Marriage without a license (Arizona, California)

This is a discussion on Marriage without a license (Arizona, California) within the Divorce, Separation, Annulment forum, part of the FAMILY LAW, DIVORCE, CUSTODY category; My wife and I have been living as such since 2006. We got married on a cruise of San Francisco ...

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Confused Marriage without a license (Arizona, California)

My wife and I have been living as such since 2006. We got married on a cruise of San Francisco Bay by the ship's captain, without a license, and returned shortly after to our home. The ship's captain offered to sign the license whenever we returned with it.
We have worked together to start and establish two separate web-based businesses since that time, to which I have become fully invested. My wife has control of everything, and I find myself with less money the more we make. As I write this, our businesses are worth Google-type money although poor in cash flow. I haven't the money for a latte' in my account.
She is beginning to hit the age of change, and her hormones are creating some changes in her that she will not or can not recognize. The result is she repeatedly has threatened to put me out on the streets.
I understand that Arizona is not a common law state, but California would recognize our marriage, wouldn't they?
I am down as a percentage owner of the lesser company, but don't know what my options are.
What are my rights? Prior to dissolution (GOD I PRAY WE CAN MAKE IT!) are there any steps I can take to establish my role in the companies?
What do I need to do to keep from being rendered homeless when I have so much on the line?

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Default re: Marriage without a license (Arizona, California)

If you do divorce the court will look at your joint efforts when dividing assets--not just what is listed in one's name.

So you should get your share.

But hire a lawyer if that does occur!
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