Spousal Support (disabled person, disability benefits)

This is a discussion on Spousal Support (disabled person, disability benefits) within the Divorce, Separation, Annulment forum, part of the FAMILY LAW, DIVORCE, CUSTODY category; I am on probation with my job due to being off on disability benefits, on my return to work I ...

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Default Spousal Support (disabled person, disability benefits)

I am on probation with my job due to being off on disability benefits, on my return to work I am having problems with maintaining my stats. I am disabled, pay child support and stress makes everything else fall apart - my pain is incredible due to stress which makes coping with my disability worse. The stress of the divorce causing even more physical and mental problems ... my spouse has been fighting for everything for over a year - even though he has Primary care of our child due to my inability to phsycially care for our child because of my disability. We have Joint Custody but I don't see our child very much because I can't drive and the live 2 hours away, I am physically challenged and spend hours in bed heavily medicated just to deal with the pain. He lives in our home, he has all our assets and won't settle our affairs due to feeling he should have it all including the guideline Child Support and Sec 7. Is it my right to try and obtain Spousal Support to survive if I get fired from my job? I am currently paying Child Support and trying to work full time but have been off on Disability and on a return to work program. I am trying to get to back to work Full Time, struggling with pain - having to leave work or being sent home because I have collasped. I have been warned now to either - shape up or you will be fired. All I can do is the best I can .... as a Disabled person I am slower than my collegues, heavily medicated dailey and yes currently not meeting my job expectations because I am sick. What are my options....? I don't want to lose my job! Can they fire me because I am off with doctors notes stating they are working on trying to find a medication that I can manage my pain, walk, and work too.
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Default Re: Spousal Support (disabled person, disability benefits)

I want to inform you that as regards child support payments, you may file for modification of child support. You may file in the same court which issued the child support order. You may bring to the notice of the court about the injury and pain you are going through. This has also resulted in loss of income and you may even lose your job. Regarding termination of job due to disability, you can give written notice to your employer. If the employer does not resolve the matter you may file a complaint with EEOC or the Department of Labor. Regarding spousal support you can apply if it is not outside the period of the statute of limitations of your state.

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Default Re: Spousal Support (disabled person, disability benefits)

If you dont have the kids he has a right to child support. with that said if you had the kids and he had a disability would you want him to pay you child support? yes you would. i can tell jsut by what you write. My husbands ex had a hysterectomy 4 years ago and she says she is disabled. Social security wont pay her because she isnt disabled but the courts in CT dont do anything about her lies and my husbanhd and myself suffer because he has to pay support and alimony to a lying theiving nasty DB. So I would just pay the man. He takes care of your kids doesnt he? I am sure that you cna have disability sned him a check for you if you cant get to the mail box
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