CPS Removed My Children - Ohio

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Default CPS Removed My Children - Ohio

I honestly don't know where to go for help.I live in Ohio and I had a court appointed attorney to fight for my child. Children easily confuse words when talking with an adult. Because my seven year old told them "he had to take care of mommy" They said I was neglecting my child.I have Bi-Polar and severe depression-but I have never attempted to harm my son. At the time of the removal I had to be transported to ER due to I had a nervous breakdown. Nothing was asked as to what caused it.Nor were they interested when I tried to tell them. My 17 year old was going to take care of my son while I was hospitalized. But CPS said he couldn't and removed them both.It takes at least a month or longer to get medication stable for Bi-polar or depression.But CPS didn't see it that way. Also they contacted the agency I was going through for help. And brought up information from when I was 16-17 years of age. I am 43. They actually told the court I had an alcohol and amphetemine problem. They placed him in a foster home. Previous to all of this I had my son in counseling due to behaviour issues.
I mentioned adhd to his counselors, and had him tested in school for dyslexia. Both times I was told NO. Now CPS takes him to the same agency and suddenly he has these problems. And not once was it mentioned I had already done all of this.He is now living with his father-who CPS paid for new carpeting for the modular home.And a new Bedroom set for my son.
In the first year and a half after I left my husband he only attempted to see him 2 times. Never offered help or anything. My best friend took us in for 6 months. Suddenly CPS is pushing him to get my son. He had made it quite clear to me that alls he wanted was the divorce and I could keep my boys.Where is the justice? I am on disability.I can't afford a lawyer and can only see him on Saturday mornings with my ex husband present.His home is
disgusting.Washing machine has been sitting for years with mold in it. A broken toilet-not to mention an inoperatable gas oven.And a nice size leak in his kitchen above the stove. My home may be an apartment but it's clean. I want my son back,and I keep getting told I'd have to go through the same court that removed him to get him back, and that it wouldn't happen. I've missed the last 2 and 1/2 years of his growing up and it's tearing me apart.
His father won't even allow him to come stay with me.I was always involved in his school .
Always made sure he had his asthma under control. He tells me when he sees me that he doesn't like his father. I got the blame for that also from CPS and his father. I don't understand how this can happen to people who love their children. His father never has anything possitive to say about him. And yet we have children going unattended here and when police or CPS is called nothings done. CPS is out of the picture but I still can't afford a lawyer. I want so bad to have the local agency case-workers to understand what they have done. And I can say my son loves me. He tells me all the time.Yet his father says he won't even give him a hug or tells him he loves him. My oldest turned to drugs because of his father-I don't want this to happen to him. And my oldest came home a week after being removed in fact he brought the friend who's parents he was placed with. My son's birthday is coming and I want him home with me for it. I promised him a cookout for his 7th birthday and now he's going on ten. And it hurts so bad when parents like myself are made to look like abusers or neglecters when we aren't.
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Confused re: CPS Removed My Children - Ohio

Thanks for the feedback.
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Default Re: CPS Removed My Children - Ohio

I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids are in foster care I'm still fighting for my kids the so called worker she tell lies the public defender he did not do nothing on my case we have to stop cps / family court cps is all about money / lies we have to all come together we have to all keep fighting for all of our kids I would like to start having group meetings here in ohio u can contact me anytime I want u to know u have my support u can not give up u have to stay strong & keep fighting
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