name, thus I was forced to try and explain that the female items within were gifts and items I was bringing for the friend I was going to see.
Obviously this is where the fraud and misrepresentation come into play, as I lied to an official officer. I admit my fault here.

Moving along, the officer questioning me ended up lying to me saying that they had a girl outside saying she was my girlfriend. My girlfriend had not once been questioned or mentioned our relationship to -anyone-. I then admitted that we were afraid it would look like I was trying to immigrate and we were afraid my entry would be denied. I then proceeded to admit the items in the bags of female ownership were indeed her items. He continued to ask me of my true intent to the U.S, which I answered truthfully, remained the same; to visit my friend for no longer than one month where upon my return ticket would be purchased for me.

I was then given the option to withdraw my application to enter the United States and given the I-192 packet. I was not told I was barred from the U.S or how long I would be barred for.

I later on called CBP and they explained that the I-192 should not really relate to me and that they found it extremely odd I was not informed if I was barred or not. I was then instructed to call the Preclearance office in which the events took place.

I did so and an very unhelpful officer answered. I explained to him the aforementioned situation and he explained that it was a 5 year bar and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it what so ever. He then proceeded to explain that he didn’t know why I was given the packet.

I proceeded then to call CBP once again and they explained that because of my withdrawal, instead of removal, and because I was not informed of my bar and that I was deemed inadmissible and given the packet to regain admissibility that the previous officer spoken to at Preclearance in YVR had obviously not looked up my file and had given me a general and uninformed statement while taking little care.

I was then informed I should make an appointment with my local embassy to learn what my status was in the U.S and what could be done.

I, to make sure, again called the Preclearance office where I believe the same officer answered once more. This time I explained to him what I had been told by the officer at CBP and he proceeded to tell me it was a -6- year bar and that the waiver -might- take care of it and there was a possibility I could thus enter the United States.

Having no number to get a hold of a live operator at my US Embassy in Vancouver, British Columbia, I now have to travel there in person to see what can be done.

I've had CBP officers tell me my bar is five years, or six years. I've had lawyers tell me it's a lifetime bar. I've had people tell me it's ridiculous and shouldn't apply to me.. I'm lost and don't know where or who to proceed with, wondering who's simply trying to get money and who really knows how to do this concerning MY exact and individual case.
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Default Re: I-192 run around (denied entry at the US border)

I just read through your post. I am in a very similar situation so wanted to find out more about what the outcome of your situation was.
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