Sued for someone elses bill

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Default Sued for someone elses bill

I was in the process of getting sued by a collection agency for a debt that was not mine. The debt is my sisters and some how the collection agency started to contact me over her bill and sending me collection letters. I contacted them several times and let them know it was not my debt, requested proof that I signed and agreed to the credit card terms I faxed it over to them and never received anything back fro them. About a month or two later I received papers in the mail that I'm being sued, I contacted the new collection agency to let them know it was not my bill, they told me once again that it needs to be put in writing. I once again put it writing then droped my letter off in their office in person, my letter requested validation of the debt or for them to send me a letter stating my name has been removed from this debt. I never received anything from them. The next time I heard anything was when a court officer came to my house ( I wasnt home) and proceeded to tell my boyfriend at the time that I owed $600.00 he left a card with his number on it. When I returned home I called the court officer and had left a message for him. The next day I spoke to him and explained it wasnt my bill I offered to meet him to get the papers he was trying to serve me with but he didnt want to meet me unless my sister was going to be there as well, I told him I can ask her to meet him with me but I cant make her do anything. The court office told me he was going to return the papers to the court and let them know that I spoke with him and told him it was not my bill and just wait until I hear something again. I received court papers identical to the papers I had received again, I contacted the agency since it had come with a letter from them. I spoke to a man that I explained once again it was not my bill, he didnt care what I had to say. I told him its not on my credit so I'm not going to worry about it, he told me it will be on there even though I didnt sign anything and my social security number is not on any contract pertaining to this bill. He then proceeded to tell me he will see me in court and good luck with getting this removed. Then next thing I received was a judgement against me. I went to the court to get it set aside and also sent a certified validation letter. I received a letter from them saying that they will set aside the motion, they finally decided to investigate after the validation letter and could not provide anything with my signature or me agreeing to pay. They found out my sister had put me as authorized user on the card, and someone decided to take it apon theirself to add my name as the debtor. For months I have had to deal with this, take my time to contact them, send letters responding to them, pay to set aside motions and for sending them certified mail, pay for gas to go to their office, argue with my boyfriend about a debt that was not mine, almost lost a sister over her bill that I was getting sued for (which she did not make a attempt to put the bill on me) get threatened and harrassed by bill collectors, can I sue them?
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Default Re: Sued for someone elses bill

I have heard about the similar story before this, when a women was charged with the debt of her colleague. I felt the story ridiculous, but the thing is that most of the times the creditors does these types of notorious acts either to build pressure on the actual debtor, or they are really mistaken. You should communicate with your sister to find out whether she had taken any amount on your behalf from anyone, or has she got any information regarding this. Hopefully, your lawyer can guide you in a better way, if the case is not solved by mutual consent.
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