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I need help ASAP!! I was out of state, and when I returned home I found some legal docs on our porch. It is a summons and says i'm being sued by Palasides collections L.L.C (Wolpoff & Abramson).The date is stamped Feb 4th, 2008. The last page is a notice of case management scheduled for Sept 2008. Not anywhere does it state what I'm being sued for. I have no idea who left them or when they were left but it would have been some time between March 11th and March 23rd. Is this a legal way to serve a person? I tried several times to call and find out what it was for and got only a answer machine.
Aproximately a week or so later I recieved more docs in the mail marked entry of default and clerks judgement dated March 26th, 2008. These docs were not stamped by the courts anywhere. I called Palisades to ask them what this was for and eventually got someone to pickup. The guy who I talked to told me that I would have to answer some questions before they would discuss the case with me. They also told me they would consider working out payment arrangements if I answered the ??????s. Of course that was, whats your SSN# home # work # How much money do you make, and so on. Of course I would not answer their ???s so.. he called me a low life and asked if I knew how to read! He said I must be a moron if I couldn't figure out the docs on my own.
I talked to a friend, and he gave me a website for a dummie letter that I could fill out and take to the court house requesting Palisades to prove that I owed the debt etc. I took the letter and the docs to the courts office and showed them to the clerk. The clerk said that it looked like Palisades was just warning me that they were going to seek a entry of default because the papers they had sent were not stamped by the clerk anywhere but she would check just to make sure. Of course she came back and informed me that Palisades got the judgement on April 8th and she could not except anything from me. She said I waited to long and I should have responded in Feb after I was served the summons. Ya February, she said Palisades served me twice in February once on the 5th by mail, and once on Feb 13th at my home. I told her that was a bunch of crap! Palisades is a bunch of crooked liars, I was never served anything on those dates. She said that a third party served "John Doe" at my home on Feb 13th. This is a joke, my entire family was out of town and I can prove it with copies of plane tickets! It sounds to me like Palisades did not want me to have a chance to plead my case!
The docs I found on my porch march 23rd were stamped Feb 4th 2008. The docs(entry of default) I recieved by mail a week or so later were stamped March 26th and the judgement was granted on April 8th. How could this possibly be fair! This a crooked company and I don't trust them. I can't be the only person that they have done this too! At this point It looks like I will have to pay them the money but.. I will make it as hard as I can for them. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANYTHING THAT I CAN DO AT THIS POINT TO STOP THE JUDGEMENT?
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