Forced out! Wife kicked me out of the house...

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Confused Forced out! Wife kicked me out of the house...

In Mississippi---->Here is my story. From June 5, 2004 to Feb. 13, 2009 I considered myself a husband, father, and a good man to my wife and child. On Feb 14, 2009 my, then wife, decided that because I worked so much that she would take it upon herself to pack 2 weeks worth of clothing of mine and kick me out of the house while I was at work. Given that it was 25 degrees outside, and I just paid the bills for the month 2 days earlier so I had no money for food or hotel stay; I decided to not fight about it and just give her space. During the 2 weeks I showered where I could, ate when I had the chance, all while still working just 8-10 hours a day. We did talk on the phone a few times but all I could do was curse her out for what she had done to me. After the two weeks was up, I used my next check to live in an apartment I found while I was kicked out of the home I almost paid off (only lacked four months on the note). A week later she filed for a no-fault divorce against me stating that I pay either $300/month or 14% for child support for one child and to pay all of a loan that I cosigned for her to get to pay for damages to her wrecked car. My lease at my apartment was up on April 1, 2010 until I renewed it. We were going to try to work on things back in October of 2009, which is during the time I had lost a job and found two more as I struggled to live. Child support started according to my FIRST statement which was mailed to me in January of 2010 on September 1, 2009, taking $215/month; I only make $1200/month between both jobs combined. Rent is $450/mth, phone is $60-70/mth, lights are $70-100/mth and my take-home pay is a little over $975/mth after taxes between both jobs. The loan payment is $200/mth. Before getting forced out of my home, I paid a $363/mth house payment, $280 for daycare, $300/mth car note, $150-350 light bill, $15 water bill, bought $150/mth in groceries, and spent $200/mth on gas to get back & forth to work everyday. Because I worked all the time she assumed I was an infidel and stated many times that I was not a father or a man and that I needed to grow up. I told her I'd agree to help pay half of the loan we got together, the personal loan she got for me, and help her if she needed it, but she insists that I will never get to see my son again. I've been crying out for help for a year now and I'm at at my wits end!
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Default Re: Forced out! Wife kicked me out of the house...

I wish to inform you that you can claim visitation or custody rights of child. You may inform the court that you were being forced to go out of house and you have a desire to have visitation or custody of your child. You may further argue that it is in the best interest of child to grow in care of both the parents. Court considers best interest of child as main consideration and prefers child to have contact with both parents. Your wife's claim that you can not have contact with your child is wrong. Generally court prefers child to grow up in contact and knowledge of both the parents so you can claim for visitation or custody with your child. In case of divorce you can claim half the share of marital property. Courts generally divide the marital property equally. Therefore you can ask for half of marital assets. Marital assets include the assets created while the marriage was subsisting.


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Default Re: Forced out! Wife kicked me out of the house...

wow. what a witch. You have every right to your child. I would go for full custody. Is she cheating on you? You dont have to pay anything if there is no court order as of yet. You dont have to pay her mortgage or her bills. all you have to do is pay child support and if its not ordered yet it looks better for you that you have been paying it. what she does whith it is on her. Keep track of everything. get a notebook and write everything down. And that is your house too. You dont have to leave. I would go back right now you dont want to get abandonment even though you say she threw you out the courts always lean with the female for some reason. Its a disgrace and its digusting. But I wouldnt give ehr money for anything excpet that child. Let her see how it is. Does she work? If she doesnt she is probably going to go for everything she can. My husband was left with $10.00 a week at one time He brough home $670.00 a week and the judge ordered $660.00 to go to his ex *****. She was nothing but a cheat and a liar and a *****. Literally. she was charged with prostitution. But the court didnt care about that. So get your fighting face on and fight for yourself with everything you have. Good luck
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