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Friend In Court Jun 6th, 2013 03:13 PM

Re: Infuse bone graft used in my spine fusions
Product liability cases are not taken on by a law team unless they have very good evidence of a product being defective. Poster, do not be dissuaded by replies from those who are not as familiar with this product as you are. Take your guide from the lawyers who are prosecuting product liability cases.

No one would have believed thalidamide was a dangerous as it was until there was a nation of limbless children -- that made the front pages of the papers.

Pursue the matter with the attorneys who have gathered enough cases and evidence. If your pupose was to inform others, you have done so.

goddessoflubboc Jun 6th, 2013 04:23 PM

Re: Infuse bone graft used in my spine fusions
If you review the thread you will see OP states to have a lawyer already.

OP was clearly looking to rant, after Disagreeables perfectly rational, sensible response. Unfortunately OP made themselves look a little off sides.

inpain Jun 6th, 2013 07:53 PM

Re: Infuse bone graft used in my spine fusions
Do you have a monetary interest in Medtronics or INFUSE?

Disagreeable Jun 6th, 2013 08:42 PM

Re: Infuse bone graft used in my spine fusions
No one here has a monetary interest in Medtronics or INFUSE. I have a large amount of experience with spinal injuries and nerve damage.


Originally Posted by inpain (Post 304075)
Do you have a monetary interest in Medtronics or INFUSE?

inpain Jun 7th, 2013 08:04 AM

Re: Infuse bone graft used in my spine fusions
Not looking to rant. Well, maybe a little. Just want people to know this stuff was put on the market in an underhanded way in the pursuit of Huge amounts of cash. Missing the negative studies when going for FDA approval.
Funny how all the health issues happened to me within months after my fusion surgery. No other health issues before it.
Calcium deposits on both hips underneath the bursa, devastating pain down both legs. Same with the back. Way more pain in areas of the low back that were not an issue before. Needed a revision surgery to remove a 1" growth into my spinal cord. At the same time, Severe pain was getting worse and worse.
Within months of the surgery, shoulder impingements, the Calcium deposits. Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms which the rheumatologists stated could be related to the Absorbable Colagen sponge inserted into the off label cage.
(to give lab rats rheumatoid arthritis for study, they are given colegen injections.)
The whole situation shows a picture of rushing to market the stuff, covering up the negative studies, and trying to divert attention from the (Severe) health side effects (sometimes DEATH) to the smaller benefit of the successful bone graft, overshadowed by the horrible side effects.
These were never explained to me, probably unknown to the Dr. at the time. Only that the other 2 ways, (hip doner or cadaver bones were not desirable and a not a good way to go.
Yes, the Dr. is at fault there but the facts still remain. INFUSE causes devastating side effects at the detriment to the patient.

Disagreeable Jun 7th, 2013 11:56 AM

Re: Infuse bone graft used in my spine fusions
Unfortunately, there are no good options, when you reach the point where a fusion is needed. By all means, pursue your lawsuit, if the lawyer feels you have a case. From experience, every change in posture, related to a cervical, lumbar or leg change can cause new issues to emerge, that were not previously apparent, or old issues to get better or worse. RA can develop over time regardless of treatment type. It sounds like you were treated with the product when it was newer. Regardless of the lawsuit outcome, you have my sympathy. I suffer similarly.

kac5733 Jun 27th, 2013 09:20 PM

Re: Infuse bone graft used in my spine fusions
hello, I am new to forums, and knew to a lot of other things this year. Very long story short. After a 6 month wait (due to insurance company denying my spinal fusion due to PEC) I had my surgery. Spinal Fusion of L4, L5, and S1, with a bone "donor"site in my left back hip. I now am I am more pain than before the surgery. Every single day I wish I would have never done the surgery, but I was told by an esteemed Ortho Surg...before surgery, my right calf was on fire (terrible pain), and severe low back pain. Now I have severe neck, entire back pain, and both my lega have sciatica. I also lose feeling in either leg at any minute, so falling is a huge problem. I've drawn this out, you get it...My Question is: How do I know what type of bone graft I had after surgery?? Was it the infuse?? aahhhh, I'm at my whits end here....KC

inpain Jun 29th, 2013 07:52 AM

Re: Infuse bone graft used in my spine fusions
How long since your surgery? Was INFUSE used? You need to allow yourself time to heal before you can identify post surgery side effects.

Pismo529 Jul 1st, 2013 08:26 PM

Re: Infuse bone graft used in my spine fusions
The problem lies with off label use of bone morphogenic protein or BMP. Doctors can use your own bone for fusion or cadaver bone. The problem is when BMP is used in off label lumbar and cervical fusions. Medtronic had to go in front of the Senate to answer to them. They had doctors lie about adverse side effects using BMP. Doctors published these articles and applauded its use. If BMP is used in a PEEK cage, it can leak. It causes unwanted swelling, excessive bone growth in the spine, impotence in men, incontinence, severe pain, and death, many doctors won't operate and take out this product that shouldn't have been used. I have had two fusions. One lumbar and one cervical. I know from my operative reports that a PEEK cage was used in my cervical fusion. I had a bone graft taken from my hip for my lumbar. It fused just fine. I've had severe selling in my neck. I had a 4 week bout last November with severe bone marrow edema in my facet joint below my cervical fusion. It's extremely painful. I thought I wouldn't make it. The MRI shows new disc herniations at every other level amongst other problems. If you want to find out what they used in your surgery. Do a web search of BMP. There are many lawyers that will look into it for you on a contingency basis. They formally request the implant product record to see what was implanted. I was fortunate to have my operative report but the information was missing. My doctor did a great job. The issue is with Medtronic being negligent. Just do a web search on infuse and you'll find more info. The people on this site want to find out answers to pain problems no one understands unless it happens to you. Infuse (BMP) should not be used in certain fusion surgeries. It's reckless endangerment of patients' lives. It's scary. It makes you angry that doctors you should be able to trust and respect lied about the dangerous adverse effects in medical journals. I find out this Friday what was actually implanted in my neck without being warned about it. You never know until you walk in someone else's shoes. Let's be more compassionate.

Disagreeable Jul 1st, 2013 08:29 PM

Re: Infuse bone graft used in my spine fusions
Thx for sharing your experience with it Pismo. Hope they can resolve the issue favorably.

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