How do I stop being threatened and harassed?

This is a discussion on How do I stop being threatened and harassed? within the Courts, Decisions, Appeals forum, part of the Civil Litigation category; How do I stop these people from harassing me it has been 2 years and the DA is pressing charges ...

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Confused How do I stop being threatened and harassed?

How do I stop these people from harassing me it has been 2 years and the DA is pressing charges on her the case has been this prolonged because she keeps defaulting in court 9 times to be exact and when they finely get her in they just give her a new date every time. I am in court as a victim witness she leaves and files papers at another court house to try to get a 209 on me telling them all sorts of lies that I was threatening her in the court house and when i am in the court house i sit in a victim witness room till they need me and when i leave the court officer walks me to my car and still I get what the call 2 part hearing that make me go to court waste my day and they threaten me while i'm there. On the 19 again it was denied and in the court room the person w/ her physical threatened me and the court officer hears her and did/is filling criminal carges that was tues the 19 on friday a get a knock at the door cops that person now tells the court that I harassed her....I go in to day to request the report on the threat to bring to show the Da and they are there again now the one that tried to get a 209 on tues is back again filling another, wasted day it was denied but as a random person informed me that he over heard the 2 of them talking and they said F.... it we can take turns filling 209 request on her and she will keep having to be here I ask the court how they can keep doing this to me and I'm told it is their civil right to do this what about my civil rights I guess as the victim I don't have any then I have to figure how to prove that I go home when I'm done because the next paper that comes well all the papers that come state that I'm chasing her around after court I have started stopping at places along the way Ie. the bank and check my balance go little farther along get gas w/ time stamp it is so tiring and I have to make sure I'm on my A game because if I drop the ball and I cant prove where I am she could get the order I'm on the pta at my children school am a foster/adoptive mom I do volunteer work, all bast on my CLEAN record and they know that so they are trying to take that from me HELP HOW OR WHAT DO I DO TO MAKE IT STOP!! and when they fill out court papers they put the wrong address so the can't be served the orders that I do get approved
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Default re: How do I stop being threatened and harassed?

You can take all of those records to the new court and show the judge what is going on.
Ask the judge to fine her or punish her for misusing the system.
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Default Re: How do I stop being threatened and harassed?

First, you have to contact the police. The you have to tell them what happened, who was involved, and if there were any witnesses. The police will investigate the complaint. They will decide if there is enough information or evidence to lay criminal charges. If the abuser or stalker is charged, he can be ordered not to contact you as part of being released. When charged the accuser or stalker is called the accused. Once charges are laid, the case is passed on to a crown prosecutor who then decides if the case should go to court. The crown prosecutor makes this decision by looking at how much evidence there is, and whether there is enough evidence to convict the accused. If there is not enough evidence, you can apply for
a peace bond.
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Default Re: How do I stop being threatened and harassed?

If the DA is pressing charges, then the matter is a criminal one and one should be represented by attorney. That is their right. If one cannot afford private counsel, the court will appoint one.

This type of dilatory tactics no lawyer would tolerate and would have moved to dismiss the case for failure to prosecute a long time ago.
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