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The Dealer lied to me and I want to get out of the car

This is a discussion on The Dealer lied to me and I want to get out of the car within the Consumer Complaints forum, part of the BUSINESS & FINANCE LAW category; I got in a wreck and my car was totaled. The insurance company gave me five days to find a ...

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Old Oct 13th, 2007, 05:07 PM   #1

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Confused The Dealer lied to me and I want to get out of the car

I got in a wreck and my car was totaled. The insurance company gave me five days to find a car. I don't know anything about cars and get intimidated easily by car dealers. I found one on the internet and went to go see it (by myself, I will never do that again). None the less I had not said more then five words when the dealer was taking my card for the down payment on the car. I asked him if the car had been in a wreck and if there were any major problems. He said no that they sold good clean cars at this lot. HA. I did buy the car out right all at one time about a month ago. Once I finally got the car it was making noises so I stopped by a mechanic that day who quickly looked at it and told me that it was fine but the timing belt was cracked. So I went back and told them that it needed to be fixed as well as the lever for the windshield wipers (I noticed that). Well I sat there at the dealership waiting for 5 hours when they finally gave me the car. I noticed that in fixing the lever that they had taken off the steering wheel and put it on wrong and now the airbag light was on. I figured that I would go to an actual VW dealership since I did not want them to mess it up anymore. I went home hoping that this would be all and the next day I was driving home when the check engine light came on I had my boyfriend’s brother look at it and he said well your timing belt is cracked and some hoses that had been held together with wire had come apart. I was furious they said that they had fixed the belt and instead they figured I would never know and in fifteen days I would have to buy it. Well Denny went with me and they fixed what he told them to fix and turned off the light. I had not even gotten home when the check engine light came on again. The next day the ABS light came on as well. Now it has started leaking radiator fluid. Last weekend I accidentally went over a cub and something that might just leave a scratch tore my front bumper I called my boyfriend who noticed that the front bumper was held on with three bolts and that the radiator was barely hanging on. So I went to the actual VW dealer to get a diagnosis on the car. He said that they got the car up in the air and the front bumper was not from that car and it had wires that were just hanging there and the radiator was just held on with wire. That and the way that they had installed the CD player there was no way for him to talk to the computer without me paying 300 dollars for them to fix that first Just to get the diagnosis. But the car had a fresh coat of pant to match the new bumper and the longer I have the car the more the old scratches and dinks show up. Not able to fork up 300 dollars for the diagnosis I called the dealership to see if they would buy it back and they said no. The car has clearly been in accident though it does not say so on car fax nor did the dealer admit it. I don't want the car I just want my money back and to get out of the car. I have learned my lesson, please help!!!!!
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Old Oct 14th, 2007, 03:08 PM   #2
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Lightbulb Re: The Dealer lied to me and I want to get out of the car

Unfortunetly you happened to get one of those dealers out there that gives the others bad names...
I work for a dealership and all of our NEW and USED vehicles go through a service check when they come in and when they are bought BEFORE the customer leaves in it. Plus we always push warranty on vehicles of old age and high mileage just for those concerns which is a profit for us yes, but in the long run it does protect the customer.
Personally I would have claimed lemon law on it and walked away but you only have a certain amount of time to do that.
Just remember to always be thorough on purchasing used vehicles (take it to a mechanic first if you must) and also taking a step back and looking at the dealership itself should tell you what kind of vehicle you may be buying.
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Old Jun 23rd, 2008, 10:13 PM   #3

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Exclamation Re: The Dealer lied to me and I want to get out of the car

if you bought the car from a joe shmo corner dealer and bought it as is with no warranty then thats what you paid for. I work for a national auto auction and let me tell you the only things that you can make that dealer (by law) refund your money PLUS expenses you have incurred is A. you do not receive the title within 30 days (did you pay cash or are you financing) if you own it outright and do not receive the paperwork within 30 days you take the car back to him and unwind the deal. If you are financing you can turn the car over to the bank and forfit your loan which the bank will probably forgive if you apply the original amount loaned (going upside down) towards the purchase of another the cost of that car...ha. fun.
If the odometer is broken, or the cars mileage doesnt match or fall in line with the paperwork you can unwind the sale. If the vehicle has a duplicate title or salvage title, you can return the car. If you got a bad buy, be mad at yourself. I have worked with both franchise,fleet, bank, wholesale,new and used car "folk" and let me tell you something.. They will ALL "take care of you," they will all call you honey, sweetie, sir, whatever to get that car sold. Salesmen, CAR salesmen are a nefarious, riddled with game, hustling, sharp sort that you most of the time can not outsmart. PERIOD!!\ Know what you are up against. Run a vin check on the car at autocheckcom, ask for a 30 day warranty at least, if they do not even OFFER a warranty you are at the wrong dealership and keep it pushin.
You can also call the better business bureau and report them as a poor quality business establishment which does little that is truly effective but make make them look seedy in the eyes of the locals which I GUARANTEE you, a car dealer cares little about. Many of these dealers have done prison time, make sure they are licensed to do business. Etc.
A car has to get to to A.B C and back to A and do it without you worrying about ever getting there at all.
And lemon law is only applicable when it is a new car or used car purchased under the manufacturer NOT dealership warranty. The vehicle has to have a specific issue or issues that after more than one attempt by the said mechanic for that dealership authorized under the manufacturer to repair the issue cannot be fixed. Like an air conditioner that for no reason keeps blowing hot air.
Yeah, if you bought a hooptie from Fred, his name isn't Fred sweetheart. Its probably Fahed Walid Mohammed and he could care less about what you are dumb enough to believe. Sorry to be blunt but hey, Im in the business and thats what you are dealing with.

Good luck
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Old Sep 29th, 2008, 11:43 AM   #4
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Thumbs Up The Dealer lied to me and I want to get out of the car

I would recommend you to go to consumer court and never fall prey to such kind of dealers.
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Old May 8th, 2012, 04:53 PM   #5
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Default Re: The Dealer lied to me and I want to get out of the car

I was just told when I bought that because the Accord is an 2003 with 156k miles on it they legally cannot give me a warranty- I had to sign an AS IS waiver....CARFAX came up with no accidents but because it was dark & I really did not look at it good enough I signed....went to two autobody shops ---2300 & 2600$ to repair in CA...what do I do? its been 3 weeks & Im stressed. they lied about alot of things and this is a major Honda dealer in the Inland Empire.
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