Overseas bank account... My dad recently passed away.

This is a discussion on Overseas bank account... My dad recently passed away. within the Other Family Law Matters forum, part of the FAMILY LAW, DIVORCE, CUSTODY category; My dad recently passed away. My family believes that my dad has a bank account in the West Indies. What ...

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Unhappy Overseas bank account... My dad recently passed away.

My dad recently passed away. My family believes that my dad has a bank account in the West Indies. What kind of documentation will I need to present to the bank in the west indiies order to 1) find out if he has an account, 2) transfer the funds to the US? He has relatives in the west indies so I don't know what to do. They want us to send them information but I feel that I should go myself and handle the situation.
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Default re: Overseas bank account... My dad recently passed away.

I wish to inform you that you may submit the following documents to the bank in the West Indies in order to close the bank account of your deceased father - Letters of Administration to be filed locally (you may contact a local lawyer); certified copy of the Death Certificate containing a Registrar's seal or stamp; passbook of the account; notarized authorization letter from the Executor of the Estate, to close the account and containing instructions for proceeds; and notarized copy of a picture identification of the Executor/Administrator (Passport or Driver’s Licence). The bank will close the account. You may then request the bank for transfer of funds to USA as per the policy of the Central Bank of the country on transfer of funds overseas of a deceased person.

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Default re: Overseas bank account... My dad recently passed away.

Thank you for the reply. I don't have a passbook of the account. I have the account numbers. Since he left no will, I don't know who the Executor of the Estate is. Since I don't know who it is, now that he is deceased is there a way for me to be appointed Executor? What is a letter of administration and what is its function.

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Default Re: Overseas bank account... My dad recently passed away.

If your father did not list a beneficiary there is nothing you can do. If he list a beneficiary you must have that document he sign to claim the account. An executor is only to be contacted if a a testate of a will was written by your father. All wills have at least two appointed executor, and/or agents of which is called in the West Indies. The bank will not just release the accounts until you have a passbook and proof you have connection to that account to withdraw and close. If you have not any proof of this, the account will sit and be announced as abandoned property by the bank within six months to one year after he died. You might want to call the bank and speak to a bank manager about what is needed for the closure. Many banks will not release funds to anyone without an attorney presiding or POA, Agent listed on a will, or hired personally. It is common in the West Indies, sometimes they will not tell the truth and speak that no account exist. It depends on who is honest and who you speak to. Be careful. And you need to know the balance in that account. If you have access to this information please provide it and request to know interest and do not accept Yes for every answer given. Probe and speak up about the account if they assist you in the matter over the phone. The attorney will charge you a huge fee. I had to pay over $4000 to hire a US attorney to help close bank account connected to Estate property. When things like this occur, you will have vicious family members and cousins of your father attempt to take from you what is rightfully yours, you might want to keep quiet about what you are doing without involving so many people. If you are the child, teen, adult sibling with more siblings, believe me you will not be alone in claiming this fund. People are greedy and you do not know them until $$ is an option. My knowledge of this West Indies bank closure type of case is personal experience. My husband had a will, thus I am ex wife his brothers and my ex step sons who are adults have given me hell since his death. They did not contribute anything to our 15 year marriage, and never came to see about the sick dying father until he was at his last death. Then one fly here from London standing around with my husbands brother and children, and they brought along a legal representative of a fake will they made up. That fake will did not hold up in probate for my husband new will was updated just 1 year before his death, and he notarized it immediately when his doctor told him he had no more time and surgery would not save him. Take heed to what I am telling you. I am not an attorney, but above the reply message is accurate and precise given account reply from "AFFA." Fly over with the passbook will cost you money. Mailing the passbook might get lost. What I would do is notarize a letter address to Bank CFO or manager, relating to account No#..... write short and brief you writing in about closing your fathers account ...and inform them you are son or daughter, whomever related to deceased, include a copy of death certificate, copy of your current state Identification, birth certificate with your father's name on it and mothers, your passport copy, and a copy of passbook. In some cases a birth certificate is not needed, but you should send to prove you are the son or daughter. These are legal documents that might not be notarized easily, however, you will need to keep searching for a notary or court house registrar of documents will help inform you where. Find someone that will certify the documents are legal and belong to you. That is all a notary will write, then the notary will put seal on it as authentic. Send this certified and registered for a return receipt and wait. Good Luck. You will not get anything done any better by flying there, the same protocol exist person to person as it would overseas.
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